Nature’s Mace Natural Pest Solutions: The Complete Guide

In the 21st century, natural remedies for repelling and eradicating pests have grown in popularity. Although some natural pest remedies may claim to destroy certain pests, the repellent properties of natural solutions are more in line with scientific analysis. With this in mind, it takes intense trial and error to create a strong pest repellent that is also safe for use around humans, and Nature’s Mace is at the forefront of this practice.

Nature’s Mace is a family-owned, natural ingredient pest repellent brand that tailors a range of products to repel a wide variety of pests. The company strives to ensure all pest repellents are low in toxicity and safe to use in and around the home. 

Since many natural pest repellents falsely advertise pest eradication, it is refreshing to find a brand that ensures strong and effective pest repellent properties that are a cornerstone of natural pest products. This guide will serve as a summary and review of Nature’s Mace in addition to detailed summaries of all of the products and pest-specific functions of the brand. Read on to find out more.

What Is Nature’s Mace?

Nature’s Mace was founded by a father-son team on the core idea of creating natural products that are value-driven and actually work. The company was driven by a desire to help people and make an impact through its products. To this day, their mission remains focused on establishing that sound belief through exceptional products that satisfy many customers.

All products are tailored to repel a wide variety of pests and even some domestic animals like cats and dogs that can cause problems due to their curiosity. Natural ingredients in Nature’s Mace range from expertly tested and formulated essential oils, sodium-based compounds, and activated odors that repel a range of wild and domestic animals. 

Nature’s Mace’s outdoor and indoor applications incorporate a proprietary sticking agent technology proven to dramatically increase product duration and effectiveness (in any weather condition). Their technology ensures adhesion to plants, protecting them longer and stronger. This technology binds the product to what is being treated and will not wash off in normal rain, snow, or watering.

All in all, the company ensures only strongly tested and formulated pest repellents that allow the potency of the repellents to sit above common natural pest products that feature low concentrations of natural ingredients. 

What Pests Does Nature’s Mace Repel?

Below is a detailed summary of many of the pests that Nature’s Mace treats against and repels. 

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug
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Nature’s Mace Bed Bug Killer is formulated for professional exterminators. This commercial strength formula eliminates eggs, nymphs, and adults bed bugs on contact. The active ingredients in this product are Geraniol 1.50%, Cedarwood Oil 1.50%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 3.00%, Water, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, and Citric Acid 94.50%.

If you spray the product directly on bed bugs, the company guarantees that the product will kill the bugs. Apart from that, the product is formulated to be a highly effective repellent that will cause the pests to resist the temptation to crawl into the product to reach a sleeping host. 

Bed Bug Killer

To use Nature’s Mace Bed Bug Killer, spray directly onto bed bug-infested areas. Repeat every 7-14 days or as needed and inspect all areas of the room for evidence of bed bugs. Leave nothing unturned, including carpet, mattress seams, box spring, bedding, wall cracks, the interior of furniture including dresser drawers, and behind the switch plate. Thoroughly clean the area. 

Strip and wash all linens and bedding in hot water and vacuum up any bed bugs found. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately off-premises. To ensure surface compatibility, always test a small area before full application.


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Skeeter Mace by Nature’s Mace is an exceptionally powerful organic insecticide guaranteed to effectively control pesky outdoor insects, including flying insects like mosquitoes. Nature’s Mace states that its formula has been developed through university studies, laboratory testing, and extensive research. 

When applied, the formula will deliver a wave of protection effectively controlling a variety of pests including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, flies, ants, gnats, chiggers, palmetto bugs, moths, crickets, Japanese beetles, no-see-ums, roaches, scorpions, and more. 

The product is safe to use on all types of vegetation and does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies. Skeeter Mace has a pleasantly fresh minty scent that when applied works immediately to kill and repel outdoor insects. 

The unique formula effectively kills in all stages of a bug’s life cycle. This potent odor may be pleasant for humans, but when applied is devastating to nearby insects. Skeeter Mace will not stain, harm plants, or leave an undesirable film or residue. 

Wild Animals

Image credit: ddzphoto, Pixabay

Nature’s Mace also formulates products that safely repel a wide range of wild animals including deep and rabbits. The company’s Deer and Rabbit Mace incorporates a time-released sticking agent technology proven to dramatically increase product duration and effectiveness (in any weather condition). This technology ensures adhesion to plants, protecting them longer, and providing the most effective protection. 

Deer and Rabbit Mace

This product can be purchased in either a liquid or granular concentration depending upon the severity of wild animals in the area causing problems to your land or the vegetation on your land. 

One aspect of this product that really stands out is its minty smell. Although the product uses ingredients such as garlic and putrescent eggs, those scents are masked with a fresh minty smell.


two rats near brown boots
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Rodent Mace by Nature’s Mace is safe for use in protecting flower beds, seedlings, shrubs, trees, and property against unnecessary rodent damage. All products are plant, animal, and child friendly. This product contains powerful yet nontoxic essential oils, effective in repelling mice, rats, and other pesky rodents.

The product is easy to apply and guaranteed to stop trailing, nesting, and gnawing rodents in their tracks. You can quickly use it with little to no hassle and enjoy instant repellency that lasts weeks on end. Can be used both indoors and out. Eliminates the need for poisons in sensitive areas. 


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Snake Mace is a potent time-release formula making it both highly effective and longer-lasting than other leading brands. The company ensures scientific research during the formulation process and the product is used heavily in both commercial and home/garden applications. Because of the snake’s natural aversion to the product’s ingredients, product effectiveness will never diminish. 

Snake Mace does not require rotation with other repellents to be effective. This repellent works immediately on contact and continues to repel for sometimes months on end. Natural ingredients make it safe for use in protecting flowers, crawl spaces, gardens, playgrounds, golf courses, barns, landscapes, and any space where snakes may hide. 

snake mace

During the creation of the product, the company first analyzed the best snake repellents on the market and then isolated the most effective ingredients into one powerful natural snake repellent. The product is manufactured with eco-friendly ingredients and is safe for family, pets, and the environment and it even works as an organic fertilizer. 

The formula provides for all-season protection and will work any time of the year, and can even handle the most aggressive snakes during any season. 

Domestic Animals

Cat playing with yardstick
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Nature’s Mace also makes products that can deter cats and dogs from yards or gardens. The company’s Dog and Cat Mace are ready-to-use sprays and granular formulations that offer pet-safe protection against stray and unwanted dogs and cats. The company’s proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients is said to outperform other brands by effectively repelling stray dogs and cats before they have a chance to damage property. 

Essentially, both dogs and cats will smell treated areas from far off and instinctively keep away thanks to the inclusion of non-toxic ingredients that dogs and cats avoid. Dog and Cat Mace will naturally change animal behavior with regular application, on a 1 to 7-day rotation. Thanks to this strong repellent, this will teach dogs and cats to stay clear of lawns, landscaped, and garden areas. 

Dogs especially, are creatures of habit and require both safe and effective deterrents. Although dogs and cats are likely more prone to explore and roam wherever their instincts take them, having down a strong repellent like this product is a great way to signal to the animals that the property is unattractive to them. 

Is Nature’s Mace Worth It?

Nature’s Mace stands out when compared to other natural pest repellents largely on the way in which the company formulates its products. By using high concentrations of common pest and animal repellents, ensures that the repellent is strong and front and center when used, unlike many common brands that dilute the active ingredients to prolong shelf life.

Apart from the Bed Bug Killer, the company ensures that its products are designed to be powerful repellents instead of contact and residual kill products. This is a good point since many brands and start-ups will falsely advertise that certain repellent products can also kill a wide range of pests, which is usually not the case.  

The company also wins high marks for expanding the natural pest repellent product line on the market to include repellents for common wild and domestic animals that may also cause problems for home and business owners. 

The company also sees frequent strong and noteworthy customer reviews for its products which is also a sign of an effective product. 

If you are wanting to move away from using harsh chemicals, and you are fully aware that natural products are typically only effective for repelling pests in lieu of killing them, then choosing to try a line like Nature’s Mace seems like a safe and smart option. The company also offers a full money-back guarantee on its products which is a sign of commitment and confidence on the company’s part both for customer satisfaction and passion for its product line. 

pesticide worker in backyard
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How long do Nature’s Mace products last?

Nature’s Mace products typically go to work immediately upon application and continue to provide protection for 3-4 weeks. Each product is different and an accumulative effect will occur with regular applications that can last sometimes for up to 60-90 days. 

What makes Nature’s Mace different from other natural pest repellents?

To create products that work better than other competing brands, Nature’s Mace includes exceptionally more of the most effective active ingredients. The company relentlessly works on its formulas no matter how well they work to make them even better. The company realized early on that most repellents on the market have as little as 1% active ingredient in them. 

This means that only 1% of the product your buying is effective at repelling, while the rest is simply filler or “inactive”​ ingredients. Nature’s Mace includes more active ingredients, (sometimes up to 3X industry standard) while only including ingredients that are most effective.

Is Nature’s Mace safe?

Yes, Nature’s Mace products are made from natural and plant-based ingredients that are environmentally friendly. The purpose of the company is to move people away from using toxic pesticides and harsh chemicals, especially around their families. The company’s products are also safe to use on and around plants and vegetation.

Does Nature’s Mace have an unpleasant odor?

Nature’s Mace repellents are unique formulas designed to target the extremely intense senses of smell and taste by browsing animals. Once the product dries, only animals will find the odor offensive.

Does Nature’s Mace have a money-back guarantee?

Nature’s Mace wants to ensure the integrity and certainty of its product. For this, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, Nature’s Mace is a powerful repellent that covers such a wide variety of pests and problematic animals. The ingredients used are effective and safe, and thanks to the formulation process of including more repellents and fewer fillers, the effectiveness is assured. 

The company’s bed bug killer is effective for killing bed bugs if used as a direct contact spray and will continue to repel bugs if applied to the bed and surrounding areas. If you are wanting to invest in a powerful repellent without the unwanted consequences of using harsh chemicals, Nature’s mace is certainly a product line worth considering

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