Best Lawn Insect Killers

best lawn insect killers

There’s nothing like being in the backyard with your family, basking in the sun and enjoying the cool breeze, maybe with a little picnic or a cookout. But it can easily be ruined with pesky lawn insects who frighten the little ones. And they can spoil your lawn too. The solution is to get yourself … Read more

Steri Fab Spray Review

steri fab bed bug spray review

The Steri-Fab insecticide spray markets itself on how well it kills bed bugs and their eggs. If you’ve ever dealt with a bed bug infestation, you’ll know that this is no small feat, so does it actually work? That’s what we’ll be going through in this review. We’ll be going through what Steri-Fab spray is, … Read more

Talstar P Review

Talstar P Insecticide Review

Talstar P is a commercial insecticide that’s known for its professional performance. It’s a good product for those in need of a quick pest solution, but the tradeoff is that it has to be mixed by the customer. That’s you, maybe, if you like what you read here. You need to be comfortable mixing your … Read more

10 Best Respirators for Pest Control: Reviews and Buying Guide

best respirators for pesticides asbestos mold

There are many particles in the atmosphere that can be hazardous to the respiratory system, yet there are also hazards that come with applying pesticides and chemicals. Respirator masks are meant to cover the entire face, including both airways, with a filter to extract air that is then processed through the filter to remove particles … Read more

Drione Insecticide Dust Review and Buyers Guide

Drione insecticide Dust review

What is Drione Insecticide Dust? Drione pest insecticide dust is composed of two compounds: pyrethrum—a central nervous system antagonist and silica particles, which shred the outer coat of insect shells. There are many types of desiccant dusts on the market and most of these products work with only one chemical or physical component such as … Read more

Best Insecticides & Pesticides – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Insecticides & Pesticides Reviews

Let’s face it, insects and pests aren’t the kinds of company that one would prefer, and they can end up causing more harm than good. Unfortunately, there are times when things like this just happen and we’re forced to come up with the best solution possible. Whether you’re dealing with pests such as aphids, caterpillars, … Read more

How dangerous is Delta dust? Is it toxic? What does it kill?

A common misconception in the field of insecticides is that chemical sprays are the only resources available to homeowners. Pesticides in the form of powders and clouds of dust are another option available and most are odorless and less harmful to humans and pets – not to mention, potentially more effective.  Delta Dust insecticide by … Read more