How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs When Travelling

7 top tips on avoiding bed bugs when travelling

Bed Bugs – Your Unwanted Travelling Companions Everyone wants to bring a souvenir home from their trip away – just make sure that it’s not one the blood-sucking kind! Although bed bugs were virtually non-existent a few decades ago, thanks to a boom in international travel, these mini vampires are back with a vengeance. There … Read more

What Causes Bed Bugs?

what causes bed bugs

No one wants to discover bed bugs in their home. Bed bugs are blood-eating creatures that hide in tiny crevices like your mattress, headboard, and even behind light switch covers. They emerge at night and leave you with itchy bites. While they aren’t known to spread any diseases, bed bug infestations are notoriously hard to … Read more

Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers – Reviews & Buyers Guide

best ultrasonic pest repeller reviews

  If you want to deter pests from visiting your home, but don’t want to use toxic poisons, powders or sprays; then pest repellers offer a more humane approach to pest control. Designed to distract, annoy and discourage common household pests such as rats, mice, squirrels, birds and bugs; these ultrasonic pest repellers will scare … Read more

Say Bye Bugs Reviews and Where to Buy

say bye bugs reviews

Review of SayByeBugs Spray SayByeBugs is a water-based pesticide that claims to kill bedbugs while providing a safer formula than most of the other pesticides currently on the market today. Besides the classic spray that we’re reviewing here, they also have other products designed to help win the battle with bedbugs. This includes a dedicated … Read more

What can you put on your skin to repel bed bugs?

best bed bug repellents for skin

When you are treating your home for bed bugs, the most troubling consequence of dealing with these vampiric parasites is the time it can take to get rid of them completely. Once you have discovered bed bugs, treatment procedures should begin immediately—but what can you do in the meantime to keep them from crawling on … Read more

How to Repel Bed Bugs

How do we repel bed bugs and evict them from our homes? As a pest control expert, I have spent years testing out every solution going from natural remedies to chemical repellents, and here I will share with you what works and what doesn’t. Don’t let the bed bugs bite In the early 20th century there … Read more

How to Make Your Own Bed Bug Trap

how to make a bed bug trap

It’s not uncommon these days to discover that whilst you have been patiently counting sheep, some mysterious creatures are lying in the shadows, waiting for you to drop off to sleep. Bed bugs are the bane of many a household and getting rid of them can be expensive. But just how easy is it to … Read more

Can bed bugs live in water? Can they swim?

can water kill bed bugs

The first thing you’ll want to do upon spotting bed bugs is to wash! Wash yourself, your clothes, your bedding and any soft furnishings, but while it might make you feel clean initially, it won’t necessarily free you of bed bugs. Can bed bugs live submerged under water? Bed bugs cannot live submerged in water, … Read more

What is the strongest bed bug killer?

what is the strongest bed bug killer

You wake up with strange red, itchy bumps on your skin. You can’t help but wonder what caused the red bumps. They don’t look like pimples and yet they don’t look like hives. The bumps may be in a row.  You go online, to find pictures of red skin bumps that match yours. And that’s … Read more

Bed Bug Insurance

bed bug insurance

It’s the phone call that no one wants to receive. That nightmare telephone conversation where your tenant informs you that they have seen bed bugs in your rental or vacation property! Insure your property for the cost of bed bugs As a landlord, it is well worth taking out a bed bug insurance policy which … Read more

How dangerous is Delta dust? Is it toxic? What does it kill?

A common misconception in the field of insecticides is that chemical sprays are the only resources available to homeowners. Pesticides in the form of powders and clouds of dust are another option available and most are odorless and less harmful to humans and pets – not to mention, potentially more effective.  Delta Dust insecticide by … Read more