What are the 5 Best Termite Killer Sprays?

5 best termite killer sprays

  Termites are closely grouped and isolated insects that prefer to stay banded together in a colony—preferably inside of the structure they are eating. Due to this behavior, it is difficult to treat for termites in traditional ways as seen with other pests.  There are many ways to treat against termites and one of the … Read more

How to Get Rid of Termites on a Boat and Hull

  Termites are widely distributed pests and can infest virtually any structure that is made of wood. The common misconception about termites is that they are ground-based insects, which is true, but termites always scout new places to feed and colonize by flying during the mating season, which means they can land and infest any … Read more

How Do You Get Rid of Termites in Furniture?

how to get rid of termites in wood furniture

Termites primarily gain access to a home through the ground below via support frames that create a bridge from the earth to the home, but these elusive insects can also infest and destroy any wooden object, including furniture, by means of sensory perception through their antennae which seeks out wood. Drywood termites are the most … Read more

Diatomaceous Earth for Termites – Does it Work?

does Diatomaceous Earth work for Termites

In the pest control field, there are few more ubiquitous and proven result-driven products as diatomaceous earth. This white, crystalline powder works by shredding the waxy cuticle on the outside of an insect’s exoskeleton, which causes rapid dehydration and eventual death. DE powder works against a massive number of insects both inside and outside the … Read more

Do Termites Bite People and Pets?

do termites bite people and pets

You probably frequently associate termites as being hidden from view and quietly devouring the structure of your very home – and that assumption is correct as these insects use wood as their primary nutrition. Termites have virtually no interest in humans or pets as they feed on wood and organic matter, but that doesn’t mean … Read more