Hotels and Pests: How Scared Should I Be?

Couple with suit cases in a hotel

Of all the recognized pests in the world, insects are certainly the most feared by homeowners and travelers. Cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, and even spiders and scorpions from the arachnid family can regularly be found lurking in hotel rooms. Add to this flies and even rodents and it can be a daunting prospect when it … Read more

Your Friendly Neighborhood Exterminator: The Complete Guide

Worker spraying insecticides

When it comes to pest control, there are many terms that are used to describe the specialists that handle this worldwide problem. Pest control professionals, pest control technicians, and most commonly, exterminators, are all correct when describing the same kind of technician. There are some minor differences depending on the specifications and training of an … Read more

10 Best Respirators for Pest Control: Reviews and Buying Guide

best respirators for pesticides asbestos mold

There are many particles in the atmosphere that can be hazardous to the respiratory system, yet there are also hazards that come with applying pesticides and chemicals. Respirator masks are meant to cover the entire face, including both airways, with a filter to extract air that is then processed through the filter to remove particles … Read more

Sentricon vs. Termidor: Which Treatment is Best?

sentricon vs termidor which termite treatment is best

Termite Bait Stations vs. Liquid Treatment In the pest control industry, there exist many proven and reliable DIY products available to consumers that completely eliminate infestations. When the pest in question is termites, the complexity of these elusive creatures can sometimes prove difficult for DIY efforts alone.  Termidor SC is one of the best home … Read more

Best Insecticides & Pesticides – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Insecticides & Pesticides Reviews

Let’s face it, insects and pests aren’t the kinds of company that one would prefer, and they can end up causing more harm than good. Unfortunately, there are times when things like this just happen and we’re forced to come up with the best solution possible. Whether you’re dealing with pests such as aphids, caterpillars, … Read more

How dangerous is Delta dust? Is it toxic? What does it kill?

A common misconception in the field of insecticides is that chemical sprays are the only resources available to homeowners. Pesticides in the form of powders and clouds of dust are another option available and most are odorless and less harmful to humans and pets – not to mention, potentially more effective.  Delta Dust insecticide by … Read more

Are Deltamethrin Insecticide Sprays dangerous? What do they kill?

deltamethrin insecticide sprays

The first line of defense against pests within and outside of homes is typically insecticide. It is easy to use, is generally safe towards humans if not directly breathed in or ingested, and offers a quick kill to any insect imaginable. Deltamethrin belongs to the most popular class of insecticides–pyrethroids, which are some of the … Read more

What is Temprid FX? Is it Safe for Humans and Pets? Risks and Instructions for Application

Temprid FX insecticide for bed bugs

When fighting against pests inside the home, convenience is paramount. We all live busy lives and simply because we have become invaded by insects we can’t let this affect us. With this in mind, powerful, long-lasting residual insecticides are the answer to kill the invaders after one application. Temprid FX by Bayer combines an effective … Read more

Is CimeXa insecticide dust toxic? Is it safe? Does it kill bed bugs?

cimexa insecticide dust

Bed bugs, like many other insects that invade homes, have a mechanism that allows them to produce resistance to commonly used insecticides. This makes the battle to eradicate them all the more difficult, and additional options are becoming crucial to fight against them. CimeXa insecticide dust by Rockwell Labs is one of the most popular … Read more

What is Crossfire pesticide? What does it kill? Are there any risks or dangers from using it?

crossfire pesticide for bed bugs

When it comes to using an insecticide to try and win your bed bug battle, not all pesticides are created equal. Crossfire bed bug concentrate by MGK is a painstakingly researched and formulated insecticide that was created to target one pest – bed bugs.  As a highly toxic formulation, Crossfire pesticide combines a powerful contact … Read more