Do Hot Shot No Pest Strips Kill Bed Bugs?

The old saying that bed bugs are perhaps the hardest pest to eliminate from the home is one popular saying that is rooted in fact. Cimex lectularius is just as interesting a species as they are fearsome. They are feared not so much because of their size or their reputation, but because of what they do (bloodsucking) and how incredibly skilled they are at hiding from you. 

Outside of professional pest control, there are several DIY remedies that can clear bed bugs from your home, but bed bugs will hide in virtually anything they can fit in—including your belongings and your decorative mementos.

Thankfully, Hot Shot No Pest Strips are a potent tool that you can use to treat your belongings in conjunction with your bed, furniture, and walls.

Do Hot Shot No Pest Strips Kill Bed Bugs?

Hot Shot No Pest Strips utilize the same chemical as other brands with DDVP as the main antagonist against bed bugs and numerous other types of home pests. Hot Shot is a trusted home remedy brand that has proven results as well as ubiquity in the DIY pest control community.

Like Nuvan ProStrips, this product is used in much the same way. The strips are placed inside of sealed containers that prevent both the fumigant and the bed bugs from escaping. After seventy-two hours, all contained bed bugs will be dead and an additional eleven days may be needed to destroy any present eggs.

How Are Hot Shot No Pest Strips Different?

Hot Shot No Pest Strips are more widely distributed than some other brands with dichlorvos; however, the same mechanism of action is equal no matter the brand. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a brand of pest strips is to look for dichlorvos as the active ingredient.

hot shot no pest strips

With that in mind, Hot Shot No Pest Strips contains an added level of potency with the chemical DEHA, which takes the killing action to an even more potent level.

DEHA, when combined with DDVP, makes the death rate for bed bugs guaranteed and although DEHA is potentially fatal to humans if proper techniques are adhered to during application, the benefit is wholly positive in eliminating bed bugs. These insects are notoriously difficult to kill and sometimes a risk with precaution is necessary.

What is a Pest Strip?

Pest strips are strips that contain a powerful chemical that is released into the enclosed atmosphere as a fumigant gas. Most brands come with a string which allows the user to hang the strips inside of rooms if a required time of four months is given to completely deplete the gas.

Due to the home having to be abandoned with this method, most users place these products inside of sealed bags and containers with heavily infested items to trap the insects with the fumigant outside of the home, such as in a garage or storage unit.

If you are choosing to treat infested items, the items must be placed into a sealed container as this will keep the bugs trapped inside of the container with no escape from the poison.

Most pest strips contain the chemical dichlorvos, which is a central nervous system antagonist that paralyzes insects which leads to their death. Many insect species can be treated with the chemical and the best method for treating bed bugs with pest strips is to seal items into containers with the chemical. 

Pest strips can be particularly toxic, so caution must be exercised when deciding to use these products to eliminate pests. Pest strips also penetrate deeply into furniture and walls where problematic pests may congregate; although it takes four months for the fumigant to completely dissipate from a dwelling.

How Do You Use No Pest Strips to Kill Bed Bugs?

Hot Shot No Pest Strips can be used in two very different ways. One way to treat a dwelling with this product for bed bugs is to hang the strips in the middle of rooms. The product will immediately go to work killing bed bugs and eggs; however, the catch is that you and all family members and pets will have to vacate the dwelling for no less than four months.

If bed bugs are present in vacation homes or storage units, this will readily be no problem as the time it takes to stop working will pose no dangers to an empty dwelling. For regular, residential homes, this method is not recommended as it is also not recommended for any adjoining properties such as apartments or condominiums.

The second and most recommended method is to treat your dwelling as normal for bed bug infestations with a combination of liquid and dust insecticides (see CimeXa) as well as decluttering and laundering/bagging all fabrics.

This leaves all your miscellaneous items, which are hiding spots for bed bugs when the poison has rendered their most common hiding places unlivable.

Not all these types of items, such as electronics or fragile items can be treated with liquid/dust insecticides or heat. That is where Hot Shot No Pest Strips come in.

All these items, rather small or large, can be placed inside of large containers or contractor bags and then enclosed air-tight with a pest strip—killing all the bed bugs inside of the container.

How Long Do No Pest Strips Take to Work?

Hot Shot No Pest Strips begin working immediately by releasing their chemicals as an invisible vapor. Most insects will die within seventy-two hours and the strip remains active for four months. Within this four-month time span, all insects and any eggs they may have laid will be eliminated from the dwelling/container.

Due to the four-month active period of this product, the dwelling must be empty of all humans and pets. If leaving a dwelling is not possible, you can only place this product in areas that are not occupied for longer than four hours per day.

Does Dichlorvos (DDVP) Kill Bed Bugs?

DDVP is proven to kill both bed bugs and their eggs. The synthesis of the product as a fumigant gas can account for the adaptable bed bugs not being able to develop a prolonged resistance to the chemical.

The chemical works to paralyze bed bugs by attacking their central nervous system, which shocks them into immobility and eventually kills them. The chemical does not destroy bed bug egg sacs, but the elongated time span of the chemical will kill all bed bugs that hatch—granted they are trapped and cannot escape from the gas. 

Hot Shot No Pest Strips have an added chemical DEHA, which increases the potency of DDVP; therefore, speeding up the time it takes to kill bed bugs.

Is Dichlorvos Dangerous to Humans?

Dichlorvos is a toxic chemical and is dangerous to both humans and pets. This chemical is like nerve agents used during warfare and attacks the central nervous systems of humans much the same way it does to insects.

Hot Shot No Pest Strips also contain the chemical DEHA, which can be fatal to humans if swallowed or breathed in for long periods. When these two chemicals are combined, carcinogenic effects are also a distinct possibility. This product works wonders in eliminating insects from the home; however, the label directions must be followed explicitly as these two chemicals are not very user-friendly.

In Summary

Hot Shot No Pest Stripscombine the powerful chemicals dichlorvos and DEHA. Both chemicals attack the central nervous system of bed bugs and kill them within seventy-two hours within enclosed spaces.

This product can be used within a dwelling if the dwelling is not occupied for more than four hours per day, as well as inside containers and contractor bags to treat items. Hot Shot No Pest Strips immediately began working when the gas is released and continue to remain active for four months. This is particularly useful for large infestations and provides a cost-effective method for making your home pest free.

Hot Shot No Pest Strips should be used with extreme caution and the label instructions should be followed comprehensively to avoid adverse consequences to your health and the health of others. Always wear protective clothing when applying this product and wash hands with soap and warm water afterward to avoid skin exposure or ingestion of the chemicals.

If you decide to treat a home with this product, always seal off the home to keep the vapor inside and leave the dwelling for a minimum of four months to avoid breathing in the poison. Infested items should be enclosed in a container with the strip and left outside of the home for three days to ensure all insects are killed. Hot Shot No Pest Strips are very effective at killing bed bugs and eliminating them from all your household items.

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