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Tackle wasps in your home and garden using tips from our wasp and hornet blog.
common pests in fall autumn

Which pests are common in our houses during fall?

Fall and winter are regarded as the most magical seasons of the year. The trees shimmer with golden hues; the sun shines low in the bright blue sky; sweet wafts of cinnamon float on the breeze; and the frosty mornings provide the perfect conditions for a crisp morning stroll. It is also, however, a popular

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do yellow jackets and nests die in the winter

Do Yellowjacket Wasp Nests Die in the Winter?

There is likely no other exterior insect feared quite as much as the yellowjacket wasp. These incredibly versatile and industrious insects possess one of the most painful stings in the realm of entomology, but when you study this insect, it can be easy to appreciate just how productive these elusive creatures truly are. A yellowjacket

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best insecticide powder to kill yellow jacket nests

What is the Best Insecticide Dust to Kill Yellow Jackets?

Wasps, such as yellow jackets, are potentially beneficial insects to our surrounding environment; however, when they invade and make their nests in areas that we frequent outside of our homes, they become a very painful type of pest. It is common knowledge to virtually everybody that yellow jackets have an incredibly painful sting and if

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how to get rid of wasps this summer

How to get rid of wasps – summer time pests

Wasp control and prevention There is always a wasp buzzing around in summer. It’s the season for BBQ’s, picnics and drinks in the sun. It’s a time to spend outdoors having fun. But frantically buzzing through beer gardens, dive bombing innocent bystanders and sending small kids into a tizz, wasps wreak havoc wherever they go.

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best wasp and hornet traps

Best wasp and hornet traps

Best wasp and hornet traps 2019 Hornets and wasps do not go out of their way to be wicked, but they will attack if they feel threatened. Constantly on the scrounge, they will happily take over your home and backyard by building wasp and hornet nests, in order to be close to constant food supplies

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how to identify common wasps

How To Identify Different Types of Wasp

The wonderful world of wasp identification As summer is just around the corner you can picture the scene…you are just stepping out for a breath of fresh air, an alfresco drink or a lazy picnic in the sun, and before you know it you are joined by some uninvited guests. Wasps! The persistent buzz of

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