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Are you suffering from a pest problem at your home or business? This helpful site contains resources and guides, written from personal yet professional experience and offers effective, safe and cost-efficient pest control solutions.

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Discovering pests within your business or home can be distressing. Here at City Pests we offer guides and resources detailing the most effective ways to rid your property of unwanted visitors. Offering advice on preventative methods to keep critters at bay; as well as infestation solutions and recommendations of products that actually work; we will make your pest problems a thing of the past.

Pest invasions are becoming a common occurrence, and more and more people are seeking off the shelf solutions. Having been in the pest control industry for decades, this website was born out of an idea to inform and educate people on how to create rodent and insect free environments.

Rats and Mice

Mini Houdini’s, rats and mice are masters of squeezing through small spaces and entering places they shouldn’t. Causing no end of damage to your property and home they can also pose a risk to your health. Read our guides and learn how to effectively control rodents using exclusion tactics, which involves sealing cracks and other openings, before ensuring that your infestation is dealt with effectively by placing traps or using secure bait boxes.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a big problem and are particularly prevalent in large cities such as New York. Able to hop from host to host, it is not unusual to discover these unwanted houseguests lurking under your covers or crawling in your clothes. So, if you want to sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite, eradicate them for good using heat and steam treatments and insecticides.

Wasps & Hornets

The bane of your BBQ and the annoyance of your al-fresco lunch, wasps tend to swarm in the summer months. If you are unfortunate enough to have a nest of wasps in or around your property, then apply some targeted treatments to ensure that they buzz off. You can use an insecticidal spray, targeting the nest to eliminate the problem or place traps to catch and kill.


Birds such as pigeons can be a real nuisance on your property, leaving mess where they nest and eating crops. You can use deterrents and repellents to keep them away.


Your home is your castle, but when it is under attack by termites you need to fight back. Social insects, termites are prevalent in southern and mid-western states. Highly destructive, termites can destroy large wooden structures quickly and once embedded, are extremely difficult to get rid of. Read our termite guides to help you eliminate termites in or around your home and property.


There are few insects in the world that are more annoying than the mosquito, but the dangers that are associated with mosquito bites goes far beyond itching bumps and ruined outside excursions. Read our blog to help you control and get rid of mosquitoes.