Best Lawn Insect Killers

There’s nothing like being in the backyard with your family, basking in the sun and enjoying the cool breeze, maybe with a little picnic or a cookout.

But it can easily be ruined with pesky lawn insects who frighten the little ones. And they can spoil your lawn too.

The solution is to get yourself some lawn insect killer.

We’ve been looking into different types of lawn insect killers, and we’ve determined that repellents and sprayers are the best way to go. Zappers not only don’t attract the insects as well as they often claim too, but they also break down easily and need regular cleaning.

We’re not keen on foggers either. They’re usually flammable and therefore hazardous. And they can also cause illness in people and pets.

After much deliberation we have handpicked our top 5 favorite lawn insect killers, and our reviews on those are coming up very shortly.

Following on from that, we’ve then got a buying guide for you, which should serve as a handy reminder of some of the key things you might want to think about before deciding which one to buy.

Then, we’re going to top that off with a section where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Here goes…


TOP 5 Best Lawn Insect Killers Reviews


BioAdvanced Yard Insecticide

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We love this lawn insect killer. Not only does it kill all the common insects on the surface of your lawn in just 24 hours, but it also gets right into the soil and kills off all the soil based insects as well.

It will kill all sorts of pests, insects like grubs, ants and ticks. And mosquitos and about 30 other outdoor pests, including crickets, cockroaches, spiders and wasps.

But the fight against these pests does not end on the day you apply the insecticide, it will continue to work to kill soil insects for up to a full 3 months from the date of initial application. (30 days for the surface insects.)

Because it comes as a concentrate, the 40 ounce bottle can actually make a whopping 80 gallons of spray solution, which is enough to cover over 6,500 square foot of lawn.

The concentrate is easy to use, simply add one tablespoon of the formula for each gallon of water. You can then go ahead and use it in a pump style tank sprayer, a dial style hose end sprayer, or a Concentrate Plus Water Hose-End Sprayer. Such sprayers are readily available with online retailers such as Amazon.

As well as using it on your lawn you can also use it on flowers, shrubs and trees. And it’s good for crack and crevice treatment too – so handy.

And it’s actually more than just an insecticide. It contains a herbicide which will help to control several different weeds within your lawn, while not harming the lawn itself or other desirable plants.

There are clear instructions as to how to use the formula right on the Amazon page, simply click on the photo of the back of the bottle and roll over the image to zoom in.

We also like that this product is EPA registered, because it means the formula is safe for use around small children, and it’s safe for the environment.

Although the product description makes the claim that the formula is rainproof, we would still recommend that you apply the formula on a dry day. This is because the formula does not become rainproof until a full hour after the application.


  • Also controls weed growth
  • Kills surface insects in just 24 hours
  • Kills off loads of outdoor pests
  • 1 bottle can cover over 6,500 square foot of lawn
  • Safe for use around small children


  • Please be sure to buy through an authorized seller, since sometimes unauthentic formulas have been known to be presented as BioAdvanced products.

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Bonide All Seasons Horticultural and Dormant Spray Oil

[amazon box=”B009YNZX42″ image_size=”large” value=”thumb” link_id=”4165″]

This insecticide comes from Bonide, a long standing company that has been around since as far back as 1926.

It’s a 3 in one product – in addition to killing off unwanted insects, it also provides protection against mites and diseases.

It attacks said insects by enveloping and smothering them, and this works on quite the range of bugs, including aphids, mealybugs, and moths.

As for disease protection, it will work to control powdery mildew, rust, greasy spot, and botrytis.

But what we really like about this insecticide is that in addition to killing so many bugs, it also has a preventative effect. This means that you can apply the formula to your lawn at any point throughout the year, and not merely only when you happen to notice any insects.

The scope of how this formula can be used includes the dormant stage, the green tip stage, the delayed dormant stage, and during the growing season.

The main ingredient of this formula is mineral oil, and there are no harsh chemicals to worry about. It’s perfectly safe not only for organic gardening, but is also safe to use around small children and pets.

You can buy it in different sizes, and you can also choose whether to buy it as ready-to-spray, where you just connect your garden hose and start spraying, or you can buy it as a concentrate instead.


  • Protest against mites & diseases as well as insects
  • Also provides preventative effects
  • Safe to use around small children and pets
  • Safe to use on your flowers and crops


  • Doesn’t work well on Japanese beetles

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Monterey Garden Insect Spray

[amazon box=”B000BWY3OQ” image_size=”large” value=”thumb” link_id=”4167″]

This insect spray comes from a good well established brand that has been around since 1963.

The main ingredient in this insect killer is a natural product, a bacteria called spinosad, which is produced by fermentation. We find it very reassuring to know that it’s predominantly natural products being used in the spray rather than manufactured chemicals. It’s approved for organic gardening.

It tackles a range of different insects, including caterpillars, leafminers, moths, fruit flies, flea beetles and many more.

In addition to being safe for use on common grass, it’s also safe to use on your crops too. You can use it on apples, Asparagus, broccoli, grapes, Eggplant, turnips, strawberries, Celery, Peas and more.

And, not only is this product safe to use on any plants and vegetables in the garden, it is also safe for use around small children and pets.

This lawn insect spray is not only available in different size bottles but you can also choose from whether to buy it as a concentrate, whether to buy it ready to spray, or whether to buy it ready to use.

The concentrated version can be applied with a trigger sprayer, hand-held, backpack, or hose-end sprayers. The ready to spray version arrives with an attached hose-end sprayer. And the ready to use version can be applied directly from the container, thanks to it’s trigger sprayer.

We believe that the guidance on how to use the product is on the inside of the back label.


  • Naturally occurring ingredients
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Available as a concentrate
  • Available ready to spray


  • It’s a little expensive

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Safer Neem Oil Concentrate

[amazon box=”B079M1RRY7″ image_size=”large” value=”thumb” link_id=”4169″]

Now this is the insect killer for serious gardeners – particularly those who like to grow their own fruit and veg.

It’s a botanically derived formula, and has a total of three functions in one. As well as being an insecticide it is also a fungicide and a miticide.

There’s quite a long list of the different types of bugs that the Neem Oil fights against. These include fruit flies, caterpillars, midges, and spider mites. And it can prevent and control various fungal diseases.

It comes as a concentrate, and you will need to dilute it down before spraying. This means that it will last far longer than the same size of bottle of a formula that’s not concentrated.

This product is not only safe to use on your garden lawn, but is also safe to be sprayed onto any fruit or vegetables you might be growing in your garden. As well as with flowers, trees, shrubs and houseplants.

We believe that the guidance on how to use the product is on the inside of the back label.

Amazon occasionally has deals on this product. Worth a look.


  • Kills many types of insects
  • Also gets rid of fungus and spider mites
  • Safe to use on all garden vegetation


  • Some customers complained that this product is also toxic to bees

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Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer

[amazon box=”B01JIRKIRK” image_size=”large” value=”thumb” link_id=”4171″]

What we love about this insect killer is that it comes ready to spray, and rather than being a concentrate, it actually  comes ready to use, so you don’t have to worry about any calculations or measuring. All you have to do is attach it to your garden hose and spray.

It will kill off over 200 different types of insects and pests, including Ants, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Fleas & Spiders. And better yet, it gets to work within just a few minutes of being sprayed.

But beyond the immediate effects, it also has a long lasting effectiveness too. It will keep working for 3 entire months before you have to spray again.

In addition to being safe for use on your lawn you can also spray it safely onto your flowers or vegetable garden.

There’s plenty on the bottle, 32 ounces to be exact which is enough to treat up to 5,300 square feet of lawn.

Once the treated area has been allowed to dry, the lawn will be safe enough for small children and pets to come back in.


  • Kills over 200 insects & pests
  • No measuring required
  • Works within minutes
  • Long lasting effectiveness


  • You will need a garden hose to use it

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Buyer’s Guide for Best Lawn Insect Killers

As promised, here’s your buying guide.

We’re just going to quickly run through some of the key things that you might want to think about before you buy your lawn insect killer.

How Much Do You Need?

Apologies for stating the obvious here, but how much lawn insect killer you need depends very much on the size of your particular lawn.

And it depends on how often you need to apply it.

When you’re thinking about buying a particular lawn insect killer, we advise you to make yourself aware of how much you need, so that you ensure you buy the right size bottle.

More often than not, there’s a guide on the back of the product which explains how much you will need. This can vary from brand to brand because sometimes it comes as a concentrate that you will need to dilute with water.

Wherever possible we’ve tried to include this information in our product reviews for our top 5 picks.

Which Insects Does It Kill?

If you can successfully identify exactly what bugs you tend to find in your lawn, then you can look for an insect killer that names that said insect as one of the ones it can kill.

Caterpillars and ants are quite common, but there could be many more there.

If you want an insecticide that will off as many pests as possible, then we can recommend our number 5 pick, the Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer.

Other Functions

Some insecticides on the market today can do more than just kill insects.

There are some that kill off fungus, like our number 4 pick, the Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract Concentrate.

And some that kill off spiders, like our number 1 pick, the BioAdvanced Yard Insecticide, or our number 5 pick, the Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer.

Or you can get an insecticide that kills off your garden weeds too. If this is of interest to you, then we can recommend our number 1 pick, the BioAdvanced Yard Insecticide.

Or if you want a formula that prevents as well as treats, then we can recommend our number pick, the.

How to Use

Insecticide formulas can be applied in a number of different ways, depending on which style you buy.

Sometimes you can buy it as a concentrate, to which you will need to apply water as directed, and then use a special sprayer to apply it to your lawn.

Alternatively you can also get bottles to which you can simply attach your garden hose and get spraying straight away with no measuring to worry about at all.

Safe for Your Fruits and Vegetables

If you grow your own fruit and/or vegetables, then you don’t want your crops to be contaminated from your insect killer.

Several of the insect killers in our top 5 picks have this feature.

Safe Around Children and Pets

If you have small children toddling around the garden, or a curious dog always sniffing around, then you’ll want to ensure that whatever products you use on your lawn are safe for use around young children and pets.

Several of the insect killers in our top 5 picks have this feature.


Having examined the lawn insect killers that are currently in the best seller lists with online retailers, it seems there isn’t a particular brand that dominates the market.

However, when coming up with our top 5 picks, we were sure to only include best sellers.

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to evaluate a product is to find out what other people have said about it.

Even amongst the best selling lawn insect killers, there’s a lot of discrepancy about how good the product is. Even products that sell in their thousands often only score 4 out of 5 stars with customers.

That is why, in the selection of our top 5 picks, we only selected those products that have earned 4 and half stars or more from paying customers (on Amazon).

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I put insect killer on my lawn?

When to apply your insect killer on your lawn depends on what bugs you want to get rid of.

The fall is the best time to spray your yard for crawling insects like ants and water bugs.

However, when you see signs of insect activity, such as damaged grass blades, we recommend that you should apply your insect killer immediately.

Some lawn insect killers can be applied to your lawn at any time of year or season, like our number 2 pick, the Bonide All Seasons Horticultural and Dormant Spray Oil, which works to not just kill off unwanted insects and pests but also works to prevent problems too.

What is the best natural pesticide?

If you’re looking for a naturally derived lawn insect killer that’s completely free of any harsh and nasty chemicals, then we can recommend our number 3 pick, the Monterey Garden Insect Spray.

The main ingredient is a bacteria called spinosad, which is produced by fermentation. It’s approved for organic gardening, so all of your fruit and veg crops will be perfectly safe.

And it’s also safe for use around small children and pets to boot.

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