Are Deltamethrin Insecticide Sprays dangerous? What do they kill?

deltamethrin insecticide sprays

The first line of defense against pests within and outside of homes is typically insecticide. It is easy to use, is generally safe towards humans if not directly breathed in or ingested, and offers a quick kill to any insect imaginable. Deltamethrin belongs to the most popular class of insecticides–pyrethroids, which are some of the … Read more

What is Temprid FX? Is it Safe for Humans and Pets? Risks and Instructions for Application

Temprid FX insecticide for bed bugs

When fighting against pests inside the home, convenience is paramount. We all live busy lives and simply because we have become invaded by insects we can’t let this affect us. With this in mind, powerful, long-lasting residual insecticides are the answer to kill the invaders after one application. Temprid FX by Bayer combines an effective … Read more

Is CimeXa insecticide dust toxic? Is it safe? Does it kill bed bugs?

cimexa insecticide dust

Bed bugs, like many other insects that invade homes, have a mechanism that allows them to produce resistance to commonly used insecticides. This makes the battle to eradicate them all the more difficult, and additional options are becoming crucial to fight against them. CimeXa insecticide dust by Rockwell Labs is one of the most popular … Read more

What is Crossfire pesticide? What does it kill? Are there any risks or dangers from using it?

crossfire pesticide for bed bugs

When it comes to using an insecticide to try and win your bed bug battle, not all pesticides are created equal. Crossfire bed bug concentrate by MGK is a painstakingly researched and formulated insecticide that was created to target one pest – bed bugs.  As a highly toxic formulation, Crossfire pesticide combines a powerful contact … Read more

How much does bed bug treatment cost for a house or apartment?

bed bug treatment cost for house or apartment

Once you have discovered that your home has bed bugs, there are a wide variety of treatment options to consider based on the severity of the infestation. Bed bug treatment costs can vary based upon the most popular eradication methods available which include heat, insecticides and various new methods only available to licensed, pest-elimination specialists. … Read more

Where do bed bugs hide during day

where do bed bugs hide during the day

Tips For Moving without Bed Bugs The most widely utilized defense mechanism of bed bugs is their incredible ability to hide and avoid detection. They are so skilled at hiding in fact, that until you discover them, it very well could have been weeks and even months since they first arrived into your home. Bed … Read more

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Moving with You

how to stop bed bugs moving with you

Tips For Moving without Bed Bugs Common anxiety for bed bug victims is the fear of moving with bed bugs. For homeowners or any persons occupying a free-standing dwelling, the best method is clearly eradicating the bugs from the dwelling.  For persons occupying apartments, condos or any multi-family complex–it is sometimes a good idea to … Read more

What Attracts Bed Bugs to You, Your Bed and Home?

what attracts bed bugs to you and your home

What Attracts Bed Bugs? Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are one of the most feared and increasingly difficult household pests to eradicate. The number one defense mechanism of bed bugs is their skillful ability to hide and unlike common household infestations such as flies and mice, it takes patience and precision to win the war against … Read more

Bed Bugs in Chicago

bed bugs chicago

Chicago top 3 most bed bug infested city Did you know that Chicago features in the top 3 most bed bug infested cities according to a survey conducted in association with the NPMA? At City Pests, we work with leading pest control companies to eradicate bed bug infestations on your behalf. Facts on bed bugs … Read more

Bed Bug Facts and Statistics

Bed Bug Facts and Statistics 2019

Bed Bug Facts and Statistics 2019 Bed bugs are probably the last thing on your mind when you crawl into bed, but with America currently experiencing a bed bug epidemic, these statistics below do not make for restful sleeping! Bed bugs – Number 1 pest in America Each year the National Pest Management Association conducts … Read more

Bed Bug Awareness Week 2019

national bed bug awareness week 2019

Bed bugs are on the rise all over America, so early detection and due diligence is critical in order to prevent a serious bed bug invasion from taking over your property. Raising the awareness of bed bugs Bed bug awareness week is from 2-8 June 2019. In association with the PPMA*, we want to raise … Read more

What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

what scent keeps bed bugs away

There must be a scent that keeps away bed bugs, right? Right. Bed bugs have a keen sense of smell. They rely on smell and touch more than other senses. Bed bug pheromones can often repel male bed bugs. However, these new pheromone products are not 100% reliable. There are substances that can work as … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Carpet

how to get rid of bed bugs in carpet

Have you made the horrifying discovery of an adult bed bug crawling in your carpet? While most often found on or around the bed, bed bugs can make their home anywhere and carpet offers the perfect environment. Before you panic, the good news is you can get your carpet bed bug-free with concerted effort. Want … Read more