Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger Review

Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger

An insect fogger is a great investment to make when trying to navigate among the constant reproductive habits of mosquitoes and other flying insects that make your yard uninhabitable. But with superior products also comes added benefits that can make the cost of the purchase even better. The Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger is an insect fogger, blower, and duster all-in-one that will serve multiple purposes even in the mosquito off season.

cardinal 3HP backpack fogger

Overall Review Rating


The Cardinal 3HP is not just a quality mosquito fogger, it is also a model that carries with it a three and a half gallon tank, which allows you to fog up to twice as long as standard foggers alone.

Additionally, this model features a two-stroke engine with a turbo booster to increase fogging and misting actions to optimal levels which makes fogging must shorter and more powerful. 

When mosquito season is over, you do not have to put this fogger into storage since it also acts as a high-powered blower during the fall and winter months and can also make foliage watering a breeze in comparison to a standard water hose. For its multiple uses and superior quality, we give the Cardinal 3HP a four and a half out of five rating.

Cardinal 3HP Key Features


When assessing the Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger as a fogger alone, the most obvious benefit to stand out about this model is its engine. As a 2-stroke, 3HP engine, this speed allows you to spray and blow up to seven times faster than models with smaller engines. The power of the engine is complemented by the three-and-a-half gallon reservoir tank that allows this optimal speed to spread your chosen chemical even further into the landscape without having to continuously reload the tank.

With the Cardinal 3HP, the most obvious benefit in choosing to use this backpack fogger for mosquito control is that most of these types of foggers can also be used for additional activities, such as blowing leaves and debris, dispersing fertilizer or non-liquid insecticides.

You can use these foggers as either a mosquito spraying machine or for many other purposes that are useful for outdoor cleaning or product spreading. This unit can prove to be beneficial year-round which makes it a worthwhile investment and not just a seasonal product that takes up space in storage for the rest of the year.

How to Use the Cardinal 3HP

To use the Cardinal 3HP Backpack Fogger to spray your yard for mosquitoes, you will need to add fuel (this model holds 1.1 qt.), as well as oil when needed. Apply a mosquito chemical of your choice and utilize the handheld house to fog all areas of your yard where mosquitoes harbor as well as areas you frequent the most when outside. Depending on your chosen chemical, backpack foggers will leave a substantially longer residual control of mosquitoes due to the high-powered dispersion techniques of these model types.

The Cardinal 3 HP is fairly easy to assemble and the engine is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline and two-stroke engine oil at a mix ratio of 50:1. This engine requires a mixture of high-quality gasoline and two stroke air cooled engine oil, so it is important to follow the user manual’s mix-rate suggestions to the letter. Once your fuel and chemical have been applied, simply crank the engine and start fogging/blowing with one of the most superior foggers on the market.



Review summary

The Cardinal 3HP provides one of the most fuel-efficient and durable engines in the realm of backpack foggers, which works to drive down additional costs associated with these types of foggers. This model also functions as a blower and a duster with an optional turbo booster to cut down the time it takes to fog, blow, or dust. 

If you want a product that was built to last and fogs up to seven times faster and longer when battling mosquitoes, the Cardinal 3HP is definitely worth it.

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