Steri Fab Spray Review

The Steri-Fab insecticide spray markets itself on how well it kills bed bugs and their eggs. If you’ve ever dealt with a bed bug infestation, you’ll know that this is no small feat, so does it actually work? That’s what we’ll be going through in this review.

We’ll be going through what Steri-Fab spray is, a breakdown of the ingredients and properties of Steri-Fab spray, how you apply the spray, and what restrictions you should keep in mind when applying it. 


Steri Fab Spray

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What is Steri-Fab Spray?

Steri-Fab is a contact killer spray that’s made with a stainless and odorless formula, meaning that it dries away in approximately fifteen minutes so that it doesn’t leave behind a toxic residue that can pose a danger to others in your home.

Because of this fast-drying action, the Steri-Fab spray can be applied almost anywhere without having a detrimental effect on your furniture in the long-term, making it perfect for areas with a lot of traffic like public waiting rooms and restrooms.

Once the formula has dried away, it leaves little to no trace that it was ever there, minimizing the cleaning you have to do to make the area look presentable again.

That’s Steri-Fab in a nutshell, a direct contact spray that’s incredibly potent against bed bugs, killing them within ten minutes of initial contact. The spray has a short enough lifespan out of the bottle that nothing else in the home, like pets, are put at risk by the insecticide.

Since it doesn’t stick around for long, you can spray it on most surfaces without having any trouble. 

This versatility comes very much appreciated when you’re dealing with bed bugs since you often need to pull out all the stops and nuke them wherever you can find them, which can be difficult if there are restrictions on where you can spray your bed bug solution.

Instead, there’s no problem with spraying Steri-Fab on commonly forbidden furniture like mattresses, carpets, and other fabric-based awnings. It’s even great at combating mildew that can build up in these fabrics.

That’s only if you’re using it as a bed bug solution, however, as the Steri-Fab doesn’t just have insecticide properties but also bactericide and even fungicide properties too. The only hard limit to where you should spray this product is that it's strictly indoor use, where it's used for pest control and disinfectant purposes.

Keeping some Steri-Fab in the home can be a cost-efficient alternative to having individual sprays and other cleaning products to rid pests, bacteria, and fungus from your home, saving you money in the long run since it’s just one purchase.


The Steri-Fab spray works through a combination of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides, a group of chemicals that are common in potent bed bug sprays, and isopropyl alcohol, which is generally known and widely used for its disinfectant properties.

A full breakdown of the ingredients can be seen below, from the largest quantities to the smallest:

  • Isopropyl alcohol – 60.39%.
  • Phenothrin – 0.22%.
  • 1-Decanaminium, N-Decyl-N, N-Dimethyl-, chloride – 0.11%.
  • Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, a.k.a BACs or ADBACs – 0.08%.

The combination of ingredients here give the Steri-Fab spray it’s insecticide, bactericide, fungicide, viricide, deodorant, and generally disinfectant properties, making it the perfect go-to all-in-one spray solution.

Applications of Steri-Fab Spray

The application of the Steri-Fab spray is simple enough. You can use it in most indoor areas, from personal houses and apartments to hotel rooms and many places in between.

Since the spray is unobtrusive, you can use it in buildings where people gather and come into contact with the same surfaces, like schools and office buildings, to sanitize them and reduce the spread of bacteria. The creators of Steri-Fab are so confident that the spray does its job properly, they also recommend its use in restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes.

In those areas, it’s able to be applied to furniture made of both wood and fabric, as well as awnings like carpets, curtains, and mattresses. Animal beds are safe, too, as long as you keep the bed away from your pet until you’re sure the spray has dried away.

If you’re hunting bed bugs, you’ll also want to apply the Steri-Fab spray in cracks and crevices where bed bugs are likely to gather.

The spray is ready to use directly from the bottle, not needing any preparation or mixing beforehand. All that’s asked is that you shake the spray before and during use so that you get the best results and maximize your area coverage with every application, and the surfaces you’re applying the spray to should be reasonably clean.

Then you just stand one foot away and spray until the surface is damp, not wet. Leave any sprayed surfaces or furniture undisturbed for ten minutes whilst the formula does its thing and expires, leaving the sprayed targets clean without any toxicity lingering around in them.

You can buy Steri-Fab in a few sizes that range from four or five ounces, ten or twelve ounces, sixteen ounces, or one gallon. You should know how you want to use your spray when buying as this will inform how much you get.

If you’re anticipating frequent use, assuming that the infestation isn’t bad enough to warrant a professional service, you’ll want to get a sixteen-ounce or one-gallon capacity spray since you’ll need to treat entire rooms and treat the furniture in those rooms repeatedly.

If it is an infestation that you’re battling, it should take about six to ten days for the spray to properly kill all pests in the areas you’ve targeted.

Restrictions of Steri-Fab Spray

So, we’ve covered where and how you should apply the Steri-Fab spray, but where shouldn’t you? As we mentioned above, Steri-Fab isn’t ideal for outdoor usage and should never be used for such, unless you’re a fan of wasting money.

Given the nature of the spray, which is that it’s a direct contact insecticide and not a residually acting one, the Steri-Fab spray isn’t a treatment for larger infestations. It can be a great offensive option as part of a larger plan to deal with an infestation, often by pairing the Steri-Fab with another insecticide that has more of a residual presence.

During the application process, the Steri-Lab formula also shouldn’t be applied to people and pets. We’d hope that would have been obvious.

Clothing and shoes are off-limits too, as is the general rule for pesticides and insecticides, due to how closely you’ll come into contact with them on a day-to-day basis.

What Steri-Fab Spray Can Treat

We’ve established the insecticide credentials of the Steri-Fab spray throughout this review, particularly against bed bugs and their eggs, but it’s also able to tackle much more complicated microorganisms and germs that cause their own diseases and disturbances.

For example, besides bed bugs, the Steri-Fab spray can also tackle lice and their eggs, too, as well as ticks and fleas that can harass your pets from the comfort of their own bed. Silverfish that have nested in damp crevices and stubborn roaches also hate Steri-Fab and should die if they come into contact with it.

Dust mites are common in many household fabrics and they too can be fought with the help of Steri-Fab.

Even bacteria, both gram-positive and gram-negative, and fungi like mold and mildew are suitable targets for Steri-Fab. If you or someone you know suffers from respiratory conditions and other ailments that are exaggerated by the presence of fungus, using Steri-Fab on problem locations around the household can be a great way to make the home a friendly environment.

When used on surfaces that have been touched by someone with a transferable condition like athlete’s foot or sexually transmitted herpes simplex, it can even purge those surfaces and reduce the likelihood that someone will catch these infections.

Is Steri-Fab Harmful?

Steri-Fab is great in that it’s very safe for use. It wouldn’t be recommended for hospitals and other public places that accommodate vulnerable people if it wasn’t safe to come into contact with, after all. It contains a large quantity of alcohol which has that classic pure alcohol smell and, whilst your opinion on that smell may vary, it’s harmless to inhale during application.

This doesn’t mean that you should ignore some of the above restrictions as they’re in place for a reason, and just because the Steri-Fab isn’t explicitly harmful to you, that doesn’t mean it won’t cause harm to other surrounding life.

Where Can We Get Steri-Fab?

Though Steri-Fab is a commercial product, it’s also very sophisticated and so it’s considered a professional product. This means that you won’t find it in your average convenience store, and instead, you should seek it out online or from a professional pest control supply store.

Since you’re here reading this review, we’re guessing you have a pest problem and know how to find what you’re looking for online, but we’ve included a link at the head of this article for the sake of convenience.

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