Best High Pressure Tree Sprayers Reviewed

best high pressure tree sprayer

High Pressure Sprayers for Tall Trees Reviews and Buyers Guide

Pressure sprayers are amazing tools to utilize when you need to cover large areas with a desired chemical, but there are actually methods you can utilize to take your ATV to an aerial level. Pests love to hide in trees, and it can be very difficult to administer products at such high levels from the ground.

This is why purchasing ATV sprayers that have equipment capable of reaching into trees is essential for problematic pests (particularly mosquitoes and gnats) and tall-growing weeds.

How to use one with an ATV

High pressure tree sprayers can also be used to treat trees that are being attacked by various types of fungi, such as black spot fungus disease. The best method for using these models is to mount them to an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), which can increase the propensity for drifting the chosen chemical up into tree limbs and branches.

ATV sprayers are ideal for large areas and if you do not possess an all-terrain vehicle, you can easily mount these sprayers to a regular lawn tractor.

Why should you bother with a High Pressure Tree Sprayer?

Well, you can get the job done with a regular pesticide sprayer, but tall tree sprayers can hold much more chemical and administer the chemical at a rapid and far-ranging rate in a vertical motion.

You will not need to do spot treatments after using a tree sprayer, because the method of action allows the chosen chemical to reach up into tree limbs as well as a downward drift to cover areas that you were already needing to cover with just regular use.

“As far as pesticide applications is concerned, knowledge of the geometrical characteristics of the crop allows optimizing the dose of the applied product, and adjusting it to the characteristics of the plants, thereby obtaining a reduction of its environmental and economic impact.†According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Therefore, it is crucial to have equipment that can cover every type of problem area when treating trees, and a high pressure tree sprayer will certainly address this issue.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The components and features of two high pressure tree sprayers in our review
  • The benefits of investing in a tree sprayer for problems pests such as wasps and hornets
  • Rather it is good to buy an ATV pressure sprayer or a stand alone tall tree sprayer

High Pressure Tree Sprayers: What you need to know

High Pressure Tree Sprayers are essentially not much different from many similar ATV sprayers in that they are high-powered and are best-suited for being administered to areas that are outside the normal zone of pest administration. There are also two main types of high reach tree sprayers, those that attach to a hose and the aforementioned variety that connect to an ATV sprayer.

Twenty to Fifty Feet Reach

The use of a hose end tree sprayer is ideal if you want to reach anywhere from twenty to fifty feet up into the air, which makes this model more akin to a tall tree sprayer, since this model will effectively allow you to spray branches and foliage far outside the normal reach of any traditional sprayer.

Use with Herbicides, Insecticides and Fertilizers

Additionally, it is crucial before purchase to always identify the work that you intend to use the sprayer for because there are many kinds available. Determine whether you plan to use it for spraying herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers or even all of them. Also, it is important to know the size of the area that you want to spray because it will also affect the choice.

The best high pressure tree sprayer for your lawn or yard will also depend on the tree type and length.

These models will not cover a mountainous tree, nor will they be necessary for smaller trees, which can easily be sprayed with a traditional sprayer. The choice is ultimately up to you in rather you prefer to purchase a tree sprayer that is mountable to an ATV, or, if you would rather just use an extension to your lawn and garden hose, although you would be limited to how far you can go dependent on the length of your hose.

How do Pressure Sprayers Work for Tall Trees?

High pressure tree sprayers work much in the same way as other sprayers with the main difference being the length of the hoses and nozzles. It also pays to treat your trees as well, be it for pests, fungus, or even to eliminate weeds that are suffocating trees.

Which Model of ATV Sprayer is Best?

This question thoroughly depends upon what you need the sprayer to do for you. If you already have an ATV vehicle, then the answer to this question is resoundingly in favor of the NorthStar High Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer.

This model has a 35 foot spraying reach, which is about 10-15 feet more than the Hudson Trombone, but, this model is overkill if you are not treating a yard with lots of trees or a forested area.

For everyday use, the Hudson Trombone is likely all you will ever need in a tall tree sprayer. This model is incredibly flexible and a lot easier to maneuver due to its lightweight volume.

Ultimately, when deciding what the best high pressure tree sprayer is, this is a determination that can be made depending on the particular needs of your area needing to be covered.

ATV Pressure Sprayer Reviews

The reviews below seek to provide you with the features needed to make an informed decision for what is best for you:

NorthStar High Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer


16 Gallon Capacity, 2 GPM, 12 Volt (Our 5 Star Top Pick)

Since ATV sprayers are the most popular types of sprayers for large scale, agricultural spraying, the NorthStar High Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer is a perfect option. The NorthStar High-Pressure ATV Spot Sprayer delivers 2.0 GPM at open flow and has a maximum system pressure of 200 PSI

Equipped with a commercial-grade NorthStar NSQ Series plunger pump, it provides you easier priming, exceptional durability, and superior resistance to harsh environments and corrosive chemicals. Not only is the pump durable, NorthStar's tank braves the elements with UV-stabilized material to prevent fading and other sun damage. 

Adjust the spray gun nozzle to three different spraying modes: stream, cone, and atomized mist, depending on the job. Accurately control system pressure through NorthStar's sprayer regulator with liquid filled pressure gauge. To ensure an even better chemical application, the regulator bypass valve agitates fluid to keep chemical evenly dispersed.

It only keeps getting better with this model, since you can monitor fluid level with gallon marks molded right into the tank. You can keep ladders and step stools in the garage. With the NorthStar's powerful and efficient NSQ Series pump sending a stream 30ft. into the canopy and giving you up to 200 PSI, you'll never need to leave your ATV seat again. The spray gun nozzle adjusts from an atomized mist, perfect for delicate plants, to a wide cone, to a narrow stream.

The heavy-duty 35foot hose provides extended reach and flexibility. Whatever the task, this ATV Spot Sprayer delivers accurate, efficient performance. When it comes to quality, this model doesn’t cut any corners. Even the chemical tanks are built better and stronger, providing exceptional durability for quite possibly years of trouble-free service. 

The heavy-duty, UV- and chemical-resistant polymer design prevents bulging and sagging. The tree sprayer gun is hands down the best on the market for tree spraying.


Hudson Trombone Tree and Shrub Sprayer

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there exists a more streamlined tall tree sprayer if you do not possess an ATV vehicle. The Hudson Trombone Sprayer is useful for trees (especially fruit trees) as well as hedges and low-growing plants. 

Easy in-and-out strokes of pump fire a spray up to 25 feet or adjust the nozzle for an extremely fine mist. The long 72-inch hose with filter draws solution from a pail or drum and product degradation will not be a problem for you due to the bright nickel-plated brass pump.

This model produces 150 psi and features a 9-inch extension

This model is ideal as a fruit tree sprayer due to the flexibility in both adjusting the nozzles based upon foliage sensitivity, as well as the lightweight volume of the sprayer, which allows for easily maneuverable movements to provide for thorough tree coverage. Unlike other sprayers of this sort, this model features a nozzle mechanism that allows for precision-oriented spot spraying, which is great if you are treating trees for worms or other insects.

As an added benefit, this sprayer comes with the manufacturer's 1-year warranty. This model is particularly ideal if you are wanting to treat smaller trees and works well as a pecan tree sprayer, or, alternately as a tree and shrub sprayer. 

This model is also perfect for eliminating dangerous wasp and hornet nests, as it puts you at a far away distance once the chemical begins to kill the active nest. If acquiring an ATV vehicle is not within your trajectory, this is definitely the best tree sprayer you can purchase.


Related High Pressure Tree Sprayer Questions:

Are These Sprayers the Best to Get Rid of Wasps?

There are many ways to get rid of wasps and hornets, but these types of sprayers are perhaps one of the safest. Since you are usually well away from a tree when spraying, you can easily tilt the valve in the direction of a wasp nest to thoroughly saturate and stun any active wasps. Precautions should still be taken to avoid getting stung, and for that reason, perhaps spraying a wasp nest with a sprayer of this sort is not completely ideal.

Do I Need to Hook These Sprayers to A Hose?

NorthStar ATV tree sprayer will not need to be connected to a lawn and garden hose to work. The Hudson Trombone will need to be hooked to a water hose to work. You may want to invest in a long and durable water hose, such as this 100-foot hose by Worth, which is also incredibly durable. The longer the hose, the more coverage you can achieve with this sprayer.

The Bottom Line:

High pressure tree sprayers can come in handy when spraying trees is something that has always eluded the common gardener. Our trees are frequently forgotten during pest control, and these sprayers can also address types of fungi that destroy trees and even destructive emerald ash borer insects. You can get these sprayers as either an ATV model, or, as a standalone, hose-end sprayer for smaller trees.

Many types of pests can live in trees and these sprayers are good products to invest in to address these hiding and breeding spots.


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