Does EcoRaider kill bed bugs?

EcoRaider bed bug spray is formulated with geraniol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and cedar extract from palm and coconut oils and cedar trees, which forms a 100% natural product base. The natural ingredients make this product a safe choice and with compounds that target the central nervous system of bed bugs in a similar fashion to pyrethroids, resistance is futile to bugs hit with the spray.

With a residual time-frame of two weeks once dried, the killing action continues with the comfort of knowing that you and your family are not breathing in toxic chemicals.

How Does EcoRaider Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs?

Bed bug killer by EcoRaider
Bed bugs are an increasingly difficult pest to get rid of, and when it comes to waging war against them, you may find that the common chemicals available for these blood-suckers are harsh, unsafe, and messy.

How Does EcoRaider Kill Bed Bugs?

Most pesticides of a chemical-based variety attack the central nervous system and neuron receptors of invertebrates which includes insects. Within the sphere of pest control, chemicals are formulated into different compounds and methodologies and are available in both toxic and natural formulations.

EcoRaider bed bug spray mimics the action of pyrethroid insecticides in a 100% natural formulation that also provides the benefit of breaking through bed bug resistance while targeting the neuron receptors of the bug just like pyrethroids.

Once sprayed onto the bed bugs, EcoRaider stuns the nervous system of the bug that results in paralysis and eventual death within one hour. This process can continue for up to two weeks due to the residual action of the product once it dries onto a surface.

Will EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray Kill Insecticide-Resistant Bed Bugs?

According to the Journal of Economic Entomology, EcoRaider is one of the most effective natural alternatives to killing bed bugs and their eggs. Bed bug resistance is on the rise due to insecticide being the most widely utilized method to eradicate them from dwellings.

You can never be 100% sure if the bed bugs inhabiting your home are a strain that has developed resistance to insecticides, so a product like EcoRaider bed bug spray provides a guarantee due to it being a whole, natural product without the chemicals that bed bug DNA have synthesized a resistance against.

The time it takes to kill bed bugs with EcoRaider may be a bit longer than chemical insecticides; however, the non-toxicity of the product is worth the long wait times.

How Do I Apply EcoRaider?

EcoRaider bed bug spray’s primary efficacy is in its direct contact kill mechanism and should be sprayed directly on all live bugs and their eggs. 

For additional benefit, EcoRaider produces a residual when sprayed that will continue killing bed bugs and hatched nymphs for up to two weeks.

Bed bug killer by EcoRaider

For residual effects, administer the product to all areas where bed bugs harbor, including the underside of mattress and box spring structures, headboard cracks and crevices, furniture near the bed and throughout the home, baseboards, and cracks and crevices on walls.

Allow the product to thoroughly dry and avoid wiping or mopping the poison for up to two weeks.

Is EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray Safe?

As a non-toxic alternative to traditional insecticides, this product has been tested and researched in regards to safety towards humans and pets. EcoRaider is 100% safe due to its components being derived from nature with no additional chemicals.

Since EcoRaider is not a pesticide, it is a perfect alternative for families with small children and/or pets. If skin irritation is present, simply washing and drying the irritated areas will suffice.

Related Questions:

Does EcoRaider Only Kill Bed Bugs?

EcoRaider bed bug spray is specifically formulated to repel and kill bed bugs, however, there are additional pests that will meet their demise when sprayed with the product.
EcoRaider has proven kill rates with ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Flies and gnats are also within the EcoRaider kill zone and this product is a powerful, all-natural arsenal against the most common household and yard pests.

Application of the product should be administered with the hiding spots and behavior patterns of each targeted pest. The product is available in specific formulations for each of the above pests.

Does EcoRaider Really Work?

EcoRaider is an all-natural weapon against bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches. It is important to understand that organic insecticides are not chemicals per se, but rather nature’s own personal tool in eradicating pests.

Due to the non-toxicity of EcoRaider, the time it takes to completely kill and eradicate pests can be a bit longer than traditional insecticides. The valuable trade-off for this is that EcoRaider will not make humans and pets sick or prone to lethal consequences due to prolonged exposure.

In research experiments, bed bugs had a 90% eradication rate with EcoRaider within one hour of contact. The remaining 10% were dead within 24 hours. Although direct contact spraying is generally the quickest way to ensure bed bug mortality, the residual effects of this product guarantee up to two weeks of continuous killing once the residual has dried on applied surfaces.

Bed bug killer by EcoRaider

Does EcoRaider Also Kill Bed Bug Eggs?

Direct spraying of bed bug eggs results in immediate mortality and the residual effects will ensure it kills them once the hatched nymphs crawl through the poison. Although not as quick as chemicals, EcoRaider is a powerful bed bug eradicator that will not harm your health.

Do Natural Pesticides Really Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

There is much debate in the pest control industry and entomological research regarding the true effectiveness of natural products against bed bugs.

It is true that bed bugs are incredibly versatile pests and since bed bugs lack any defense mechanisms to adequately defend themselves, they rely on their DNA to adapt to the tools that we frequently use to destroy them.

Since these methods frequently involve pyrethroids and pyrethrin synthetics, it is only natural that bed bugs have begun the process of adapting to these chemicals.

The good thing about EcoRaider is that these two commonly used chemicals are nowhere to be found in the ingredients. EcoRaider contains pure and natural ingredients that have been researched to repel and kill bed bugs and it is amazing that this is achieved without a single toxic chemical involved.

best bed bug killer

Where Can I Buy EcoRaider?

This 100% safe and strong bed bug killing arsenal is available at a variety of locations. EcoRaider bed bug spray is available at Amazon, which also includes a comprehensive summary of the product and substantial customer reviews proving the validity of the product’s efficiency.

You could buy EcoRaider directly from the company website in addition to multiple pesticide retailers both online and physical.

Amazon and the product website ensure anonymity with discreet packaging and labeling, to maintain your privacy and avoid the stigma that can come with dealing with pests in the home.

In Summary

EcoRaider is a strong, proven, and completely safe alternative tool against bed bug infestations. In addition to killing adult bed bugs and their eggs, this product is also effective at killing crawling bugs such as ants and cockroaches, as well as flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies.


Application of the product should be suited to specific problems pests to maximize the benefits of the contact and residual properties of the product. Since bed bugs live solely inside of the home of their host(s), EcoRaider provides a 100% natural eradication method ensuring the safety of you and your family. Applying EcoRaider is easy and manageable due to the residual components that keep killing crawling bugs for up to two weeks.

EcoRaider is formulated from a distinct mixture of naturally occurring compounds, which distinguishes the product apart from harsh, synthesized chemicals such as pyrethroids and pyrethrins.

This component of the product makes it highly effective at killing pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes who have developed resistance against commonly used chemicals. Natural insecticides are not only safe for our health, but they are also 100% green and do not produce harmful side effects to our environment.

Destroying pests within our homes doesn't have to dangerous and messy, and with EcoRaider, you can rest assured that your home will become pest-free without any possible adverse consequences to your health.

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