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best bed bug repellents for skin

What can you put on your skin to repel bed bugs?

When you are treating your home for bed bugs, the most troubling consequence of dealing with these vampiric parasites is the time it can take to get rid of them completely. Once you have discovered bed bugs, treatment procedures should begin immediately—but what can you do in the meantime to keep them from crawling on

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how to use nuvan prostrips to kill bed bugs

How To Use Nuvan ProStrips To Kill Bed Bugs

When battling the elusive and tiny habits and stature of bed bugs, the process can be frustrating due to the skilled hiding practices of the insects. Pesticides and powders do a great job of eliminating the pests from the home; however, bed bugs can hide in cracks and crevices of the width of a credit

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best bed bug traps and interceptors

Best Bed Bug Traps and Interceptor Reviews

Bed bugs survive by sucking on human blood, and as we spend a great deal of time asleep, our beds make us easy prey for bed bugs to feast on. In order to cut off any access to a bed bugs food supply, it is important to install bed bug traps. Below we will discuss

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How to repel bed bugs

How do we repel bed bugs and evict them from our homes? As a pest control expert, I have spent years testing out every solution going from natural remedies to chemical repellents, and here I will share with you what works and what doesn’t. Don’t let the bed bugs bite In the early 20th century there

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best bed bug killer spray

Best Bed Bug Killer Spray – Reviews & Guide

When you discover bed bugs, the first thing you will want to do is wash your bedding and replace your mattress. But, this won’t make any difference long-term, as you need to tackle the problem head on. For most people, the poison of choice would be an effective bed bug spray. While some resort to

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how to make a bed bug trap

How to make your own bed bug trap

It’s not uncommon these days to discover that whilst you have been patiently counting sheep, some mysterious creatures are lying in the shadows, waiting for you to drop off to sleep. Bed bugs are the bane of many a household and getting rid of them can be expensive. But just how easy is it make

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bed bug heat treatment

What is bed bug heat treatment and does the equipment work?

As we become more aware of the effects of pesticides to our public health, insects such as bed bugs have started to develop a resistance to the many chemical-based methods we use. Bed bug heat treatments offer a toxin free solution to treating pests and work by raising the temperature of the affected room to

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what eats bed bugs and do they have predators

What eats bed bugs? A Look at the parasite’s natural predators

Bed bugs can be one of the most frustrating and fear-inducing pests on the planet. Like many people out there, I have had the misfortune of encountering these pesky creatures and dealing with the uncomfortable post-bite aftermath. These insects have also piqued my curiosity. I have often wondered do bed bugs have any predators? If

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the truth about bed bugs

The truth about bed bugs – your questions answered

Bed bugs are the vampires of the insect world, and enjoy a good feast off human, mammal and bird blood. But these mini vampires don’t just come out at night…if they are hungry they will hunt you down. Once a pest of the past, today I get more enquiries about these troublesome household guests than

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how to get rid of bed bugs with a vacuum

How to get rid of bed bugs with a vacuum?

Heavily populated cities all across America are currently fighting a big problem – Bed Bugs! Just like humans, bed bugs enjoy being wrapped up warm and are at their most content when they are cozy and close to a food source. Happy to move from host to host via bedding, furniture and even luggage; these

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best raid bug spray reviews

Raid Bug Spray Reviews – Kill Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Roaches & Wasps

Sometimes in the pest control world, the process of finding the right insecticide can seem like a daunting and impossible challenge due to the copious amounts of product to choose from. We all live busy lives and sometimes the most popular choice is usually the best choice. Raid bug spray is a prevalent and long-standing

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5 of the best bed bug mattress encasements

Top 5 Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasements

A bed bug gets its name from the area in which it most commonly resides – on or near your bed! Wriggling through rips and scuttling through seams, they love to nestle in your mattress, pillows, box springs and bed frame. Whether you suspect that you have bed bugs, want to prevent an infestation or

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can water kill bed bugs

Can bed bugs live in water? Can they swim?

The first thing you’ll want to do upon spotting bed bugs is to wash! Wash yourself, your clothes, your bedding and any soft furnishings, but while it might make you feel clean initially, it won’t necessarily free you of bed bugs. Can bed bugs live submerged under water? Bed bugs cannot live submerged in water,

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what is the strongest bed bug killer

What is the strongest bed bug killer?

You wake up with strange red, itchy bumps on your skin. You can’t help but wonder what caused the red bumps. They don’t look like pimples and yet they don’t look like hives. The bumps may be in a row.  You go online, to find pictures of red skin bumps that match yours. And that’s

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bed bug insurance

Bed Bug Insurance

It’s the phone call that no one wants to receive. That nightmare telephone conversation where your tenant informs you that they have seen bed bugs in your rental or vacation property! Insure your property for the cost of bed bugs As a landlord, it is well worth taking out a bed bug insurance policy which

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