How To Dispose of Trapped or Killed Pests in the Home

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There exists a common yet seldomly talked about issue in DIY pest control: what do you do with dead or trapped pests? Destroying indoor pests is a relief but there are some circumstances where the dead pests can still spread germs in the home. In addition, what do you do with serious pests like rodents … Read more

Nature’s Mace Natural Pest Solutions: The Complete Guide

In the 21st century, natural remedies for repelling and eradicating pests have grown in popularity. Although some natural pest remedies may claim to destroy certain pests, the repellent properties of natural solutions are more in line with scientific analysis. With this in mind, it takes intense trial and error to create a strong pest repellent … Read more

Fumigation Basics: Everything You Need To Know

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Indoor pest infestations can sometimes become so overwhelming that it may seem like there is no end in sight. DIY pest control, in particular, can be both time-consuming and expensive, with no guarantees that the methods you are using will eventually take care of the overall problem. This is where a service like fumigation comes … Read more

How To Get Rid of Raccoons for Good

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When you think of pests, raccoons may not be an animal you would commonly associate with insects or even rats. But research consistently shows that raccoons are disruptive to homes and carry a range of dangerous diseases. Although raccoons may look like lovable pets, these destructive and hostile animals are certainly pests, and it is … Read more

Best Lawn Insect Killers

best lawn insect killers

There’s nothing like being in the backyard with your family, basking in the sun and enjoying the cool breeze, maybe with a little picnic or a cookout. But it can easily be ruined with pesky lawn insects who frighten the little ones. And they can spoil your lawn too. The solution is to get yourself … Read more

Best Roach Fogger

best roach foggers

  We’re all more than familiar with the old wives’ scientific tale that the only living thing that would survive a nuclear explosion is a cockroach. While there’s some basis in fact to that urban myth if you’ve ever had a cockroach infestation in your home, you’ve probably wished that you had a nuke on … Read more

Best Indoor Mosquito Killer Sprays

best indoor mosquito killer sprays

If you are anything like us, then we love animals. But bugs and mosquitos are always unwelcome guests in our homes. One of the most irritating things during the summer, or if you live in a warm climate are those little floaty pests that make their way into every room of your house through cracked … Read more

Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

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  Dealing with mosquitos when you’re on vacation can be a real pain, both literally and figuratively! Irritating, itchy bites all over your body can really take away from the holiday-spirit and instead of kicking back by the pool with a cooling drink, you can often find yourself hiding in your room as you try … Read more

Best Pet-Safe Mosquito Spray for Yard

best pet safe mosquito spray for yard

  For many people, the joys of summer can come to an immediate halt as they battle against mosquitoes gathering in their yards. These tiny nuisances are drawn to pheromones and, as such, have gained notoriety for biting into our skin and treating themselves to a tasty snack. It’s not just humans that are affected … Read more

Steri Fab Spray Review

steri fab bed bug spray review

The Steri-Fab insecticide spray markets itself on how well it kills bed bugs and their eggs. If you’ve ever dealt with a bed bug infestation, you’ll know that this is no small feat, so does it actually work? That’s what we’ll be going through in this review. We’ll be going through what Steri-Fab spray is, … Read more

Shooting Rats With an Air Rifle

shooting rats in your garden with an air gun or rifle

I appreciate that this blog post is going to divide opinions, with many people arguing that rat shooting is an inhumane way of getting rid of rodents. I, however, firmly believe that if carried out in the correct way, shooting rats is actually far more humane than other forms of pest control, such as poison, … Read more

When to Pay for Professional Pest Control Services

when to pay for professional pest control

Reasons to Use a Professional Pest Exterminator Imagine discovering unwanted visitors within your home; invading your space and creating mess, allergies, and serious damage to the structure of your property. This is not an uncommon occurrence where pests are concerned and once they have made it through the doors, walls, or cracks, getting them back … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs When Travelling

7 top tips on avoiding bed bugs when travelling

Bed Bugs – Your Unwanted Travelling Companions Everyone wants to bring a souvenir home from their trip away – just make sure that it’s not one the blood-sucking kind! Although bed bugs were virtually non-existent a few decades ago, thanks to a boom in international travel, these mini vampires are back with a vengeance. There … Read more

How to Repel Bed Bugs

How do we repel bed bugs and evict them from our homes? As a pest control expert, I have spent years testing out every solution going from natural remedies to chemical repellents, and here I will share with you what works and what doesn’t. Don’t let the bed bugs bite In the early 20th century there … Read more

How to Make Your Own Bed Bug Trap

how to make a bed bug trap

It’s not uncommon these days to discover that whilst you have been patiently counting sheep, some mysterious creatures are lying in the shadows, waiting for you to drop off to sleep. Bed bugs are the bane of many a household and getting rid of them can be expensive. But just how easy is it to … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your House Fast

how to get rid of rats in your house fast

The fast way to get rid of rats in your house Rats are a universal problem. They can chew up your walls and home, carry disease, leave droppings, and terrifying residents. They are tricky creatures who find their way into homes by squatting in basements or under porches and build nests behind your walls or … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic

how to get rid of rats in your attic

So there you are, lying in your bed trying to sleep and you hear it again… the scurry of little feet running through your attic. You can only imagine what kind of critter could possibly be making all that noise! Quietly you put on your housecoat, grab a flashlight and head up to the attic. … Read more

How to Stop Rats Climbing Walls

how to stop rats climbing your walls

For anyone who has ever wondered whether or not rats can climb walls, I can give you a definite yes and a definite no. Believe it or not, it depends upon the kind of rat you’re dealing with. To stop rats from climbing your walls you can use a smooth surface like a sheet of … Read more