Best Ultrasonic Bird Repellers | 2019 Reviews and Where to Buy

Best ultrasonic bird repellers – reviews and buyers guide

best ultrasonic bird repellers
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Do ultrasonic sound deterrents scare birds?

There are a number of humane ways to deal with pest birds including ultrasonic bird sound deterrents, although over the years, there has been much debate surrounding these devices. Below we recommend some of the most effective bird sound deterrents on the market today and explain why we believe they are good for controlling pest birds.

Ultrasonic sound deterrents replicate the sounds of predatory birds such as hawks and falcons and offer a trusted technique in scaring pest birds away. This is because a bird’s natural response upon hearing a distress or predatory is to take flight and flee.

Best ultrasonic sound deterrents

Don’t have time to read the reviews and recommendations? Here are the top 4 best ultrasonic sound deterrents for scaring birds away:

How do bird ultrasonic deterrents work?

Many bird ultrasonic deterrents work by affecting a bird’s senses. They start by targeting a bird’s sense of sound by emitting high frequency nuisance noises.

These can come in all manner of sounds, but we highly recommend those which can be programmed to blast out different distress and predator calls depending on the pest bird.

Some bird ultrasonic deterrents can even be programmed to target specific birds such as pigeons, gulls, crows and woodpeckers, broadcasting distress and predator calls from their most prolific hunters. The simple sound of a bird of prey is enough to make a bird fly off and leave an area, just like a visual raptor would when soaring in the sky.

A number of bird sound deterrents also have LED lights, to allow you to use the machine day and night. These lights act as another warning to birds by shining bright beams into their eyes, making them believe that they are staring into the pupils of their enemy.

This is particularly good if you have with nocturnal birds, such as owls and hawks, who may be visiting your property during dusk, dawn or in the dead of night.

Another thing to note, are the motion detection sensors most bird ultrasonic deterrents have, which switch on the minute they sense movement. As an unsuspecting bird approaches, it crosses the line where the sensors can pick up their presence and suddenly, the birds are gone. Most birds are skittish and constantly on edge, so the unexpected nature of an explosion of noise or light evokes a fright and flight reaction.

What sounds are birds scared of?

A bird sound deterrent works by producing high pitch emissions known as ultrasound. Ultrasonic bird sound deterrents have been introduced into the pest control marketplace due to the fact that ultrasound is too high-pitched for human hearing but falls within the hearing range of most species of birds.

There are a number of sounds that have been proven to frighten birds away. These can be natural sounds such as gun shots, loud bangs (see propane cannons for birds), shrieks from a hawk or the distress cries from other birds. High frequency synthetic ultrasonic sounds can mimic these organic noises and be highly effective at moving nuisance birds on

Ultrasonic bird deterrent reviews

There are a host of D-I-Y bird deterrent devices available to buy on the market. Below we recommend and review our top four ultrasonic bird repeller systems available to buy:

Zovenchi Ultrasonic Repeller

Best Budget Bird Sound Deterrent

The Zovenchi Ultrasonic Repeller can not only rid your property of birds, but mice, dogs, foxes, racoons, badgers and skunks; thanks to it 5 different sound modes. This animal repeller also comes with a passive infrared sensor that can locate animals up to 10m away and within 180 degrees, by switching on two flashing LED lights.

Fully waterproof, this solar powered ultrasonic bird deterrent can either be charged via batteries or USB. Although it may not have all the fancy features that a lot of the other bird sound deterrents have, this budget buy is good value for money.



Hoont Solar Powered Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Best Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent with Features

We particularly like the Hoont bird deterrent as it has all the features of the more expensive devices but at a more affordable price. Along with a multitude of different sound settings, you can program this bird deterrent to flash LED strobes in order to frighten birds away from up to almost 10m. The fact that is has 3 ultrasonic frequencies and 7 sensitivity settings, means that you can mix it up to catch birds unaware.

This ultrasonic device has a solar panel on the top, so that you can recharge your batteries but in bad weather you may prefer to use the USB connection. This bird deterrent is fully waterproof, so you can put it in your backyard and forget it is even there.



Bird B Gone Chase Deterrent

Best bird ultrasonic deterrent for covering large distances

Exclusively designed to frighten off birds, the Bird B Gone sound deterrent comes with a variety of different sounds, aimed at multiple bird species including pigeons, crows, woodpeckers and seagulls. Not only waterproof, this hardy device is UV protected so can be used throughout the year and in any weather.

The Bird B Gone single speaker has a coverage of up to one acre, but additional speakers can be bought if you need to reach a larger land mass. Sounds are emitted every 10 minutes for a duration of 2 minutes and can be turned off for a peaceful night’s sleep.  This ultrasonic device runs off a power cord but there are no additional features such as LED lights or sensors.



BirdXPeller Electronic Bird Sound Repeller

Best Bird Sound Deterrent for Commercial Properties

The BirdXPeller can broadcast a variety of naturally recorded bird distress and predator calls which are digitally recorded and played to disorientate confuse and frighten pest birds away.

Although the BirdXPeller is more expensive that those listed above, it is the perfect device for warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals, parking lots and agricultural dwellings as it is weather resistant, can be easily mounted in hard to reach areas and has coverage of up to 1 acre.

Just like the device above, this bird ultrasonic deterrent solely works off noise in order to scare and does not come with any strobe or lighting effects.



Best places for your bird ultransonic deterrent

Most bird ultrasonic sound deterrents can cover distances of up to 3,600 sq. ft, although some devices come with the option to purchase extra speakers to broaden your range. This is great if you have large areas such as farmland, vineyards or sprawling commercial properties to protect.

It is important to put up your bird sound deterrent the moment you realise you have a problem, as it is far easier to scare off birds that have not yet become familiar with an area than those who consider it home.

Where you place your bird ultrasonic deterrent, is key, as location plays a huge part in their effectiveness. Ultrasonic devices tend to work best when they are within enclosed or semi-enclosed environments, allowing the sound waves to reverberate around walls or ceilings. Ideally, we would recommend investing in more that one device, so that they can be set up to play different sounds. This way birds flying into a “sensor” zone will be picked up by more than one device, creating a chaos of noise.

If you do decide to use a solo device, a top tip would be to keep moving it around your property and changing the sensors and sounds on a regular basis so that pest birds do not become accustomed to it. The whole idea is to take the birds by surprise and startle them.

Place your device as high off the ground as possible, such as on a wall or attached to a tree trunk, as you want to target pest birds from landing.

Finally, make sure that you have the low down surrounding the State laws for where you live as ultrasonic sound devices have the ability to scare a number of different animals. Certain species of animal, such as bats, may be protected under legislation.

Other ways to scare away birds

Do not feel like you have to limit your bird deterrent to just one device. Multiple bird deterrents often work better than standalone. Other bird scaring methods you could try include:

Bird decoys are plastic fake owls or hawks, used to terrorize smaller birds such as crows and pigeons. By strategically placing these decoy owls (see at Amazon) on your roof, in your backyard, or even on a boat, birds are unable to tell that the decoy is not real.

Inflatable scarecrows (see at Amazon) are great for frightening off nuisance birds as they are electronically powered to inflate and deflate at random. Therefore, the movement, sound and visual stimulus combined, scares birds away.

Reflective tape is an effective form of bird control as it uses a combination of sound, generated by the tape blowing in the wind and the flickering light that comes off the shimmering surface, to terrify birds into staying away.

Laser machines (see at Amazon) shoot out laser beams in a variety of color combinations, in order to scare and encourage birds to land somewhere calmer. Randomized laser patterns change constantly to prevent acclimatization.

Weatherproof bird nets are a great way of deterring pest birds although they often need to be fitted professionally across roofs and voids. You must check them regularly and release any birds caught immediately. Once birds figure out that this is not a safe place to land, they will soon fly off to somewhere else.

These are generally produced in stainless steel and embedded within a UVA plastic base that come in self-assemble packages which are easy to install. These spikes prevent birds from landing on ledges, however, some of the more intelligent species have been known to overcome these spikes by filling them with enough twigs and debris to comfortably sit on top.

Otherwise known as optical gel, these little petri dishes target a bird’s sense of sight, smell and touch in order to confuse them. Utilizing ultraviolet light that is invisible to humans, birds sense fire and smoke and avoid the area immediately.

Live traps have, for many years, been the preferred bird control solution for pest birds. Most come with food and water containers, as well as a shade to prevent any unnecessary suffering until the birds can be released elsewhere.

In summary

If you are looking for a humane way to target pest birds, then an ultrasonic bird sound system offers a great way to scare them away. Although there has been a lot of scepticism about these devices, we believe that their success depends on where they are located and how they are used.

Placed low to the ground and they will not pose a threat to bird circling your property, so the higher they can be placed the better. Birds are creatures of habit and can get accustomed to familiar sounds. Therefore, choose different settings, change the volume and move the device around your property in order to continue to confuse and disorient them.

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