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Suspend SC Insecticide Review

Bayer is an insecticide brand that continuously puts out new formulations to target a variety of insects based on the difficulty in treating those pests in and outside of the home. Suspend SC is one of their safest residual insecticides as it uses deltamethrin as its main chemical – which is one of the safest pyrethroid pesticides on the market.Â

Deltamethrin is the same chemical used in Delta Dust, also by Bayer; however, this formulation is a liquid, which can be a bit easier in the application process and can work as a contact kill if bugs are out in the open.

Suspend SC is an incredibly versatile insecticide that acts as both a contact and residual insecticide that gives it more power than a simple residual.


  • Low toxicity
  • Strong residual properties
  • Efficient for killing pests that inhabit grains
  • Easy to mix and use with a compressor sprayer
  • Kills over one hundred pests


  • Lethal to aquatic pets
  • Not a viable option for pyrethroid-resistant insects
  • Residual is deactivated if exposed to water
  • Product expires 24 hours after mixture
  • Not an instant kill; can take several minutes when used as a contact kill


How Does Suspend SC Work? How Do You Mix It?

Suspend SC works by utilizing the central nervous system antagonizing properties of deltamethrin—which attacks and paralyzes muscular responses in insects, causing death within a matter of minutes.
This insecticide is like other industrial grade insecticides in that it needs to be mixed with water to both activate and dilute the toxins for maximum efficiency. No matter what size of the product you purchase, each amount must be diluted in one gallon of water. Due to the dilution process, you will need to purchase a compression sprayer in order to mix the product with the required amount of water.

Complete instructions are printed on the Suspend SC label and should be followed consistently.

suspend sc insecticide label review
Click to download the Suspend SC Insecticide Label PDF.

How to Use Suspend SC and Apply it

Once mixed, you will want to apply Suspend SC to all problem areas inside and outside of your home. For example, when using this product for bed bugs, apply the product to all cracks, crevices, and voids on walls and baseboards, and treat all areas of furniture being sure to avoid placing the product where skin will encounter it. Study each indoor pest preferred hiding and harborage areas and apply Suspend SC accordingly.

For outdoor use, spray the entire perimeter of doors and window seals as well as the perimeter of porches and outdoor furniture. Be sure and cover Suspend SC around all entry points into the home and check for cracks and voids that could also provide entry points.Â

For mosquitoes, apply Suspend SC to all outdoor areas that collect water and for pests that prefer foliage, the insecticide can be applied to the plants when not in active bloom, preferably in the autumn and winter months.

A pest control sprayer will allow you to control the volume of the insecticide released, so a low setting will work well for cracks and voids. Due to elemental difficulties, outdoor use of Suspend SC may require retreatment every 7 to 10 days until the problem is significantly reduced or eliminated.Â

Each gallon of Suspend SC mixture can cover up to 1,000 square feet, so be sure and treat all problem areas and avoid oversaturation of the insecticide, as a little goes a long way due to the powerful residual components.

how to use suspend sc insecticide

How to Spray Suspend SC for Fleas

When using this insecticide for fleas, you need to apply it to all the harborage areas that fleas typically occupy. The carpet is usually the primary spot that flea infestations will occur, so it is important to spray the chemical at a low frequency to avoid completely saturating the carpet—especially if the carpet is frequently walked on.Â

Although deltamethrin is relatively safe, you will want to avoid walking over the chemical, since moderate toxic reactions can occur. For pet bedding, it is recommended to wash these items, since a chemical will aggravate pets. Suspend SC is generally safe once the product has dried, so it is important to monitor inside applications until drying is finished.

When to Spray Suspend SC for Spiders

Spiders can be particularly problematic indoors—if for any other reason than the fact that they can bite and are just plain creepy. Suspend SC can be used to kill spiders and should be applied to all areas where spiders harborage.Â

Apply the insecticide to cracks and crevices to slush out spiders; all dark and sparingly inhabited areas in the home should be treated with the product due to spiders liking dark areas. Apply the product underneath and behind all baseboards and be sure and treat behind and underneath all cabinets and large appliances. Doors and window frames should be treated as well to prevent spider entry points into the home.

Using Suspend SC for Bed Bugs

This insecticide will only kill bed bugs that have not become resistant to pyrethroids; trial and error is the only way to be sure this product will work against them. Bed bugs live to hide, so Suspend SC should be applied to all areas that both humans and bed bugs inhabit—including the bed frame, mattress seams and the box spring, the headboard, dressers, furniture, drapes, and baseboards of bedrooms and living rooms. Pay close attention to cracks, crevices, and voids—as these areas are where the bugs will typically be hiding

How Long Does it Take Suspend SC to Kill Bed Bugs?

This question is only valid if the bed bugs inside of your home have not developed resistance against pyrethroid insecticides. If Suspend SC does in fact work, it will take only minutes to kill bed bugs once they crawl through the residual product.Â

If you have coated the product across all walkways the bugs must take to reach their host, it can take a few weeks to completely rid your home of the insects. Bed bugs can go long periods of time without feeding, so the prolonged residual component of the chemical should ensure that all the bugs will die once they have no choice but to walk through the poison.

What are the Side Effects of Suspend SC?

Suspend SC is generally safe to humans and pets; however, there can be adverse reactions if the chemical is inhaled or exposed to skin or the digestive system. Respiratory effects have been seen, in addition to nausea and dizziness if the poison is heavily breathed in.

Contact a poison control center immediately if you or your pets exhibit these symptoms after application. Additionally, this product can be lethal to aquatic animals and should not be left to drain into nearby drainage systems if applied outdoors.

Talstar Pro vs. Suspend SC: Which is Stronger?

Both Talstar Pro and Suspend SC are members of the pyrethroid family of insecticides, so there is not really a difference as to rather one or the other is stronger.Â

Talstar is made of bifenthrin and Suspend SC is pure deltamethrin; both are generally mild pyrethrin's and cause no extreme adverse side effects to humans and pets and both are potentially lethal to aquatic animals.Â

Both products work in the same manner and there would likely be no inherent difference in strength if comparing the two.

In Summary

Suspend SC is a safe and powerful insecticide that works as both a contact and residual tool when battling against a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests. As a product that requires dilution to work,

Suspend SC forms a strong residual barrier that can last for months if the product is not washed or scrubbed away. Due to this product's mild toxicity—Suspend SC offers a safe, yet powerful way to kill problematic pests both inside and outside of your home.



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