Best Termite Killer – Indoor and Outdoor Products

best termite killers

  Products to effectively kill termites come in many different varieties, which makes the process of choosing the best of these products sometimes difficult. Sprays, foams, powders, and bait stations are just a few of the different methods available to eradicate these highly destructive pests. Each of these types of products works in different ways … Read more

Can termites make you sick?

can termites make you sick

In the wider sphere of biology, the frequent habitation of one species with another can cause certain allergic reactions, this is true of humans and common pets, as it is also true of humans living under a pest infestation. Termites are not inherently dangerous to humans, however, there are circumstances where health problems can be … Read more

Termite Larvae: Identification and Treatment

termite larvae identification

Much like all problematic pests, termites look very different as the insects go through their various life stages. On the way to becoming adult termites, termites go through the stages of eggs, larvae, and nymph stages before the final molting process to become a worker, soldier, king, or even queen. Throughout all termite colonies, all … Read more

Orange Oil Termite Treatment – How effective is it and which oils are best to buy?

how effective is orange oil for termites

Pest control doesn’t have to always be associated with powerful, hazardous chemicals, in fact, a large portion of pests can be repelled and even killed by a large array of natural products in conjunction with toxic chemicals. Orange oil is a substance that contains D-limonene, which is extracted from the rinds of oranges. Most insects, … Read more

When Does Termite Season Begin?

when does termite season begin

Within the pest control sphere, there are many different times of the year when certain insects become problematic. Although most pests are more prevalent within homes during certain times of the year, there are a few species that have no set time frame for increased activity. Termites remain active within colonies throughout the entire year. … Read more

Termite Swarms – Everything You Need To Know

termite swarms

Every spring, during termite swarming season, termites will perform an aerial flight once an active colony reaches an overcrowded capacity. Although the insects may be mistaken for other winged insects, flying termites do indeed exist and termite flying is an annual occurrence once colonies seek to expand. The most recognizable trait of these types of … Read more

Termites vs. Carpenter Ants – How To Tell the Difference

termites vs carpenter ants how to tell difference

  Sometimes there can be two common pests who mimic the exact same behaviors. In the case of carpenter ants vs termites, the similarities between the behaviors of the two pests can cause a great deal of confusion to the homeowner suffering an infestation. Although both carpenter ants and termites share the same behavior traits, … Read more

Beneficial Parasitic Nematodes for Termites

Beneficial Parasitic Nematodes for Termites

  When it comes to getting rid of termites, the process is usually dominated by the administering of harsh chemicals. This process works well and is certainly the most popular and efficient, but natural remedies are becoming more and more popular. Beneficial parasitic nematodes are likely not the first thing to come to mind for … Read more

How to Get Rid of Flying Termites

best ways to get rid of flying termites

  The best ways to get rid of flying termites Termites are an interesting species within the insect kingdom. They certainly aren’t interesting when they are devouring the wood structures within homes, but their behaviors and life stages are certainly versatile in terms of entomology. You are probably most familiar with subterranean and dry wood … Read more

Spectracide Terminate Reviews

spectracide terminate killer reviews

  Let’s face it, when it comes to getting serious about eliminating a termite infestation, the prices associated with professional treatments can be staggering. Although, using a professional can ensure that your termite problem will be addressed by skilled technicians. There are many ways that you can take matters into your own hands and begin … Read more

Sentricon vs. Termidor: Which Treatment is Best?

sentricon vs termidor which termite treatment is best

Termite Bait Stations vs. Liquid Treatment In the pest control industry, there exist many proven and reliable DIY products available to consumers that completely eliminate infestations. When the pest in question is termites, the complexity of these elusive creatures can sometimes prove difficult for DIY efforts alone.  Termidor SC is one of the best home … Read more

Tengard SFR Permethrin One Shot Review

tengard sfr permethrin one shot review

  When battling termites, it can sometimes seem like you are battling against an invisible enemy. These insects do not eat wood from the outside in, they first burrow into their food source and persist in devouring it from the inside out. It can be frustrating in DIY situations because there is no peace of … Read more

Best Termite Bait Stations: How Effective Are They?

best termite bait station reviews

Termite Bait Station Reviews & Buyers Guide Termites are industrious pests that become harder and harder to eradicate once they infest their chosen wooden structure. Termiticides and dust formulations are no doubt effective at destroying termites, but these chemicals can take long periods of time to address the problem, since termites infest inside of the … Read more

How to Get Rid of Termites

how to get rid of termites

  Your Definitive DIY Pest Control Guide to Preventing and Getting Rid of Termites Termites are a type of pest that come in different varieties and share one common purpose: to eat and infest the wooden structures inside of your home. There are no benefits that come with termites and in many ways, they are … Read more

Household Products To Kill Termites

kill termites with household products

The quantity of professional and DIY products available for termite treatment is overwhelming, leaving you numerous choices to choose from. It is also interesting to remember that there are many household products that can repel and even kill termites – many of which are sitting right inside of your cabinets. Insects are temperamental and highly … Read more