Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger Review


Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger

The dilemma that comes with flying insects is that the treatment methods available to kill and repel them typically do not address making your outside space completely insect-free.Â

Foggers work to fill in these gaps by dispersing an insecticide of your choice into the surrounding atmosphere to kill present flying insects and repel them for hours.

The Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger uses thermal fogging to aggregate the insecticide to last for hours in both killing and repelling.

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When it comes to killing mosquitoes and keeping them away, thermal foggers provide a sure-fire system to aggregate the insecticide through heat which causes the chemical to reach a high rate of efficiency in a short amount of time.Â

This Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger Review will seek to address how the product can treat a standard 5,000 square foot backyard within ten minutes and keep killing and repelling flying insects for up to six hours, making this one of the absolute best foggers on the market. In terms of both impact and ease of use, we give this fogger a solid five out of five.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Type: Propane Insect Fogger
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 15.5 x 11.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.86 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Burgess – The Fountainhead Group
  • Additional Accessories Needed: Propane cylinders are not included with purchase

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An insect fogger is a specific pest control device where liquid insecticides are poured in and heated. The heat generates a pesticide fog that kills mosquitoes and other insects that make it difficult to enjoy their time outdoors. There are a couple of different levels of foggers, including commercial and residential.

Most people use foggers to primarily target mosquitoes, though most will also work against biting flies and gnats as well. Insect Foggers are powered by either propane or electricity. The propane models typically connect up to a 1-gallon propane tank, while the electric ones plug in to an extension cord.

In terms of simplicity and maximum effectiveness, the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger represents the best attributes of propane insect fogging. It is reasonably priced, features a safety switch to limit overuse of the fogger – if you do not want a large amount released at once, and with one application, treats up to half an acre of land area. After one application and a five-minute wait, your surrounding area will be insect-free for up to six hours as the chemical particles linger in the atmosphere and create a residual on the surrounding surfaces.

The Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger requires regular purchases of tanks, but with these propane tanks, you can take them virtually anywhere in an outdoor setting as there is no need for electricity to keep the fogger plugged into. There's no need to worry about extension cords reaching where you need to go; you can take a propane fogger camping, boating, to an outside picnic or anywhere that will see flying insect activity. Depending on your circumstances, propane may be much more convenient for you, but if you choose propane, you'll need to stock up on these propane tanks to power your fogger, which may be a slight inconvenience for some.

Although assembly and operation of the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger is relatively simple, you can always consult the user's manual for thorough instructions. For added convenience and protection, this product comes with a one-year warranty. This product represents one of the best examples of propane insect fogging and although fogging can kill virtually any insect where the fog is administered, your outdoor area will be free of dangerous mosquitoes and pesky flies for up to six hours.


  • Propane foggers dispense a potent amount of insecticide at once which increases the kill rate of flying insects
  • You can take the Burgess 1443 virtually anywhere due to its portability and lack of cords and electrical charges
  • Long-lasting and quick evaporation makes the use of propane foggers attractive as this cuts down the time needed to continuously apply the product
  • Lightweight and easy to use performance capabilities make the Burgess 1443 one of the most accessible and effective of insect foggers


  • Propane foggers require replacement tanks which can run up costs
  • Requires a lighter or match to light the tank
  • Inconsistency in the amount of solution needed for either small or large areas; all of the solution must be used at once

How to use the Burgess 1443 insect fogger

Using the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger is simple and efficient and requires only a small amount of set up. Follow the step-by-step guide below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrLu9PjpKD0

1. Fill with fogging insecticide

To begin, remove the large yellow reservoir and fill with Black Flag, Repel, or Cutter Fogging Insecticide. When full, securely tighten the reservoir to the fogger; be sure to ensure the fogger pump is free from debris before placing the insecticide.

2. Add the propane cylinder

Next, add a propane cylinder and make sure the fuel valve is closed by turning the silver knob towards the nozzle until it stops. Then insert propane cylinder into the rear of fogger and tighten by hand. You will have to purchase the propane cylinders at Amazon, where you can save by purchasing a three-pack of cylinders which will give your three applications.

3. Preheat fogger for 2 minutes

Light the Fogger and preheat with fogger on a level, non-flammable surface. Place a flame under the silver coil that is contained in the mesh burner cover. Turn fuel valve a maximum of 1/4 turns to start propane. It is very important to remember to preheat the fogger for at least two minutes so the chemical can heat to full capacity to atomize the insecticide into fog; if this is not done, the insecticide may not provide the desired results.

use the burgess 1443 insect fogger with black flag
Use Black Flag, Repel or Cutter Fogging Insecticide with the Burgess 1443

Fogging tips

When fogging, every time you squeez the trigger, the fogger pump is forcing the insecticide through the heat-conducting coil; the heat is instantly vaporizing the insecticide and producing the fog. If the fog is thin and yellowish, the insecticide is too hot which means you need to increase the pumping rate to cool down the insecticide.

If the fog is dripping from the nozzle, the insecticide has not had a chance to reach the optimal temperature; therefore, you will need to decrease the pumping rate – always ensure that you allow the unit to heat for two minutes before you begin fogging to avoid these mishaps.

Although you have to light the tank and there are some kinks to work out to ensure that you are administering the fog correctly, using the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger is easy. Be sure and avoid fogging during windy conditions, as this will simply disburse the insecticide away from your targeted areas. Your fogged area should be insect-free for upwards of six hours.

how to use the burgess 1443 insect fogger

How long does Burgess 1443 keep mosquitoes away?

Once administered, the chemical will keep the mosquitoes away for up to six hours with each application. It is important to remember that mosquitoes continuously breed, and measures should be taken to eliminate all mosquito breeding grounds of collected water around your home. Taking precautions will help to reduce the need of continuously having to use your fogger.

Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture and areas where humans and animals frequently congregate, so this usually means your yard. The benefit of using a mosquito insecticide as fog are that the particles become disbursed into numerous amounts which act as a residual once they stick to surrounding areas. Mosquitoes will be killed once the chemical is breathed in or if they land and areas covered in the chemical.

“We offer only the highest quality pump sprayers, backpack sprayers, mosquito foggers and more for home and professional use.â€

The Fountainhead Group – Burgess Manufacturer

What Company Manufactures Burgess 1443?

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger is administered by The Fountainhead Group who states that their products, “offer only the highest quality pump sprayers, backpack sprayers, mosquito foggers and more for home and professional use.â€

Operating since 1888, this company continues to provide innovation and efficiency for consumers looking for relief from mosquitoes and other pests. With equipment and insecticide formulations specifically targeting flying insects outdoors, this company's arsenal is both impressive and proven to provide relief from flying pests around your home and out in the wilderness.

Overall Verdict/Summary:

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger is one of the most trusted and easy-to-use insecticide foggers on the market. With easy assembly and operation, this brand is well-regarded for its efficiency and portability with very little drawbacks.

Propane foggers in general are more efficient than electrical foggers, if for any other reason the ability to take them anywhere with no need for electricity to power the unit.

Although the Burgess 1443 will require a heating element such as lighter, as well as separate purchases of the propane cylinders, thermal fogging is more potent when it comes to killing flying insects that electrical fogging – making the Burgess 1443 a long-lasting product with a high kill and repel rate.Â

The Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger can be purchased at Amazon, and if you are losing the battle against mosquitoes, this fogger will provide relief in as little as five minutes and keep your yard mosquito-free for up to six hours, this is one of the best purchases you can make for eliminating flying insects to enjoy your outdoor experience.

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