Raid Bug Spray Reviews – Kill Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Roaches & Wasps


Sometimes in the pest control world, the process of finding the right insecticide can seem like a daunting and impossible challenge due to the copious amounts of product to choose from. We all live busy lives and sometimes the most popular choice is usually the best choice.

Raid bug spray is a prevalent and long-standing insecticide that is seared into our subconscious by its infamous commercials. You likely remember the catchphrase — †Raid!†— as uttered by many an animated cockroach throughout Saturday morning cartoons in our childhoods.

Raid bug spray has earned its ubiquity in our popular culture, not just because of brilliant marketing campaigns, but because it genuinely works.

The Best Raid Bug Sprays

It doesn't get much better in the world of pest control than Raid and this is especially true if you are looking for do-it-yourself pest control remedies. For over a century this company has dominated the pest control market and with low toxicity chemicals, safety is one of Raid's hallmarks. The following are the best Raid bug sprays available to buy:

    • Raid Max Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer

With products that target a comprehensive list of problematic indoor and outdoor pests, Raid is one of the best all-purpose insecticides on the market.

Raid Bed Bug and Flea Spray Review


When it comes to insects invading our homes, there are usually two that trigger fear based on their names alone: bed bugs and fleas. Bed bugs have become a worldwide problem since their reappearance in the 1990s, after a prolonged absence stemming from DDT nearly wiping them off the face of the earth. With that product's ban in the early 1970s, powerful insecticide formulations have struggled to keep up with their reemergence.

Additionally, fleas are blood-sucking parasites, and if you have ever dealt with an infestation, you probably got rid of your carpet simply because of it. The most cost-effective way to eliminate either of these two vampiric pests is to find a formulation that combines target killing for both of them.

Raid Bed Bug and Flea Spray combine four powerful, scientifically formulated chemicals that attack the central nervous system of bed bugs, fleas, ticks, dust mites, lice, clothes moths and carpet beetles. Once sprayed upon the insect, the chemicals stick to the outer shell and slowly poison the bug by stunning the central nervous system and causing paralysis followed by death.

All of the insects targeted by this spray are parasitic or similar in taxa in their methodologies and behaviors. The chemicals found in this formulation are from the class of pyrethroids, which constitutes the most widely utilized chemical insecticide arsenal in the world.

It is important to remember that this spray is only effective as a direct contact kill. When fighting against bed bugs and fleas, it may be beneficial to utilize a formulation with a residual component to continue killing the bugs when you are unable to directly find and spray them. But as a direct contact kill – this product is one of the best.


  • Kills all listed insects within seconds of direct contact
  • A multi-purpose formulation that targets other parasitic insects apart from bed bugs and fleas
  • Applicator that comes in handy for hard to reach areas
  • Kills eggs in addition to live bugs


  • Horrible smell that requires adequate ventilation to expel
  • Bed bugs are developing resistance to pyrethroids
  • No residual
  • Only proves efficient upon direct application

Application Instructions

When administering this product for bed bugs, go through all of the places that bed bugs hide, including mattress sides, inside of box springs, dresser drawers and backsides, picture frames, along baseboards and underneath furniture. Spray all live bugs and eggs.

For fleas, spray all carpeting, all areas where pets reside, windows, door frames, and baseboards. Raid bed bug and flea killer is a powerful, direct-contact insecticide for pests that are becoming increasingly difficult to destroy. Although it lacks a much-needed residual, it will kill any bugs that you see.

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Raid Ant and Roach Spray Review

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Since the dawn of civilization, when our ancestors made homes out of caves and shacks, ants and cockroaches have been two uninvited houseguests that still strive to this day to make our homes their homes as well. Cockroaches primarily feed on human waste (literally sometimes), as well as moisture and decayed matter. They love to infest areas where human beings congregate and live, specifically your kitchens and any areas with easy access to water.

Ants are a bit less repulsive since they do not carry anywhere near as many diseases as roaches, but they also enjoy invading our homes mostly in search of sugary residues. These two pests are a bit easier to eliminate in comparison to bed bugs and fleas; however, it will require a powerful chemical to adequately do the job.

Raid Ant and Roach Killer utilizes imiprothrin and cypermethrin from the pyrethroid insecticide chemical arsenal to kill ants and cockroaches on contact. Like most products from Raid, this formulation will also take out additional insects including silverfish, carpet beetles, earwigs, crickets, scorpions and even black widow spiders.

This formulation also includes a residual component in addition to its fierce contact killing mechanism and can last up to four weeks if left undisturbed. As with any insecticide, it is important to administer the product to all areas where a particular type of insect congregate.

With many pyrethroid insecticides, the only available option is usually as a direct contact application, but this formulation can also work as a residual, which can continue killing pests for up to a month. When it comes to eliminating cockroaches, there are several preliminary cautions that need to be applied before administering the chemical. Be sure to caulk and eliminate all entry points for ants and roaches and always clean up any food and liquid residues and store food in sealed containers.

When battling ants and roaches, Raid is completely effective, but the elimination of food sources for the insects is also crucial to completely clear the problem.


  • Pleasant scent
  • Very effective in killing ants and roaches on contact
  • Residual components
  • Low toxicity


  • Doesn't address cockroach hiding spots and rapid reproduction
  • Leaves a messy residue
  • Great for contact killing, but additional measures will need to be taken regarding cockroach infestations

Application Instructions

When administering this product for cockroaches, seek out cockroach hiding spots, including behind and underneath refrigerators, ovens, underneath and in between cabinets and sinks, any dark areas such as pantries and closets, as well as bathroom areas.

This product works well for contact killing and residual killing; however, a product that allows a cockroach to take the poison back to their offspring may prove most beneficial.

For ants, administer the product to door frames and windows and be sure to travel along an ant colony to identify where the entry point is. Raid Ant and Roach Killer is a strong and trusted insecticide for these problem pests and is guaranteed to kill them on direct contact.

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Raid Max Foaming Wasp and Hornet Killer

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Summer is undoubtedly the most adventurous and leisurely of all the seasons, but with that fun also comes the return of insects and sometimes they can be so persistent that we end up wishing for autumn a lot sooner than we thought. Many summertime pests are a nuisance, but some pests are painful and dangerous.

Wasps and hornets are highly defensive insects that sometimes make their nests near human dwellings, such as porches, eaves, and nearby structures. Wasps and hornets are generally solitary creatures, with each nest containing a queen who lays eggs that produce successive generations. Workers, as they are known, then leave the nest during the day to search for food and in our neck of the woods, this usually includes sugary substances, and when we come into contact with them – painful stings are usually the result.

Raid Max Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer solves an all too common problem that comes with trying to get these insects away from our home. It takes agility and speed to successively take out a wasp and hornet nest since the flying insects are all too quick to sting at the slightest disturbance posed to their home. That is where this product shines the most – it allows you to stand up to twenty-one feet away from the nest to spray the foaming chemical. The foam encloses the entire nest with rapid expansion and the pyrethroid chemicals immediately go to work killing the entire colony. For added benefit, this product is also water-based, which will allow you to see your progress as you spray.

Eliminating wasps and hornets is a difficult task; on numerous occasions, getting stung at least once is usually a guarantee due to the aggressive nature and speed at which wasps and hornets attack. By positioning up to twenty-one feet away from the nest, this makes it more difficult for the wasps and hornets to see you as you administer the poison which completely encloses the entire nest. At any rate, it is always advisable to wear protective clothing and gear when eliminating a nest.

The foaming action of this spray also serves as a way to stun the insects to where they are busy inspecting the enclosing foam to pay much attention to a person over twenty feet away.


  • Highly effective at enclosing the nest before the insects can attack
  • Pyrethroid chemicals immediately go to to work killing the entire colony
  • A nozzle that allows you to stand up to twenty-one feet away from the nest when spraying
  • The water-based formulation makes it easy to see your progress in covering the nest


  • Pyrethroids are becoming less effective over time
  • Limited to covering only a handful of nests
  • Not viable for ground hornets
  • The nozzle is fragile and easily broken

Application Instructions

When administering this spray for wasps and hornets, always stand away from the nest to the fully allocated twenty-one feet to avoid being stung. Wasps and hornets can move very quickly, and the disturbance will make them very aggressive.

It is best to administer any wasp and hornet spray in the early morning and early evening hours since this is when their activity is significantly reduced. Raid Max Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer is an incredibly versatile product that helps to keep you safe while destroying an entire wasp or hornet nest.

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Raid Flying Insect Killer Review

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Flying insects can prove to be incredibly problematic creatures to destroy based on their speed and agility in escaping. Flies and gnats are two of the most bothersome flying pests because they are prone to infest dwellings and sticky traps can only do so much to get rid of them.

Once flies infest a decaying piece of food or drainage structure inside of our homes, a full-blown infestation is usually very easy to get started. Mosquitoes are becoming a rampant epidemic in the United States due to their propensity to carry potentially lethal diseases.

When it comes to killing flying insects, it can sometimes be an act of acrobatics to catch them and kill them without falling flat on our faces. A powerful chemical that can be administered as a spray offers the best method of killing flying insects on contact.

Raid Flying Insect Killer combines the pyrethroids d-phenothrin and prallethrin in a spray formulation for spot killing a wide variety of flying insects. This formulation can be used both inside and out and it isn't necessary to spray the chemical directly on the insects since the mist will spread throughout the dwelling and attach itself to the insect's central nervous system.

Flies typically breed in decaying matter, so taking preliminary steps of removing these substances from your home and keeping garbage cans sealed will aid this product in treating infestations. Mosquitoes typically breed in stagnant water sources, so you will want to empty any containers filled with water around your yard to find the source of the problem. With the sources identified and eliminated, this product boasts many beneficial properties for spot treating flying insects.

Pyrethroids do an excellent job at killing flying insects and spray applications do a great job of immediately killing groups of flies or other flying insects. All it takes is one quick spray of this product to immediately see any flying bug fall to the ground dead and there is no foul scent associated with this product.

If you are willing to ventilate your home by opening windows or doors, the misting effect of this product will ease the need to find bugs and spray them individually.


  • Kills instantly upon contact
  • Kills multiple flying insects
  • No foul scent
  • Affordable


  • Pyrethroids are prone to resistance
  • No residual option
  • Although the product works outdoors, it will not adequately address outdoor infestations

Application Instructions

When administering this product for flies and gnats, simply spray the insect for an instant kill. You can apply the spray in a misting motion throughout your home to ensure that all flying insects come into contact with it.

For mosquitoes, spray all clustering insects in areas where the activity is present.

For wasps and yellow jackets, apply caution when approaching and quickly spray any present insects. Raid Flying Insect Killer is a great tool for handling stubborn flying insects and the product kills instantly.

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Answers to frequently asked questions:

How Do You Use Raid Bug Spray?

Raid bug spray comes in many different varieties and formulations. The most common way to use this product is as an aerosol spray, which allows users to spot treat any stray bugs visible, or to create a mist throughout the home that kills all the bugs that are exposed to it. Raid is also available as a fogger, which is activated by pressing a button to release the poison in a cloud throughout the home, which makes it difficult for insects to escape the poison. Foggers can be problematic for pests that frequently hide, such as cockroaches and bed bugs.

Raid is also available in bait trap models, which use a luring substance to attract ants and roaches inside of the contraption that is laced with poison. This can be particularly useful for cockroaches who hide from light and escape quickly.

Raid foaming products are specifically targeted to problematic outdoor pests such as wasps and hornets. When using these products, always maintain a safe distance away from the insects to avoid being stung.

When using any Raid product, always follow the label instructions which will guide you on how to administer the product for the specific pest in question. Quickly scanning Raid bug spray reviews on Amazon will also give a personable overview of how successful the product has been for users.

Is Raid Bug Spray Harmful to Humans?

Nearly all formulations of Raid bug spray contain pyrethroids as their primary chemical. These chemicals are generally safe with only minimal, passing exposure to humans; however, if the product is directly inhaled or consumed, Raid can be dangerous.

Pyrethroids affect the central nervous system of the insects they target, with additional effects on the respiratory system. This means that Raid is lethal to insects, but when you scale up the size of a human being, the effects are less pronounced.

Raid bug spray can certainly make an individual sick if the product is directly consumed or breathed in due to the neurotoxins that compose its chemical base. Symptoms of nausea, headache, dizziness, and fatigue have been reported with the product, but the symptoms are easily overcome with adequate medical attention.

When applying any formulation of Raid, it is important to wear a mask and gloves, in addition to thoroughly washing hands and any skin that was exposed to the product.

Does Raid Kill Bed Bugs?

The problematic issue that arises with bed bugs is the fact that these insects are capable of developing resistance against commonly used insecticides. Pyrethroids (the main compound found in Raid) are the primary chemicals that bed bugs develop resistance against and this is due to their oversaturation and affordability on the market.

To make matters even more complicated, not all bed bug strains are resistant to pyrethroids, so it takes trial and error to ultimately prove if Raid will kill the bed bugs occupying your dwelling.

How Effective is Raid Bed Bug Spray?

When looking at any Raid bug spray review, you may notice that sometimes the results can be mixed. This is nowhere more prevalent than with Raid bed bug formulations. The hard truth to accept is that eradicating bed bugs is quite possibly the hardest pest invasion to tackle.

Raid bed bug formulations are proven to be highly effective in killing bed bugs; just not necessarily the particular bed bug strain that may be occupying any given person's home. If the bed bugs in question are not pyrethroid-resistant, you will find that Raid Bed Bug spray kills the bugs almost instantly.

There are other difficulties that come with bed bugs based on their ability to hide from detection, so a powerful residual sprayed in all of their harborage areas is always the best bet.

Will Raid Ant Killer Kill Roaches?

Yes, Raid Ant Killer will kill cockroaches. The great thing about Raid bug spray is that almost any of its various formulations are good for killing a wide variety of insects. Nearly all of Raid's products target the central nervous system of insects and you may find that a formulation that is labeled for ants will likely be just as effective in killing roaches.

With that being said, some formulations will only work for specifically listed pests and a formulation that kills ants and roaches may not be very effective in killing spiders, scorpions or any arachnid.

How Long Does it Take for Raid to Kill Ants?

Raid Ant and Roach Killer are designed to kill ants on contact and the residual properties of the chemical will keep killing ants for up to two weeks. However, this formulation of Raid may not completely eliminate the problem.

To truly destroy an ant colony, the best method for eradication is to use Raid ant bait, which will allow the ants to scoop up the poisonous substance to take back to their nest, ultimately killing the colony and the queen.

Although Raid Ant and Roach Killer will kill stray ants instantly, a more prolonged method that exposes the entire colony to the poison can take up to two weeks to fully destroy the source problem.

Does Raid Ant and Roach Spray Kill Spiders?

As previously mentioned, pyrethroids are a deadly neurotoxin to virtually any insect and this can even include the arachnid family. Raid Ant and Roach Killer list spiders as one of the pests that the product is lethal towards and will kill spiders on contact.

Spiders are elusive creatures, so when actively searching for them, the best you can only hope to accomplish is to kill them on contact with this product. The good news is that spiders are usually solitary and infestations are difficult to maintain indoors due to the absence of prey.

Is Raid Ant and Roach Spray Safe for Pets?

Like humans, Raid Ant and Roach Killer is generally safe for pets as well. Since our pets are smaller than us, although larger than insects, exposure symptoms can be more pronounced.

Pets are wondrous animals and will generally taste any foreign products that have entered into the atmosphere, so it becomes important to take precautions when applying this product inside of the home.

Be sure and clean all pet dishes and wash all pet bedding after application and monitor pet activity around any residual product.

Does Raid Bug Spray Work?

The efficacy of Raid products is universal and widely accepted in the pest control community. The company has been offering affordable and powerful pest control remedies since 1886 and the legitimacy of pyrethroids to destroy pests is consistently proven with each passing year.

Although some insects develop resistance to pyrethroids, the product is powerful enough to repel even those bugs who survive its exposure. It is important to remember that infestations are much more different than simply having a few stray pests in your home and Raid is ultimately one of the best weapons you can use to quickly kill pests.



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