Best Insecticides & Pesticides – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Insecticides & Pesticides Reviews

Let's face it, insects and pests aren't the kinds of company that one would prefer, and they can end up causing more harm than good. Unfortunately, there are times when things like this just happen and we're forced to come up with the best solution possible.

Whether you're dealing with pests such as aphids, caterpillars, or fruit flies infiltrating your garden to win when it comes to a takeover. Or you're dealing with inside pests such as roaches, they're all unsavory characters, to say the least. This is where the best pesticide can come in to save the day.

Now keep in mind, that there are products out there that are best suited for those who prefer to take the approach of an organic gardener. This is where toxic chemicals aren't used and are substituted with organic ingredients. This may be something you want to be sure to look for right out the gate.

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Best Insecticide/Pesticide Buyer's Guide

One of the main factors that one needs to look at when buying the best home insecticide is its formulation, which is how its active ingredients are mixed with other non-active ingredients. This has a direct impact on how easy it is to use and how it may be applied. For example, some insecticides or pesticides may only need to be mixed with water before their application.

Below you'll see the things that need to be kept in mind when looking at the formulation.

How effective is the insecticide against fighting the pests you're concerned about?

Every insecticide/pesticide has it's good and bad. Some might fight certain types of pests more effectively than others. Consider any current pest problems you may have as well as what's common in your area to ensure the choice you make is the best for your situation.

Is the insecticide easy to prepare and is it safe to use?

There are different ways to go about the application of insecticides/pesticides. Make yourself fully aware of what's required with the product(s) you choose so you know whether it's truly the most convenient and most effective when it comes to applying it.

Make sure that regardless of which product you choose, that you follow the directions provided with it entirely. For the easy and most convenient form of pesticide application, consider using a backpack sprayer over the more conventional sprayers (commonly referred to as a Hudson sprayer). This will ensure that you spread it efficiently and effectively rather than risking using too much or too little.

Best Outdoor Insecticide Reviews

When it comes to around the yard and/or garden area(s), these outdoor insecticides have proven themselves to produce the most solid results when compared to competing pesticides. You'll also want to consider spraying a perimeter on the outside of your home to deliver the most impact.

Keep your pets in mind if they go outside, as you don't want them getting sick due to the failure of embracing certain safety precautions. Not to mention, make sure you know what you must do to make sure your children aren't at risk when they go play outside. Usually, this information is included with the instructions included with the product, but you can easily find general tips on this online.

1. Merit 2F Systemic Insecticide Review

Merit is known for being a broad-spectrum insecticide that lasts longer than most of the others currently on the market. It's great for both commercial and residential applications and it has one of the strongest track records are ever seen in the industry, with over 10 years of being used by professionals and homeowners alike.

Ornamental and turf pests can't stand a chance against this insecticide, as it's proven to have as much as 90% effectiveness when applied. Merit is recommended for use on and around flowers, groundcovers, ornamentals, shrubs, trees, and turfgrass. Since it's in liquid form, it's a lot easier and more flexible when it comes to the application than its sister products that come in granular form.

Unlike most competing insecticides, Merit can also be used to suppress chinch bugs and cutworms. This is one of the best home insecticides because it targets the internal nervous systems of pests to suppress the appetite, halt the reproduction process, and ultimately lead to successful extermination.



2. Bifen Bifenthrin Review

Used in a lot of commercial pest control applications, Bifen Bifenthrin is known for producing results where many others which are considered to be commercial grade pesticides cant. From mosquitoes to other common pests around the yard and home, there are tons of pests (including fleas, bed bugs, roaches, etc.) that this product will protect you against. For these reasons Bifen is among the best rated and reviewed insecticides.

The active ingredient used is Bifenthrin, which works almost instantly upon being applied to the target area acting as a pesticide as well as a termiticide. Keep in mind that this is one of the more potent solutions on the market, so extreme care needs to be used when applying it as well as when it comes to those in the area at the time of application. You don't want to be caught being exposed to it more than you must.

This is also a versatile solution as it can be used indoors or outdoors, whereas many products can only be used one way or the other. For those who need a liquid pest control spray that's both economical as well as effective, this is one that's truly worth consideration.



3. Bayer Suspend SC Insecticide Review

Bayer Suspend SC Review

With the ability to win the battle with over 60 different types of pests, Bayer Suspend SC Insecticide is the same formula used by today's leading pest control companies. It is so widely used as it knocks pests down quickly while continuing to provide results for the long-term. Aside from that, it can be safely applied to box springs, food service areas, carpet, mattresses, and upholstery.

One of the most common ways Bayer Suspend SC is used isn't only to spray on gardens as they grow but to also spray in the soil before planting. This approach keeps bugs away right out the gate before waiting until the damage has already been done and then using it. Suspend SC's careful formulation is backed by one of the top companies in the industries, this makes it a great choice where one may have children and pets around.

As far as its track record, you can expect it to be what you see from a leading insecticide company. Those who have used it have reported great results in their reviews. Not to mention, those who need pesticides that work effectively and quickly with long lasting results always recommend Bayer Suspend SC.



4. PyGanic Gardening Insecticide Review

As one of the most effective insecticides tailored to the likes of residential gardeners, PyGanic Gardening Insecticide packs a powerful punch against over 100 different types of insects including, but not limited to aphids, fruit flies, and whiteflies.

The reason that this is one of the top choices among residential gardeners is the organic approach to pest control that it embraces. Using Pyrethrins, which derives from chrysanthemum flowers, it's able to embrace an active ingredient that steers away from toxic manmade chemicals that have been known to be harmful to humans and pets at times.

You'll find that this 8 oz bottle can produce over 16 gallons of pesticide to aid you in your battle against unsavory guests. If you want the chance to finally have control over your garden and ensure it remains unaffected against unsavory characters, this is the ultimate approach to do it organically.

While this is one of the better solutions for those with kids and pets due to its organic approach, this doesn't mean that precautions need to be ignored by any means. You'll want to leave the area immediately after spraying and ensure that everyone else stays away from the area a few hours after application.

One more thing, only apply it when there's no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours as it could wash away to the sewers if rainwater comes to exist.



Reviews of the Best Indoor Insecticides

Keep in mind that some of these products can be used outside as well. The only reason they're listed here is that they showed the most potential when being used inside. Not to mention, their focus was on fighting pests that are usually found inside of the home versus outside in the garden.

Since these are usually applied inside of the home, make sure that you're aware of the precautions that must be taken to eliminate the risk of harming others in your family as well as your pets. You want to be extremely careful, especially when applying it within the kitchen as they're highly potent.

1. Talstar P Insecticide Review

Another professional insecticide that uses bifenthrin, Talstar is one of the leading brands of pesticides used both inside the home as well as outside of the home. Bifenthrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid, directly targets the nervous system to weaken the body's immune system which ultimately results in their death.

The active ingredient makes up for 7.9% of the formula which still makes it potent when used in the extermination process. However, it also ensures that it's safe enough to be used where children and pets are present. The only things are that you want to wait 30 minutes after its application before others enter the area of application.

While this is the liquid form (which is the most convenient form), Talstar also comes in a granular form as well as an aerosol spray. The liquid form seems to be the best for initial application and is often combined with the aerosol spray since the aerosol formula is best for an “as needed” basis. As far as pricing, it sits more on the expensive side of things. However, its potency and proven track record do warrant a higher price tag than less effective pest control solutions.



2. Demon Max Insecticide

Demon Max is the product of none other than Syngenta based out of the beautiful state of North Carolina. Syngenta is known for producing a wide variety of pest control solutions for both homeowners as well as exterminators from all around. Even though this company is one of the newcomers in the industry, they've most definitely proven their worth (as the maker of some of the best insecticides) and developed quite the reputation over the past 5 years of being in the business of helping eliminate pests where they've ruined their welcome.

As far as its results over the long-term, it can last up to 3 months. If sprayed again after that timeframe it can last even longer. The main thing that one must keep in mind is that it does take slightly longer to dry and for it to be effective, it must dry within its target area to deliver the needed impact. This doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be worked around, it just means it'll require more attention.

For those on a budget, this might not be the best option. However, for those wanting a powerful solution that can fight a bunch of different types of insects, it could be exactly what's needed to get the job done. It's simply a matter of paying for what you get with Demon Max Insecticide.



3. Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray

Ortho is known for being the creator of some of the best insecticides today, and it's sold in almost all mainstream retail outlets. You can save money by purchasing online, so you might want to keep that in mind.

It's capable of winning the fight against over 130 different types of insects, which is a lot more than most of the other insecticides currently on the market. It's not one to disappoint when it comes to providing one with the ability to see the results quickly either. Looks like this pesticide has a lot going for it, but is it too good to be true?

It isn't as strong as some of the commercial-grade pesticide products that we've already covered here, but that shouldn't steer you away. It is a great addition to the home for those who want a versatile solution that works outdoors as well as it does indoors. 

However, it might not be the top pick for those with more severe cases of unwanted pests. In those cases, it will always be best to go with a commercial insecticide rather than the DIY homeowner approaches such as ones offered by the folks at Ortho.



4. Raid Ant and Roach Spray Review

When it comes to a company that stands out with what some consider the best pesticides, it's hard to overlook Raid. They have been in the business longer than many can remember. With Raid Ant and Roach Spray, many claim it to be one of the best insecticides on the market.

The approach is a little bit different than the other insecticides on the market, as it aims to kill on contact. This makes it an ideal approach to kill pests immediately, but for a more proactive fix, you might consider one of the other products on this page.

As for longevity, it does last for up to 4 weeks. Not nearly as much as you see in a commercial-grade pesticide. This could lead to an increased cost over time, whereas the cheap price tag could easily end up adding up to more than one of the pricier options before you. It's just a matter of your current needs and whether you want something for the long haul or not.



Questions about Pesticides and Insecticides

To help shed light on things and bring some needed answers to the table, we've compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when one is seeking the best pesticides. If you have any questions we don't cover here, feel free to reach out. No need in being shy and it might be the answer someone else is looking for too!

Are all insecticides/pesticides good for food prep areas?

Not necessarily. This is a sensitive subject, so you'll want to do your homework on the ingredients used in your prospective pesticides to make sure they're truly safe to be used in areas where food preparation takes place. Many of the best pesticides will make it their goal to be safe in all areas, including kitchens and food service areas. However, every pesticide is not the same.

How does insecticide differ from pesticide?

An insecticide is simply a part of the pesticide family. Pesticides contain many different types of formulas that target different problems. Think of it as the parent category of many types of products that may be tailored to opposite types of nuisances.

What is insecticide?

An insecticide is a member of the pesticides family that's made to exterminate as well as repel various types of insects rather than just one. The two most common ways for them to work are to either damage and shut down the nervous system or to damage their exoskeletons. However, there are also different approaches used to deliver results as well.

How does insecticide work?

Either the insect will eat the plant which has absorbed the insecticide, or it is absorbed by the insect in another manner. Then it moves through their body to target critical parts of the immune system to bring them to into spasms. Which ultimately leads to their demise, aka their last moments.

What is pesticide?

As defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA for short), a pesticide is any mixture of substances or substance intended for destroying, mitigating, preventing, or repelling any pest. A common misconception that the term “pesticide” only refers to insecticides. However, it also includes fungicides, herbicides, and any other substances used to exterminate/prevent pests.

How does pesticide work?

It works by being absorbed by plants and then moving outwards. This is for the plant-targeted pesticides specifically. For those dealing with insects, they work by being absorbed by the insect's body targeting vital areas to weaken the body's defenses and poison them in a toxic manner.

What is organic pesticide?

In a world where being eco-friendly is the new norm, organic pesticides are embraced more often than they have ever been before. They're made from natural ingredients and are embraced by gardeners and farmers alike. A lot of the time when farmers use them, it's to maintain their organic farming certification by taking the fresher approach.

Organic pesticides still do come with risks, and they're not necessarily considered completely harmless by any means. This makes it critical to be aware of the ingredients and what risks may be posed to determine whether they're worth a fit into your life or not.

How long does pesticide take to start working?

Each product has its timeframe in which it starts serving its purpose. Some will start working within 30 minutes while others can take an hour or more before it starts working. Look on the label (or product description) to familiarize yourself with how long it's going to take to work.

Is herbicide considered as a pesticide?

Anything that's a nuisance to plants or households has its kind of pesticides designed to help with its elimination. Many people think that pesticides are only limited to insects, but this is far from being the case. The pesticide family is rather broad, to say the least.

What are the 4 types of pesticide available?

Many may think that there are only 4 pesticides, but it's known by industry experts that there are 7 that everyone should be aware of. This includes bactericides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, larvicides, and rodenticides. If it's considered a nuisance, odds are there's a pesticide for it.

What happens when you inhale pesticide, is it deadly?

This depends solely on how much one has been exposed to the pesticide as well as the type of pesticide that one inhales. If it's briefly, moving to fresh air can help prevent side effects from worsening or putting one's health at risk. However, it's been reported by the New York Times as well as other sources that prolonged exposure has led up to death, with many other minor side effects before entering that state.

What is the best insecticide to get rid of fruit flies?

For quick kills, any insecticide using Pyrethrin will do justice. There are also preventive insecticides that will help you put forth a plan to ensure they don't become an ongoing problem. Also, you'll notice there are a select few organic insecticides formulated to win the war against fruit flies but this is something that you'll want to be sure and do your homework on first.

What is the best insecticide to solve problems with grubs?

The best way to PREVENT grubs is to use a pesticide that contains imidacloprid. Using preventive insecticides will help you not only prevent grubworms but also help gain control where there may not be a high amount of them in your garden or yard. For more serious cases, you can try to do it yourself, but the best approach is to embrace the help of an experienced pest control company.

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