Optigard: The Ultimate Solution for Ant Problems

Ants are a common household pest that can be difficult to eliminate. Optigard is a pesticide product that is designed to control ant infestations effectively. Optigard is a non-repellent insecticide, which means that ants cannot detect its presence and will not avoid it. Instead, they will come into contact with the product and carry it … Read more

How To Get Rid of House Flies: All You Need To Know

House Fly

There is no denying that the common housefly is one of the most annoying pests during the spring and summer months. Although house flies do not pose any serious threats to humans, they spread germs everywhere they land, and some flies can carry diseases that cause temporary illnesses. It is difficult to control house fly … Read more

Hornet Nest Removal: Tips for Safe and Effective Extraction

removing hornet nests

Hornet nests can be a serious problem for homeowners. These nests can be dangerous, especially for those who are allergic to hornet stings. Removing a hornet nest can be a difficult and dangerous task, and it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid injury. There are several methods for removing hornet nests, including … Read more

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies: All You Need To Know

fruit fly

There are nearly 90,000 species of flies on Earth. With a number like this, it becomes easy to confuse the types of flies that are causing indoor and outdoor problems. The common housefly is legendary for causing annoyance to practically everybody during the warm months of the year, but it is the fruit fly that … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Bathroom Drain

ants in bathroom drain and sink

Whilst the bathroom is perhaps the last place you expected to see these tiny bugs, it’s actually a common occurrence, so don’t panic: you probably aren’t painfully unclean, you just got a little unlucky. And we’re here to help! Even though they’re gathered in your plughole now, it’s unlikely that their original way in was … Read more

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in the House

how to get rid of sugar ants

These pesky little pests are attracted to the yummy foods we leave in our kitchens, as well as any minuscule crumbs and of course, grains of sugar. Where there is one sugar ant, there is bound to be an army of them. None of us want these little guys in our houses, especially when there’s … Read more

Best Roach Fogger

best roach foggers

  We’re all more than familiar with the old wives’ scientific tale that the only living thing that would survive a nuclear explosion is a cockroach. While there’s some basis in fact to that urban myth if you’ve ever had a cockroach infestation in your home, you’ve probably wished that you had a nuke on … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ants In A Car

how to get rid of ants in your car

Ants are one of nature’s success stories. Having flourished for nearly one hundred million years, it’s been estimated that there are close to twenty thousand different species of ants, even though only twelve and half thousand have actually been identified. Highly social, ants are a species that thrives on hierarchy and order, and every member … Read more

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

how to get rid of boxelder bugs

he boxelder bug is a type of pest that is more of an inconvenience than an outright danger or health concern to homes. These bugs are more than happy to spend their lives congregating in their preferred homes, which are boxelder trees (from which they get their name), ash trees, and maple trees, but the … Read more

How to Get Rid of Biting Midges

get rid of biting midges

It is a common misconception for many people to mistake a biting midge (Ceratopogonidae) with the bite of a mosquito. Both of these insects are a nuisance pest with similar behavior patterns and even similar appearances, which is why it is important to use products and methods that aim to get rid of both. To … Read more

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

how to get rid of carpet beetles

Although carpet beetles (also called carpet bugs) are not particularly dangerous to humans, an infestation of this insect can become a horrendous nuisance if your home is filled with food sources that attract carpet beetles. Getting rid of carpet beetles can be a hassle once an infestation takes hold, and sometimes a pest control professional … Read more

How to Get Rid of Assassin Bugs

How to Get Rid of Assassin Bugs

Assassin bugs (Reduviidae) and also commonly referred to as ‘kissing bugs’ is a potentially dangerous form of parasitic insect that is primarily found in wooded areas near people and other warm-blooded mammals. Assassin bugs constitute a large range of insects within their order, however, the most problematic types posing a threat to humans are always … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bagworms

how to get rid of bagworms

Have you ever looked closely at a tree limb and it appeared to be moving? This is a common shock for anybody who has ever encountered a bagworm, which is the egg and larvae stage of a bagworm moth. Bagworms use a form of camouflage to disguise themselves during the incubation process, these cocoons resemble … Read more

Termites vs. Carpenter Ants – How To Tell the Difference

termites vs carpenter ants how to tell difference

  Sometimes there can be two common pests who mimic the exact same behaviors. In the case of carpenter ants vs termites, the similarities between the behaviors of the two pests can cause a great deal of confusion to the homeowner suffering an infestation. Although both carpenter ants and termites share the same behavior traits, … Read more