What is the strongest bed bug killer?

You wake up with strange red, itchy bumps on your skin. You can't help but wonder what caused the red bumps. They don't look like pimples and yet they don't look like hives. The bumps may be in a row. 

You go online, to find pictures of red skin bumps that match yours. And that's when you realize that you have bed bugs. Obviously, you want to kill them quickly and prevent them from returning. Certainly, that means getting the strongest bed bug killer you can buy, doesn't it?

What are the strongest bed bug killer products?

The strongest bed bug killer is the product or method that does the job of getting rid of bed bugs where they are hiding. We recommend the following:

  1. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray
  2. Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer
  3. PremoGuard Bed Bug Lice Killer
  4. Delta Dust
  5. Crossfire
  6. CimeXa

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray

EcoRaider is one of the safest and most effective bed bug killer sprays available to buy. Once sprayed onto the bed bugs, EcoRaider stuns the nervous system of the bug that results in paralysis and eventual death within one hour. This process can continue for up to two weeks due to the residual action of the product once it dries onto a surface.

The time it takes to kill bed bugs with EcoRaider may be a bit longer than chemical insecticides such as CimeXa; however, the non-toxicity of the product is worth the long wait times.

Make Sure They're Bed Bugs

Before you go starting to search for the strongest bed bug killer you can find, you want to make sure that the bites you are getting are from bed bugs and not other biting insects like fleas or mosquitoes.

Usually, bed bug bites appear in a mostly straight line on your body, but not always. The actual bite from a bed bug does not hurt, so you sleep through it, but not always. Some people are far more sensitive to bed bug bites than others.

The best way to tell what bit you is to find and identify any strange insect in your home. This is, of course, easier said than done, especially in the earliest stages of an infestation when bites are few and far between.

If you have poor eyesight, then trying to find a one-millimeter insect can be nearly impossible until they breed into such numbers that you can see them (and smell them) as soon as you enter your home.

bed bug bites
Make sure you're actually being bitten by bed bugs and not anything else (like mosquitoes)

Treating the Infestation

Now is the best time to get the infestation under control before you wake up to a living black carpet of bed bugs on your body. How do you treat the infestation?

Use bed bug traps, such as Harris Early Detection Glue Strips. They will not work to kill all the bed bugs in your home, but they can let you know if bed bugs are the culprit. They also are great ways to check how effective your bed bug methods, sprays or powders are working.

Finding Legal and Safe Bed Bug Killers

You may have a friend who knows a friend that got hold of a professional-grade insecticide. If it's on a store shelf or advertised online as being “the strongest bed bug killer around” make sure you check out the list of approved bed bug killers from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before using it. You can then check to see how safe it is for use in your home and around kids and pets.

The EPA's website has a handy search tool (link above) where you can enter a product company's name or what ingredients it has. This search can help you quickly narrow down the strongest bed bug killer that will work for what you need it to do, such as cleaning mattresses, treating an entire room or getting into the tiny cracks where bed bugs hide.

Don't grab the first bed bug spray or powder you can get a hold of and douse the house with it. First off, even a bed bug killer labeled “non-toxic” may get you sick if you don't use it correctly. Secondly, most pesticides need to get in contact with the bug to kill it. If you don't clean up your home or vehicle before application, then the pesticide will go everywhere EXCEPT onto the bugs.

Temprid FX

Temprid FX by Bayer is head and shoulders above a great variety of bed bug killing products. This is due primarily to the incredibly durable residual killing that this product offers.

Utilizing imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin for a dual-acting contact and residual kill, Temprid FX is also versatile against moisture and rainfall, which also makes the product effective either outdoors or indoors. When it comes to bed bugs, this product targets the central nervous system of the insects, stunning and then killing the parasites for upwards of six months.

Exterminators Choice Bed Bug Defense

Essential Oils have long been known to be incredibly effective at repelling bed bugs, yet it doesn’t help matters much that the oils do not actively kill the bugs. Bed Bug Defense by Exterminators Choice seeks to add an extra layer to the repellent properties of essential oils by formulating the oils into a concentrated liquid spray that will poison the central nervous system of the bugs due to the high concentration.

This makes the product a highly effective natural alternative to harsh pesticides. Although small concentrations of essential oils will only repel bed bugs, increased exposure to the oils can poison the bugs when they have no choice but to constantly crawl through the oils.

Bedlam Plus

Bed bugs are unique in how the insects can develop some of the most rapid-resistance to insecticides when compared to other pests. This is why both a contact kill and a potent residual formulation are crucial when battling against such a versatile insect.

Bedlam Plus is a convenient and powerful dual-action pesticide that is made for spot treatments for mattress and box spring hiding places, furniture, and carpets. Featuring a two-week residual, this product will complement a larger scale treatment process well due to the efficient aerosol action for quick contact kills.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

When it comes to natural products and efficiency in killing bed bugs, salt is one substance that the bugs cannot develop resistance against. Salt rapidly dehydrates bed bugs once they crawl through it, meaning that not all products have to contain toxic chemicals.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer also utilizes citric acid in its formulation, which also antagonizes the nervous system of bed bugs, making this product an effective, dual-action bed bug killer. Not all natural remedies work, but Eco Defense is a rare example of a 100% natural product against this durable pest.

SayByeBugs - Bed Bug Exterminator

SayByeBugs makes it onto our list due to high number of positive customer reviews and testing that the product has been put through. SayByeBugs is manufactured in Chicago and even comes with a FREE 90 day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the results. This product isn't available to purchase on Amazon and needs to be bought via the official company website.

Bed Bug Mattress Encasements

Before you go shopping for the strongest bed bug killer in town, buy a mattress encasement such as Amazon's top recommended choice, the SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement. This places an effective barrier between you and the bed bugs. Bed bugs caught inside the encasement cannot get out to drink blood and in weeks die of starvation.

bed bug mattress encasement
Use a mattress encasement to create a barrier between you and the bed bugs.

Kill Bed Bugs in the Laundry

Two of the best bed bug killers around is a washing machine and a clothes dryer. They emit high temperatures for long enough to kill any bed bugs hiding in your stuff. While you are treating your home and vehicles for bed bugs, be sure to place all clean items in resealable plastic bags. This way any bed bugs in your home looking for new places to hide will not be able to get in your freshly-cleaned stuff.

Things to launder where bed bugs like to hide include:

  • Bedding, including pillows
  • Clothes
  • Soft-sided luggage
  • Shoes
  • Small bathmat-sized rugs
  • Curtains and valences
Harris Spray for Bed Bugs

harris bed bug killer spray

Killing Bed Bugs in Beds, Cars and Large Objects

Check your mattress, box spring and headboard for bed bug droppings, which are easier to see than the actual bugs. They look like little dark smears and may have a musty scent. If your mattress does not have any tears or rips, then it can be saved. You also should assume your cars are infested since you spend time in there.

Large objects like desks or vanity tables, your car's interior and beds or sofas can be sprayed with non-toxic bed bug killers like PremoGuard's Premo Bed Bug and Lice Killer or even Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer in a handy aerosol spray. First, you want to remove any clutter and then spray only a tiny spot to be sure that it does not stain the fabric or give you a headache.

After 24 hours, see how the spot looks and check how you feel. Although most products that are labeled “odorless” are scent-free, each person's sense of smell differs. Some people are far more sensitive than others. Read the label and follow the directions to the letter to be safe before spraying or dusting objects or car interiors.

Nuvan Prostrips for Bed Bugs

Nuvan Prostrips bed bug killer

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Electronics

You can't spray or dust many small, valuable objects where bed bugs can hide. You also can't put things like cell phones or first-edition books through the laundry. In these instances, the strongest bed bug killer is a black plastic trash bag and pesticide strips such as Nuvan ProStrips. Simply place your bed bug filled objects in a black trash bag, add the strips and close it up. Place the bag where pets and small kids can't get inside. Leave it there for ten days.

Another great bed bug killer for small objects like jewelry is your freezer set as low a temperature as you can. Bed bugs die after prolonged exposure to 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C.) Place the small object in a resealable plastic bag and put in the freezer for at least four days. Just be sure your object can survive getting wet as ice crystals are sure to form on it.

If extreme heat, being in contact with chemicals or ice crystals is out of the question, say for a notebook with an LCD screen, then you need a playing card, a cup full of bed bug killer like EcoRaider, gloves and eye protection:

  • Put on gloves and eye protection.
  • Get a small cup of bed bug killer or even neem oil.
  • Get all your stuff in a room with a tiled floor since any bed bugs that might fall on the floor will not have a good place to hide. Placing newspaper on the floor where you work may help you catch any falling bed bugs that miss going into the bed bug killer.
  • Use the edge of the playing card to get into cracks and crevices in your object.
  • Scrape the bed bugs into the bed bug killer or neem oil.
  • Dispose of the liquid and the newspaper in the outside trash.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.

Getting Bed Bugs Out of Whole Rooms

It's best to treat your whole home on the same day because bed bugs will migrate from treated rooms to untreated rooms. However, chances are that if you are doing this yourself and have not hired any help, you will be only able to do one room or floor a day. Keep a calendar or list of what rooms were treated when to make sure everything eventually gets treated.

Here's what to do after you have removed all clutter and trash from a room:

  • Remove everything from the walls and windows.
  • Move out furniture from the walls so you can walk and crouch down behind them.
  • Remove any throw rugs or small rugs to be laundered.
  • Use a bed bug killer spray or powder to get into baseboards, under carpet edges and in every crack and crevice on the walls, floors or large objects like desks.
  • Steam-clean carpets with a device like a Vapamore 100 Primo Steam Cleaning System.
  • Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands afterward.

In Summary

You've cleaned out the clutter in your home and car. You washed everything you could in the laundry. You vacuumed and sprayed or dusted. You placed your mattress in an encasement. You even cleaned the insect squatters from your cell phones. Your bed bug traps are empty. You do not get any more bites. Now, you have discovered the strongest bed bug killer there is – you!

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