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Are you suffering from a pest problem at your home or business? This helpful site contains resources and guides, written from personal yet professional experience and offers effective, safe and cost-efficient pest control solutions.

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Discovering pests within your business or home can be distressing. Here at City Pests we offer guides and resources detailing the most effective ways to rid your property of unwanted visitors. Offering expert advice on preventative methods to keep critters at bay; as well as infestation solutions and recommendations of products that actually work; we will make your pest problems a thing of the past.

shooting rats in your garden with an air gun or rifle
How to Guides

Shooting rats with an air gun

I appreciate that this blog post is going to divide opinions, with many people arguing that rat shooting is an inhumane way of getting rid of rodents. I, however, firmly believe that if carried out in the correct way, shooting rats is actually far more humane than other forms of pest control, such as poison,

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7 top tips on avoiding bed bugs when travelling
Bed Bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs when travelling

Bed bugs – your unwanted travelling companions Everyone wants to bring a souvenir home from their trip away – just make sure that it’s not one the blood sucking kind! Although bed bugs were virtually non-existent a few decades ago, thanks to a boom in international travel, these mini vampires are back with a vengeance.

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when to pay for professional pest control
How to Guides

When to pay for professional pest control services

Reasons to use a professional pest exterminator Imagine discovering unwanted visitors within your home; invading your space and creating mess, allergies and serious damage to the structure of your property. This is not an uncommon occurrence where pests are concerned – and once they have made it through the doors, walls or cracks, getting them

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how to get rid of wasps this summer
How to Guides

How to get rid of wasps – summer time pests

There is always a wasp buzzing around in summer. It’s the season for BBQ’s, picnics and drinks in the sun. It’s a time to spend outdoors having fun. But frantically buzzing through beer gardens, dive bombing innocent bystanders and sending small kids into a tizz, wasps wreak havoc wherever they go. Below we will share

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best bait for a mouse trap

What is the best bait for a mousetrap?

It’s time to invite a special guest for tea You have recognised you have a mouse problem, you have sought out a solution and your traps are ready and waiting. But where are all the mice that have been plaguing you for months, and why don’t they want to visit for tea? Below I share

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Pest invasions are becoming a common occurrence in America, and more and more people are seeking off the shelf solutions. Having been in the pest control industry for decades, the City Pests website was born out of an idea to inform and educate people on how to create rodent and insect free environments.