Best Thermal Commercial Mosquito Fogger Reviews


What is a Commercial Fogger?

For a small area in your yard that needs only a brief elimination of flying insects such as mosquitoes, a traditional or smaller ULV fogger is perfectly fine. But, if you want to take mosquito fogging to the next level and wipe out mosquitoes in a massive volume, then a commercial mosquito fogger is your best bet.

The Commercial foggers generally work in the same way as engine-based foggers, but their motor and ULV capacity is equipped to fog areas as large as parks, sizable backyards, and even heavily-wooded areas. They are one of the only ways you can eradicate mosquitoes in a large radius for days at a time.

Which one is best?

This article will explore four of the best commercial grade foggers and also offer some alternatives for consideration:

    • Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog
    • Nixalite IGEBA TF-35 Pulse Jet Thermal Fogger

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Commercial mosquito fogger machines are usually best associated with mosquito treatments utilized by cities and pest control agencies. The key difference being that you can buy a commercial fogger for private use and enjoy the benefits that come with eliminating mosquitoes by the hundreds.Â

Small, traditional foggers are made to address minor and cosmetic mosquito control, usually for instances where you will only be outside for a short amount of time in only a small area of your yard.

The benefits of going commercial are that you can crank up the heavy duty, powerful fogger and completely saturate your entire yard to create a mosquito-free zone in a short amount of time. Depending on the chemical you decide to use in a commercial fogger, these units can also create a long-lasting residual both within the air and on the surfaces of your yard.Â

The fog emitted by a commercial fogger, especially a commercial unit with ULV fogging, will create a thick, dense layer of chemical in a large radius, resulting in a true fog as compared to a brief mist.

This is especially beneficial if you live in areas that are moist or humid, as these are the regions where mosquitoes typically thrive and spread potentially life-threatening diseases. Because the fog that is produced from industrial-grade foggers is highly concentrated and thick, you will want to try and control the fog in mosquito specific areas only.

Commercial Fogger Reviews

For the benefits of deciding which of these units is best for you, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of commercial mosquito fogger reviews to give you all the pros and cons of each model for your consideration:

Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog

  • Product Type: Commercial Thermal Fogger
  • Product Dimensions: 52 x 9.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Curtis Dyna-Fog
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If you are looking for a state-of-the-art commercial mosquito fogger, the Golden Eagle by Curtis Dyna-Fog is a model that stands out. Featuring a petroleum-based engine that allows pulsing for problem areas, this model can dispense a large amount of chemical that can saturate an area for days at a time. Additionally, this model features calibrated dial technology, which allows you to precisely control the level of fog you wish to put out.

Best of all, this model features an electric starting system which means you do not have to worry about straining to crank an engine. This model features a wide array of liquid solution capabilities and can fog oil-based insecticides, disinfectants, germicides, and virtually any insecticide that is compatible with its engine.

When it comes to commercial foggers, the Golden Eagle can fog areas as small as a front yard or a moderately-sized section of forest, which means this unit will free your area of mosquitoes with a vengeance.


  • Stainless steel filters prevent cumbersome clogs
  • Highly acclaimed in the pest control community
  • Electrical calibration components that are innovative in this field
  • Covers a massive radius with high efficiency and potent effects towards mosquitoes
  • Pulsing technology allows maximum control of fog based on preferences
  • One-year warranty


  • Heavy
  • The engine for this unit is loud
  • Warranty could be better

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Nixalite IGEBA TF-35 Pulse Jet Thermal Fogger

  • Product Type: Commercial Thermal Fogger
  • Product Dimensions: 54.3 x 10.6 x 13.3 inches
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Nixalite
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Nixalite is a company that has consistently produced high quality mosquito foggers that last and the IGEBA TF-35 is no exception. This may just very well be their best commercial fogger yet, and the stainless steel internal and external components are one of its strongest selling points as this ensures an impenetrable and long-lasting product. Longevity is the highlight of this product, both in its build and its capacity to disperse up to eleven gallons of chemicals in just one hour of fogging time.

This product's liquid versatility is also another strong suit, as you can easily use this unit for mosquito and gnat control or as a sanitation device for livestock and disinfection for areas as large as warehouses and fields. For aesthetic purposes, it is also fun to highlight that this fogger can be used to create visual effects for media or atmospheric scenes and purposes that need a large dispersion of fog, so keep this in mind if you want to create a spooky Halloween scene in your backyard.Â

When it comes to killing mosquitoes, this is a fine choice and the durability of the product due to quality construction makes it one of the best models in commercial mosquito fogging.



  • The Warranty has many limitations
  • Prone to leaks
  • This unit gets very hot after use
  • Heavy

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SuperHawk XP Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog

  • Product Type: Commercial Thermal Fogger
  • Product Dimensions: 52 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 14.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Curtis Dyna-Fog
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When you are traversing in the realm of commercial foggers, you may find one cumbersome feature of otherwise perfect models: their weight. The SuperHawk XP reduces the weight of foggers of its kind while still maintaining the indisputable quality of these types of foggers. This model's ultra-light-weight design and ability to produce large volumes of dense fog make the Superhawk ideal for use in both local and remote areas.

Built to rigid quality standards and backed by more than 65 years in the industry, the Superhawk continues to be an essential part of any program where performance, simplicity and, reliability are required. This model seeks to be the most efficient commercial mosquito fogger and this claim is achieved by the product's durability and weight. Although not as easy-to-use as a commercial mosquito fogger backpack, this product is undoubtedly the most portable of the available commercial foggers.


  • Stainless steel engine
  • Patented, push button technology for easy control
  • Produces a large quantity of fog for wide coverage
  • Highly rated by health industry associations
  • Two-year warranty


  • Prone to leaks
  • Coverage area is limited in comparison to similar models
  • Flow control is limited due to a fixed dispersion tube
  • This unit can get dangerously hot and must be handled with caution after use
  • Many limitations to warranty

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Longray Compact Thermal Fogger

Longray Compact Thermal Fogger

  • Product Type: Commercial Thermal Fogger
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 32.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 23.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Longray

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Commercial foggers are usually identical in their composition, which is long and generally unsuitable for easy portability, even though they are the best foggers on the market. Longray sought to address this issue with the construction of the handheld Longray Compact Thermal Fogger. For what it lacks in size, this unit certainly makes up for it in power, which disperses up to 50.0 microns of chemical in each droplet.

The highlight of this unit is found in its ability to produce cleaner emissions through its highly durable filters. This is particularly attractive if you wish to fog in areas that are enclosed with little to no ventilation. This product lives up to its name in compactability and can be used with relative ease on your part due to its smaller size.


  • Compact, lightweight and effective
  • Although smaller in size, this unit still covers a large area
  • One of the best commercial foggers for indoor use
  • One-year warranty


  • Prone to leaks which can be highly flammable
  • Requires more effort to cover expansive areas

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How to Use a Commercial Mosquito Fogger

So now that you have decided to invest in the best type of fogger on the market, it is important to know exactly how to use a commercial fogger. Most of these types of foggers operate in a similar fashion, therefore, the mechanics of applying fog and general maintenance of these models are similar. At their most basic methodology, thermal foggers operate via an engine, which is essentially a tube with a combustion chamber and an intake valve.

The fog that is generated by commercial foggers is heightened in these models by the pulsing availability within the motor. To start your commercial fogger, you will likely be pleasantly surprised that these units are operated through electrical circuit units that directly power the motor. When you are ready to start fogging, simply press the valve switch to fog at will and release the valve when you have dispersed your required amount of chemical.

Mosquitoes frequently harbor in areas that are compacted with moisture or decaying matter, such as tree stumps. Pay particular attention to these areas when fogging as this will likely also kill any larvae that will almost always be present. Fog at a steady pace and coat the air above you as well, the microns released from commercial foggers will also create a residual within the air and any surfaces which the fog falls on.

When you are finished fogging, it is crucial to allow a commercial fogger to completely cool before you attempt to store it. Also, try and avoid priming the valve too much when fogging as this will likely cause build up of fluid within the engine. To turn the fogger off, simply switch the control panel to off and allow the unit to cool.

Liquids to Use

Thermal fogging is an efficient and economical non-residual method of controlling insects. But the fog machine can not do the job alone; the proper insecticide, properly formulated is absolutely necessary. The commercial mosquito fogger machine will accept ineffective, poorly compounded solutions and the fog will appear no different from an efficient and well formulated compound, but the killing power will be ineffective and a waste of time. If you want to kill mosquitoes en mass, you need a powerful mosquito insecticide.

For engine-based commercial thermal foggers, you will want to choose a powerful pyrethroid chemical specially made to target mosquitoes and that can be used in mosquito foggers. These types of mosquito foggers will usually require either oil or water to mixed equally with your chosen chemical.

If your fogger requires oil to run in conjunction with your chosen chemical, simply mix an equal part of fogging oil with the chemical. A good brand of fogging oil is Demon Max since this oil can be used for a variety of purposes and extends engine life, it is also incredibly toxic to mosquitoes.

It is important to realize that not all types of foggers can operate with any type of insecticide and commercial foggers need an oil-based insecticide to run properly. The great thing about pyrethrin insecticide solutions is that you can use these chemicals in either a traditional thermal fogger or a commercial fogger since they are almost always oil-based. Pyrethroids are generally safe when exposed to humans and they are the safest and effective insecticides to use against mosquitoes.

Like all chemicals, you will want to cross-reference your particular brand of fogger to ensure that the chemical you choose can be tolerated by the model.Â

The SuperHawk XP, for example, recommends ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate by Whitmire Micro-Gen. This concentrate is well-tolerated in engine-based foggers and its chemical arsenal is specifically targeted towards flying insects, which means that you can rest assured that this liquid will not cause malfunctions in this fogger and will destroy mosquitoes and gnats at a rapid rate.

ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate

Commercial Foggers vs. Traditional Foggers

There are many types of foggers on the market and this question is a good one because it can become quite confusing when trying to figure out what model does what and which is the best for your situation. Traditional foggers, such as standard thermal and electric models, are certainly efficient foggers and if you have a small yard, you may find that these types of units are all you need to find relief from mosquitoes. They are highly portable and can often provide a residual effect for up to six hours.

But, if you want to take it to the next level, you will find that a commercial fogger is far more effective at killing mosquitoes for days, not hours, and can cover a huge area with little to no effort on your part. Commercial foggers are the types of foggers that commonly mounted on mosquito trucks, and penetrate deep into surfaces and the surrounding air to create a toxic environment for mosquitoes.

Traditional foggers are certainly useful and get the job done, but they have nothing on the range and power that comes with a high quality commercial fogger.

What Type of Fogger is Best for a Large Yard?

You can certainly use a traditional mosquito fogger if you have a large yard, but you may find that you are constantly having to refill a propane tank or refill the chemical reservoir to cover all of your yard. For large yards, a commercial grade mosquito fogger is certainly a good investment. In little to no time, you can easily fog every perimeter of your yard with a powerful machine that will not only kill mosquitoes but will keep them away for days as the microns of chemical residue lingers in the surrounding atmosphere.

If the price of a commercial fogger is too high for your budget, you can certainly consider investing in a powerful ULV fogger, which is on par with a commercial fogger without a wide area of coverage. ULV foggers create nearly the same output in fogging power as a commercial fogger for a fraction of the price. Unlike commercial foggers, these types of foggers lack the capabilities to cover huge swaths of an area, but are certainly an option if you have a few hours to cover your yard.

Other products to consider:

cardinal 3hp backpack fogger

Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger

At the end of the day, commercial foggers can be highly expensive and if you want the absolute best, then by all means, invest in one. But the Cardinal 3HP Fogger is simply too great a product to not recommend if commercial fogging seems like overkill to your budget. This product features a three-and-a-half gallon chemical tank, which is tipping the scales in the direction of a commercial fogger. Additionally, this product's back straps make fogging a relative breeze as you are not constantly hauling the equipment.

burgess mosquito fogger

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger

The Burgess 1443 is one of the most popular models in thermal mosquito fogging and one of the most trusted dispensers of mosquito fog. In terms of simplicity and maximum effectiveness, the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger represents the best attributes of propane insect fogging. It is reasonably priced, features a safety switch to limit the overuse of the fogger. This is especially attractive if you do not want a large amount released at once. This is certainly one of the more universally used foggers and may be all that you need to treat your problem.

In Summary

We have discussed the four top models of commercial foggers and hopefully one of these options will provide you with the superior power and performance that comes with commercial foggers. Each of these models can cover an enormous amount of area, from a large backyard to a park, or even a moderately-sized area of forest. Commercial foggers are powered by engines that are carefully crafted to create a pulsing action, which turns up the heat inside of the chemical to produce a fog that penetrates deep into the air and landscape.

The Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger is probably the single best mosquito fogger available for purchase and the Nixalite IGEBA TF-35, Superhawk XP, and Longray Compact Thermal Fogger will have mosquitoes quite literally staring down the barrel of a gun with no escape possible due to the power of these machines.Â

If you don't have a large area of land to cover, then you may find that the Cardinal 3HP or the Burgess 1443 are efficient alternatives, but if you want to invest in the best types of mosquito foggers available, then you will undoubtedly be pleased in the superior capabilities of commercial mosquito foggers.


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