Why does reflective tape scare birds? Which tape is best?


Birds can attack properties and backyards causing chaos to structures, crops, vineyards and plants. The perfect solution for keeping tenacious birds at bay is reflective tape, otherwise known as deterrent or scare tape.

Bird repellent scare tape

Reflective tape is an effective form of bird control as it uses a combination of sound, generated by the tape blowing in the wind and the flickering light that comes off the shimmering surface, to scare birds away without causing them any harm.

The primary purpose of using deterrent tape to is scare or frighten birds, encouraging them to take flight. Reflective tape generally comes in a roll that is printed with tens of thousands of tiny, holographic, sparkling squares that split the light and bounce it back in lots of rainbow colors.

Birds primarily rely on their eyesight which is why visual deterrents tend to work better. Birds are much more likely to notice a visual change in the area than they are to notice a strange smell. This type of visual bird deterrent is so successful, as it also has an audible element. When the wind blows, the strips of tape make a slight crackling sound as they whip around in the sky, making birds believe there is a fire.

Where to hang bird repellent tape

There is nothing more annoying than discovering unwanted bird roosting on your property; invading your space, creating mess, spreading harmful diseases and causing serious damage to your crops, animals or the structure of your building.

And if you're a business, birds even have the potential to ruin your reputation. Afterall who wants to sit around a table then has been defecated by pigeons or try and talk above the commotion of squawking gulls?

Bird repellent tape can be used to target any breed of bird and can quite literally be used anywhere there is a bird pest problem. It can be used to line home decking's, fences, trees or trellises or be placed hanging from posts, gutters and to protect precious crops.

where to hang bird scare tape

How to use bird repellent tape on your house

Once you have determined exactly where you would like to install the tape, search for high up places where you can attach and hang the reflective, repellent bird tape.

You could choose to tie 3′ strips on sticks or poles, bind it around plants and crops or carefully place it near your chicken coop; as long as it can blow in the wind and reflect plenty of sunlight.
Quite often the reflective, repellent bird tape will come with some mounting brackets enabling you to hang it along wooden structures or windows.

If you need to protect large, open areas then you should create longer strips that can cover a greater distance when blown out fully stretched.

For the tape to work efficiently it needs to be held tightly, yet not break. To remain efficient the tape may need to be replaced every few months, especially if it is exposed to a lot of sunshine as the reflective colors may start to fade or the tape no longer rustles in the breeze.

what are the best bird repellent scare tapes

Best bird repellent tapes

Reflective scare tapes offer a good do-it-yourself solution to bird pest problems. There are plenty of different types available to buy, but below we recommend our 3 top, tried and tested brands.De-Bird Scare Tape

1. Best bird scare tape for being durable

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The De-bird scare tape comes on a 38-meter roll, which on first appearance looks to be silver, but is in fact made up of an array of white, green, blue, red and pink diamond colors on both sides. This tape is incredibly thick, making it able to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

The De-bird scare tape is not adhesive, so you will need to affix it around your property using glues or pins but be warned, this tape has a lot of rustle.

LinkBro Bird Repellent Scare Tape

2. Best value for money bird scare tape

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Just like the other tapes, the LinkBro comes on a non-adhesive 45-meter roll, allowing it to fly freely in the wind once attached. This scare tape is ultra-reflective which makes it great value for money.

The texture of the tape is strong, and it is durable enough to last all seasons.

Bird-X Irri-Tape

3. Best scare tape for assembling around your property

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Although this tape only comes on a 30 meter roll, it does have the added benefit of some additional metal mounting brackets. This makes it easier to attach to any surface around your property.

Instead of reflective squares or diamonds, the Bird-X Irri-Tape has thousands of tiny metallic circles, which when shimmering against the sun creates shadows in the sky.

Other ways to deter birds from your property

It is always nice to hear the sweet sounds of bird song and watch the vibrant colors of smaller birds flitting around your backyard. This is why so many of us put out feeders and bird houses for our wildlife to enjoy. However, if you are finding that nuisance birds are becoming a big problem around your property, then you may want to think about deterring them before they cause chaos.

In addition to using reflective bird tape, we have listed some other humane ways to get rid of pest birds.

Solar LED deterrent lights

These lights are commonly used for targeting nocturnal birds such as owls and hawks, who may be visiting your property during dusk, dawn or in the dead of night. Solar LED lights startle the birds into thinking that they are the eyes of a predator, which triggers them to take flight. In order for the lights to work effectively, you need to install them at least 8ft above the ground.

Laser deterrents

Used as a visual deterrent, these laser machines shoot out laser beams in a variety of color combinations, in order to scare and encourage birds to land somewhere calmer. Randomized laser patterns change constantly to prevent acclimatization.


Bird decoys commonly come in the shape of an owl or a hawk, as these are natural predators of smaller birds such as crows and pigeons in the wild. When the sun is shining, these decoys produce a scary shadow that is menacing to pest birds.

Bird nets

Weatherproof bird nets are a great way of deterring pest birds although they often need to be fitted professionally across roofs and voids. You must check them regularly and release any birds caught immediately. Once the pigeons figure out that this is not a safe place to visit, they will soon fly off to somewhere else.


These are generally produced in stainless steel and embedded within a UVA plastic base that come in self-assemble packages which are easy to install. These spikes prevent birds from landing on ledges, however, some of the more intelligent species have been known to overcome these spikes by filling them with enough twigs and debris to comfortably sit on top.

Gel Repellents

Otherwise known as optical gel, these little petri dishes target a bird's sense of sight, smell and touch in order to confuse them. Utilizing ultraviolet light that is invisible to humans, birds sense fire and smoke and avoid the area immediately.

Bird traps

Live traps have, for many years, been the preferred bird control solution for pest birds. Most live traps come with food and water containers, as well as a shade to prevent any unnecessary suffering until the birds can be released elsewhere.

In Summary

Reflective bird tape is one of the most cost-effective methods to deter birds from your property. Working with natural light it will emit reflective beams that disorientate pest birds, forcing them to fly away.Â

We would thoroughly recommend trying scare tape in the first instance or in conjunction with other bird control techniques, as sometimes it just turns out that the simplest solutions are often the best.


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