Best DynaTrap Mosquito Trap Reviews

When many of us start to go to war against mosquitoes, bulky equipment that disperses insecticides is not always an attractive option. Since mosquitoes are airborne pests, the most skillful way to fight them is to utilize a quality mosquito trap that attracts insects and traps them inside of a contraption with no escape.

The DynaTrap Mosquito Trap Brand

The brand DynaTrap represents one of the most trusted brands of mosquito and flying insect traps These reviews will explore three of their best models and how each model will benefit your mosquito battle in a chemical-free way. In this guide, you will learn:
dynatrap mosquito traps

DynaTrap Insect Traps do not utilize chemicals as their main arsenal in killing mosquitoes. This is of particular interest to people who do not like spreading chemicals into the air to rid their yards of dangerous mosquitoes. Apart from the incessant itch caused by their bites, mosquitoes can also transmit a host of diseases to human beings, with West Nile Virus and Zika being the most common two types of potentially life-threatening diseases.

Therefore, no matter what method you utilize to combat against mosquitoes, efforts should be made to destroy them as much as possible, and thankfully these types of products allow you to do that with little to no effort on your part. The traditional methods available to us to kill mosquitoes are limited to small-reaching aerosols and repellents. Although these products will work, it isn’t anything near enough to combat an epidemic as widespread as mosquitoes.

Flying mosquito traps are great tools to have because they work by utilizing an attractant via UV light and small, CO2 emissions to lure the mosquitoes into a compartment that traps them, which causes rapid dehydration and death. For the benefits of trying to decide which DynaTrap is the best in such a wide field, we here at City Pests have assembled the best DynaTraps with reviews of each for your consideration.

how does a dynatrap work

How Does a DynaTrap Work?

  1. UV bulb generates warmth and UV rays, attracting insects night and day.
  2. The titanium dioxide surface produces, CO2, which is irresistible to mosquitoes.
  3. Powerful, yet whisper-quiet fan draws insects into the retaining cage. Where they are trapped.

Which is the Best DynaTrap for Mosquitoes?

All three of these models represent a quality cross-section of the DynaTrap brand and any of them are worth the purchase price. The DT3019W is only for use indoors, which means that the unit will not work properly outdoors. 

There is very little difference between the DT1050 and DT1100 units, but the DT1100 has the added benefit of being portable in more areas as well as all the components of the DT1050 model. The DT1050 is the standard DynaTrap and will ensure a rapid kill rate, but if you want some options in mounting the unit, we recommend the DT1100 unit.

DynaTrap Insect Trap Twist On/Off, 1/2 Acre

dynatrap insect trap


The DynaTrap DT1050 is perhaps the standard model of the DynaTrap series. The DT1050 works in a three-part process to eliminate mosquitoes. After you assemble the unit and plug it into an electrical source, you will need to suspend the unit in an area where you want mosquitoes to disperse from.

The powerful UV light will attract mosquitoes, who are naturally drawn to illuminating light sources. For added efficiency, the DT1050 includes a special coating of carbon that is generated into carbon dioxide (the main mosquito attractant) by the light source that regularly heats it into an aroma. Once the mosquito lands on the outside of the trap, a quiet, but forceful fan pulls the mosquito into the inside of the trap, where the mosquito will usually die within 24 hours.

This model is comprehensive in how it manages to both lure, trap, and ultimately kill mosquitoes and any other flying insect that is attracted to light and/or carbon dioxide. The attractant can draw in mosquitoes for a radius of half an acre and once the compartment becomes full, you simply remove the holding tray and dispose of the dead mosquitoes. Cleaning and maintenance of the unit is also easy and this is the best model for general, outdoor use.



DynaTrap Insect Trap 1/2 Acre with Extra Bulbs


The DynaTrap DT 1100 gives you multiple installation options. Hang it from the included chain, or mount it to a wall or post for a lantern-like appearance. Like the DT 1050, this insect trap is engineered for 3-way protection. First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects.

Then a second lure, an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 that’s irresistible to mosquitoes. Third, a powerful, yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die. The feature of the DT1100 model that is missing from the DT1050 is the many different options available for mounting the trap to your desired location. You can mount this model on the wall inside of a garage or next to your front or back door, which ensures that mosquitoes will bypass entering your home.



DynaTrap Flylight Indoor Insect Trap


It probably never ceases to amaze you how year after year, somehow, someway, mosquitoes seem to find their way inside of your home. The previous two models are great outdoor accessories that will work well to keep most mosquitoes from getting inside of your home. But there are always stray mosquitoes that seem to find a way in, and this model was designed to address mosquitoes and flies that make their way into your home.

This model is smaller than the previously discussed models and uses AtraktaGlo technology to lure flying, indoor pests into its trap, which is similar to the outdoor models. The attractant covers up to 600 square feet and can be placed into any electrical socket where mosquitoes and flies are problematic. You will need to replace the glue cards every one to two months and this model is a miracle for eliminating mosquitoes and flies inside of the home.



How Long Does a DynaTrap Last?

DynaTrap outdoor units will generally last up to six months before you will likely need to replace the UV light. The CO2 coating is also a component that will likely need to be replaced as the carbon will degrade over time, especially if the unit is continuously exposed to the elements. As a general rule of thumb, replace the UV light every six months and frequently replace the CO2 coating every three to six months.

How effective are they at trapping mosquitoes?

Nearly all DynaTrap models work in a similar manner. Flying insects are attracted to the bright, UV light inside of the unit, in addition to the carbon dioxide coating that lines the outer structure of the trap. Once a mosquito lands in the coating, they are trapped inside of the cage where dehydration and death will usually occur within twenty-four hours.

DynaTrap models are highly effective and this is achievable without the need for harsh insecticides or cumbersome equipment. The flying insects are not able to escape the cage once they are trapped inside and this requires practically no work on your part to eliminate a large amount of mosquitoes from your yard. With only periodic replacements necessary, the DynaTrap models are a safe and chemical-free method for killing mosquitoes that works very well.

Where Should You Place One?

You can place a DynaTrap model virtually anywhere in your yard or home that you feel is a hot spot for mosquitoes or other flying insects. It is important to remember that these models run on electricity only, so you will need to place the unit where it will reach an electrical socket, or, invest a long extension cord. Most users place the units around their porches or outdoor dining areas to ensure that anytime they spend outdoors is mosquito-free.

How Are They Powered?

All DynaTrap models are powered through electricity. You will need to place your unit within close proximity to an electrical outlet, but the purchase of a quality extension cord, will allow you to more available space in your yard in which to place your unit. Since most DynaTrap models are powered through electricity, the unit will run continuously as long as it remains plugged in, which gives you constant security in mosquito-killing efficiency.

Do They Kill Beneficial Insects Like Bees?

DynaTrap models use two primary methods to draw flying insects into their traps: UV light and CO2. Although the CO2 will draw mosquitoes and any other blood-sucking pests, such as some species of gnats to its trap, the UV light will also draw some flying insect species that are beneficial to the environment or non-harmful to humans, such as bees and moths. Although this drawback is unfortunate, this brand’s ability to kill harmful mosquitoes without any insecticide whatsoever is also beneficial to the environment.

How Often Do You Need to Empty a DynaTrap?

Once you plug in your DynaTrap, you will likely be surprised at how quick the unit begins to trap flying insects. The tray will likely be full of dead insects in a matter of days, so it is essential to monitor the amount of insects in the tray to avoid the unit backing up. A good rule of thumb is to remember to empty the tray every three days or so.

How Do You Change the Bulb on a DynaTrap?

You should replace the bulb in a DynaTrap model every four to six months. Even if the light is still shining at full capacity at this time, you should replace the bulb to ensure its attractant properties are still shining correctly to lure insects. 

To replace a DynaTrap bulb, undo the structure surrounding the bulb and simply unscrew the bulb from its socket. Replace a fresh DynaTrap UV bulb into the socket and refasten the light structure around the bulb.

How Much Electricity Do They Use?

A DynaTrap model will generally use only a small amount of ambient electricity, even when running the unit twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. If you are concerned about your unit using too much electricity, you can always unplug the unit when you are not outdoors. You will likely not notice much of a spike in your electricity bill by using a DynaTrap.

How Do You Open One?

Opening and assembling a DynaTrap is generally easy. Simply unfasten the light structure of the unit to replace or remove a bulb, which is also where you can replace any CO2 traps. For some components of the unit, you may need to utilize a screwdriver to unfasten some parts, but a quick scan of the directions in the user’s manual will always make the process a breeze.

In Summary

Freeing your yard or home from mosquitoes does not have to be a process that involves bulky equipment and/or the usage of insecticides. Mosquitoes are attracted to light and CO2, and DynaTrap has developed a comprehensive range of products that trap mosquitoes once they land on the CO2 strip near the illuminating UV light. 

These products are 100% safe and highly effective and bonus points are added for the lack of work and upkeep that you can avoid when you invest in one of these highly effective mosquito death traps.

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