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Products to effectively kill termites come in many different varieties, which makes the process of choosing the best of these products sometimes difficult. Sprays, foams, powders, and bait stations are just a few of the different methods available to eradicate these highly destructive pests. 

Each of these types of products works in different ways to attack the colony as a whole once the infested wood has been identified. Sprays may accommodate users who want a more thorough and direct approach in attacking the pests, while foams, powders, and bait traps are beneficial for long-term eradication that reduces the need to consistently apply a chemical.

What are the Best Termite Killers to Buy?

This guide will provide an overview of some of the best termite killers that are consistently used with proven results. Although the choice is completely yours, always try and think which product type would best serve the type of termite infestation you are battling against.

What is the Best Termite Killer on the Market?

All of the below products will provide amazing termite control in do-it-yourself applications, but when deciding upon the single best termite killer plus overall residual control measures, Taurus SC is one of the best termite killers. Fipronil is consistently ranked as one of the best chemicals to use against termites due to its toxicity and non-repellant properties.

This termiticide spray will also kill carpenter bees and insects both indoors and outdoors and is frequently used as a dual carpenter ant termite killer. The reason why this formulation is the best termite killer is the amazing non-repellant attribute that freely allows termites to crawl through the fipronil and return the chemical back to the colony.

This product is also incredibly versatile, working just as well on subterranean termites as it does on dry wood termites. With fipronil as the active ingredient, long-lasting residual control is further amplified if you decide to use this termiticide as a soil injection, which can also kill other pests.

By injecting the liquid a few inches into the soil surrounding your home, this will create an increased-barrier of termite killer protection for months. The same procedure works just as well for fleas, ticks, and numerous other pests that are susceptible to fipronil.

This isn’t just an ordinary termite spray, it is a miracle termiticide in a bottle. If used correctly, this is quite possibly the only termiticide you will ever need.

What Makes Taurus SC the Best Termite Killer?

Handy Buyers Guide (Things to Keep in Mind)

This product review roundup will help eliminate the searching process when trying to determine which product is the most effective. The following selection of products is divided by type, which allows you to see the finest selection based upon the route of administration you choose.

Taurus SC for Termites

When it comes to spray termiticides, Taurus SC is in a class all its own. I frequently recommend this product whenever liquid termiticides are discussed, and this is primarily due to the powerful, non-repellant chemical fipronil, which acts as a contagious virus that is spread throughout a termite colony.

Fipronil is a chemical that acts as both direct contact and a prolonged residual termite killer. Workers spread the chemical throughout the colony, which in turn, destroys the nest within weeks. This is a perfect choice for homeowners seeking a well-established termiticide with proven results.



Bora-Care for Termites

Termites are highly sensitive to antagonizing natural substances just as much as the pests are sensitive to potent toxins. This is why Bora-Care is a safe, yet effective alternative to chemical termiticides.

This product utilizes borate salts that are activated with water to seep into infested wood and destroy termites by drying out the sensitive exoskeleton of the pests. Natural products are sometimes viewed with skepticism, however, this product is effective without the slightest chemical compound.



Bifen I/T Insecticide/Termiticide for Termites

In a similar class as Taurus SC, Bifen I/T is also a powerful, fast-killing liquid termiticide that utilizes a potent chemical called bifenthrin. This chemical attacks the central nervous system of termites, which continues to work as a strong residual after the initial spray.

This product works quickly and provides a full-on assault against termites, which is recommended if you want results quickly. The residual effect can last up to eight weeks and is not as messy and apparent as other residuals.



Termidor Foam Termiticide

Termidor Foam by BASF utilizes the non-repellant, potent chemical fipronil as foam concentration to decrease the need for continued applications. This product is one of the best termiticide foams both for its inclusion of foam-concentrated fipronil and its rapid expansion ratio.

This product is great if you are looking for a powerful and fast-acting termiticide that is easily-applied and non-messy. The foam absorbs rapidly and continues to work for up to a month.



Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam

Spectracide is a name that has become synonymous within do-it-yourself termite applications. This signature foam is non-staining and kills on contact and also features an extension tube, which makes it easy to use and helps to direct spray into hard-to-reach areas.

This is likely the product that is frequently mentioned during discussions concerning termite foams and due to the ease of application and strong, yet safe formulation of prallethrin, you will likely be pleased with a product that is so universally lauded and used.



Bayer Premise Foam Termiticide

Let’s face it, termites can infest wood that can be located in some of the most difficult to reach areas, such as cracks and crevices, ceilings, and various wall voids. Bayer Premise Foam was designed with these features firmly in mind.

To make matters even more attractive, this product was also designed as a dry formulation, meaning you now do not have to worry about a liquid chemical damaging or staining infested wood. Perhaps the star attraction of this product is the formulation with imidacloprid, which is one of the deadliest insecticides on the market.



Spectracide Termite Detection and Killing Stakes

Subterranean termites pose difficult problems for homeowners suffering under their destruction simply because this species does not usually live inside the wood they eat. Once again, Spectracide has mastered the process of utilizing bait stations by using pop-up indicators to alert homeowners of their presence and a powerful insect growth regulator to both kill and sterilize the insects.

This product should be considered part of an arsenal to help eliminate the spread of subterranean termites. Investing in this product will ensure that you will not have to worry about termites finding their way into your home.



Advance Termite Bait Stations

Termite Bait Stations come in a few different varieties with some products focusing on alerts rather than traps containing poison. Advance Termite Bait Stations focus on the latter aspect by utilizing a cellulose-rich attractant to lure the insects into an inescapable trap.

In addition to an attractant, this product also contains a termiticide that kills the termites within 24 hours of entering the trap. Bait stations are varied, but this product is perfect if you are looking for a station that eliminates the problem all in one go.



Hex Pro Termite Baiting System Stations

Hex Pro bait stations are similar to the above product, yet different in how the elimination process is carried out. This baiting system lures termites and instead of trapping them, allows the termites to take parts of the poisonous bait block back to the colony for rapid extermination.

Although this process may sound unappealing since the insects are not trapped, the benefits of allowing the insects to spread the poison to an entire colony are well-worth the waiting process involved. This bait trap is durable and long-lasting and is sure to eliminate termites consistently and effectively.



BioAdvanced Termite Killer Home Perimeter Treatment

When it comes to powders and dust, the basic mechanism of action with this form is similar to spray and foam, yet different in the way that these products last for incredibly long periods of time. BioAdvanced Termite Killer is a powder consisting of tiny granules containing termiticide that is ingested or spread to the termites by contact. 

Powders can be difficult sometimes, but the benefit of this dust is the increased amount of time in which the product lasts. For weeks, this product will actively kill all types of termites, specifically foraging subterranean termites. 



Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is perhaps the most universally known and praised insecticides in powder form. The food-grade formulation of this classic pest control powder is also relatively safe to humans and pets, yet lethal to virtually any insect that has a waxy exoskeleton.

DE by Harris works by piercing the exoskeleton of termites once the powder is crawled through, thereby rendering the insect helpless against the rapid dehydration that this will cause, usually within 24 hours. This brand is highly effective against termites and will almost certainly leave you pleased with its effectiveness.



Rockwell Labs Cimexa Dust Insecticide

Cimexa Dust is most popularly known as a lethal product against bed bugs, yet this product is also lethal to a wide variety of insects, including dry wood termites. This dust is essentially a more lethal version of traditional DE powder, yet a bit more toxic if improperly applied.

For dry wood termites, Cimexa works by splitting the outer shell of the insects and just like DE powder, causing desiccation within hours. The great benefit of this powder, when used to dust furniture for dry wood termites, is the ability of the dust to destroy any termites who cross through it without damaging the furniture.



How Do You Get Rid of Termites on Your Own?

You can certainly get rid of termites with DIY methods, yet the process is not always easy and requires a powerful and effective chemical to ensure success. Although pest control may be the best option in extreme infestations, most termite infestation problems can be eradicated with certain procedures.

To kill termites within your home, use an above-mentioned termiticide of your choice, and thoroughly spray all of the infected wood to the point of run-off. It is important to saturate the wood to reach deep inside the structure where the termites are dwelling.

Alternatively, you can use either diatomaceous earth or another above-mentioned dust of your choice, and dust all of the infected wood with a liberal, yet light coating of dust, paying particular attention to exit holes. A house that has become infested with termites can certainly be saved, but there are some considerations to take into account if the damage already caused is extensive.

The first line of defense is obviously to eradicate termites from your home and safeguard your home from future infestations. Measures to destroy subterranean termites will require a treatment method with an active ingredient for outdoor use.

Treating subterranean termites in your yard and garden is one of the best preventative measures that you can take in ensuring termites stay away from your home. The best method for treating the outside of your home is with a strong and durable termiticide, yet the implementation of bait traps is best.

For optimal efficiency, you may want to invest in one of the above-mentioned bait stations, which are implanted into areas of soil around your house and will pop up or trap termites when termites are present and release powerful chemicals into the soil to kill present termites.

Outdoor treatments can also help in eradicating fleas, ticks, and other pests as long as the listed active ingredient lists these pests as well. To destroy outdoor termites, spray all of the areas where the insects would likely begin to infest wood.

The bottom line is that this is certainly doable as long as you follow the correct guidelines and use good products. If all else fails, contact a pest control professional.

What is the Best Chemical to Treat Termites?

Termiticides are only as effective as the chemicals that make up the brand’s formulation. To get rid of termites in your home or yard, you need a spray, foam, or dust that uses a chemical that is proven to destroy termites.

Opt for a chemical that can be used indoors and outdoors since a termite infestation can frequently compose both aspects of a home. Fipronil is a proven termite killer and its use is well-tolerated for both indoor and outdoor use.

This chemical will also act as a dual insect killer in addition to the fact that it kills termites. Additionally, imidacloprid is a universal insecticide of superior strength and potency and is also compatible for indoor and outdoor use.

Hexaflumuron is also a long-running termiticide that works against the termite reproductive cycle. Its use is primarily as an insect growth regulator for a wide range of pests.

Try and target products that use one of these three chemicals for use against a termite colony.

What Do Professionals Use to Kill Termites?

When it comes to professional pest control, exterminators will frequently use the most recent and potent chemical formulations that are not yet available to the general public. Most of the above-mentioned chemicals remain in use when exterminators are battling a termite colony, yet a preference for the newest scientific-based formulations will likely be used.

Professional control for these pests mostly mirrors comprehensive DIY methods, yet a professional will usually bring years of experience to the problem which can help immensely. Since liquid sprays are overly in use against pests, an exterminator will work to destroy and prevent the problem with a multitude of methodologies.

In Summary

These products represent some of the best termite killing products you can have at your disposal. The above selections are vastly based upon the type of product you choose, therefore, it is important to keep in mind variations that may be more suited to your particular situation. 

Foams and bait stations are like less messy than powders and sprays, yet when it comes to termites, the process of eliminating these destructive pests is never a simple occasion. Any of these products you choose will assuredly deliver results for your home. 


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