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Say Bye Bugs Reviews and Where to Buy

say bye bugs reviews
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Review of Say Bye Bugs Spray

Say Bye Bugs is a water-based pesticide that claims to kill bedbugs while providing a safer formula than most of the other pesticides currently on the market today. Besides the classic spray that we’re reviewing here, they also have other products designed to help win the battle with bedbugs. This includes a dedicated vacuum solely for bed bugs, mattress/box spring protectors, bedbug laundry detergent, and pillow covers.

Manufactured in Chicago, Illinois, it has caught the attention of many and continued to increase in popularity. Of course, this doesn’t mean anything unless it performs when it gets put to the test. Which is exactly what we’re about to do here while ensuring this rundown stands out from all the other SayByeBugs reviews found online. If you see that we missed anything, feel free to let us know!

What is Say Bye Bugs and how does it work?

Say Bye Bugs is a family-safe insecticide that’s specially formulated to fight bedbugs. It’s a water-based solution which is formulated with all-natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals that you would find in other pesticides. Designed to kill bed bugs on contact, it kills them at all stages of life from egg to adult which is a lot more than other products can accomplish.

As per the manufacturer website, it’s an affordable alternative to the more expensive pesticides tailored to bed bug extermination and high bills associated with pest control companies. It works by targeting the exoskeleton of bedbugs to kill them on contact. Instead of taking days to produce results, it produces much faster results in most cases than most of the bed bug products currently on the market.

Lightly spray any cracks and crevices, curtains, fabrics, or surfaces where bedbugs seem to be an ongoing problem. Don’t be shy when it comes to spraying the bugs themselves, and this formula will work hard to win the battle. The toughest job one should have is purchasing the compilation of powerful ingredients to enlist them when it comes to the protection of your home front.

To back their claims, the creators of SayByeBugs have gone to the lengths of making sure it’s “university proven.” In their journey to accomplish this, they had it tested by multiple entomologists employed by a college. They have even gone as far as having both housekeeping staff within the hospitality the industry, as well as janitorial employees, test its effectiveness on top of the many SayByeBugs reviews that you’ll find backing the claims online in both video and text format.

With that said, it has been taken to greater lengths in terms of proving credibility than a lot of the insecticides to hit the market which usually just aim to gain the approval of the FDA. It’s safe to say that this does a lot more than a million Say Bye Bugs reviews could ever do.

What are the ingredients in Say Bye Bugs?

This is specific bedbug fighter uses Sodium Lauryl Sulphate as its main ingredient. Coupled with many other ingredients that have been tested in eradicating those pesky bed bugs, SayByeBugs has proven its worth time and time again. Not only in the various Say Bye Bugs reviews found all over the internet, but within the world of entomology as well. It takes many natural ingredients to new levels that weren’t even thought to be effective in the world of pest control.

One of its biggest strengths isn’t only its effectiveness, but how safe it is as well. It can be used where both children and pets frequent, without the risk of side effects often found with many other harsh chemicals used in pest control application today. This means that you can use it where other products might not even be able to be used. Making it more versatile than its competitors.

Are Say Bye Bugs products pet-safe?

Keep in mind that you should always consult a veterinarian if you use any form of pesticide around your pets. This is the only true way to get professional advice and ensure their safety.

One of those is that since SayByeBugs contains all-natural ingredients. It surpasses the requirements to be exempt from EPA regulation. It also makes it safe for your pets, unlike many other products which could harm your pet(s). This doesn’t mean to spray it directly on your pets though.

Another thing is that there’s no need to spray your pets in the first place. Bed bugs prefer feasting on humans. They don’t go after animals like fleas and ticks do, making this one less concern that you should have when you’re trying to win the fight against bed bugs.

Where can I buy Say Bye Bugs spray?

Unlike most of the other pesticides on the market, Say Bye Bugs can’t be found at your local retailer. The reason for this is unknown, but it could be that they want to limit the areas where it can be bought and sold so that a firm grasp can be kept on its distribution. Thereby allowing for a stricter quality control process, but once again this can’t be confirmed nor denied.

If you want to get your hands on this pest control product that claims to be one of the safest on the market, you’re going to have to visit the product at Amazon.

The Pros & Cons of Say Bye Bugs

No matter what the countless SayByeBugs reviews may have to say about it, there’s always a good and bad side to everything. How it can outweigh its disadvantages is what speaks the ultimate truth in the end and will truly prove its worth.


  • All-natural ingredients make it a safe alternative
  • Entomologist tested and approved
  • Money-back-guarantee ensures satisfaction
  • Pet and children safe, unlike other products
  • Save money when treating large homes
  • A simple application where bedbugs frequent most


  • Cheapest isn't the way to describe it, but it delivers
  • Not available in states such as Maine and Vermont

How Say Bye Bugs Adds Up

When we go to add up all the benefits and considered its disadvantages, it’s safe to say that Say Bye Bugs performs like no other. While it’s not meant to be used for large infestations, there are not any pest control products on the market that are. Without a doubt, as one of the newcomers on the market, it’s poised to outperform products many have trusted for many generations.

In a world where sensitive skin and harsh products are of major concern, this is one option that’s worthy of high consideration. If you need a solution for bed bugs that’s not only safe your children and pets, but you as well give it a try and see just how well it can fulfil your needs.

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