How to repel rats from your backyard naturally

how to stop rats in your backyard naturally

What attracts rats to your backyard? Urban gardeners are likely to have encountered rats in their backyards on more than one occasion as gardens provide excellent rodent territory with regular sources of food, water, shelter and usually safety. Bird feeders and vegetable gardens will certainly attract rats without taking precautions. Use this guide to learn … Read more

How to stop a rat infestation

how to stop a rat infestation

The rat population in the United States of America is continuing to rise – particularly in urban areas where food and places to nest are readily available – so it is imperative that we act fast to prevent rats from infesting our homes. Even the thought of a rat infestation is enough to give anyone … Read more

Who is responsible for pest control when renting? Landlord or tenant?

who is responsible for pest control when renting - landlord or tenant

  It’s always exciting when you move into a newly rented condo, apartment, or house, but what happens when you find yourself sharing it with some unwanted guests? Who’s responsibility is pest control – the landlord or the tenant? Understanding who is accountable for pest control when renting is a common problem for both tenants … Read more

How to stop rats from coming into your house

  Having worked in the pest control industry I’ve seen first-hand the damage rats and mice can cause once they get inside your family home. They will wreak havoc on your house, gnawing and chewing on anything which they can use in building their nests, this can include chomping their way through the wire insulation … Read more

How to stop rats coming up the toilet

how to stop rats in the toilet

The chances of lifting the lid of your toilet only to be greeted by a rodent treading water are slim but it does occasionally happen, especially in big cities with large sewer systems that encourage the spread of rat infestations. City sewers are often cracked and damaged allowing rats to enter easily, eventually turning up … Read more

How to find a dead rat and dispose of it safely

how to find a dead rat in the wall

Your guide to dead rat removal and disposal I’m often called to private homes and commercial properties because the owners can smell something truly awful – the body of a decomposing rodent in their walls, attics, or garages. Rats are extremely agile and highly effective climbers but they can fall into hard-to-reach cavities and become … Read more

Are rat bites dangerous to humans?

are rat bites dangerous to humans

In all my time working as a pest control specialist, I was fortunate enough to have never been bitten by a rat. Fleas, ants, and other nuisances yes, but never a rodent of any kind. That said, I was always aware of the risks when dealing with any wild animal, as they are often unpredictable … Read more

Is rat poison bad for dogs?

is rat poison bad for dogs

If you’re going to use rat poison in or around your home, it’s important to use extreme care — especially if you have pets or young children. Wondering is rat poison bad for dogs? The answer is definitely! Some pest control products are only harmful to specific species like insects but dogs and humans are … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Drains

Drainpipes offer a safe place to shelter for many animals, but the most common rodent taking residence in your drains are rats! It is thought that the majority of rat infestations start due to defective drains or pipes. After all, a rat only needs a small crack or hole to squeeze through before they make … Read more

Is Rat Poison Legal in California? Guide to Legal Rodenticides

rat poison legal to use in California

Which poisons are legal to use in California? As of today, any rodenticides containing brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialone, or difenacoum are prohibited for general use in the State of California, with the exception of licensed pest control experts. Use of these toxins within state parks, wildlife and conservation areas are forbidden unless carried out for agricultural … Read more

D-Con Mouse & Rat Poison Review

dcon mouse and rat poison review

D-Con is the best-selling mouse poison in the United States with a line of bait stations, poisoned bait pellets, and traps designed to control house mice, field mice, rats, and other rodents. D-Con’s products (see the range on Amazon) have gone through many changes over the last several years thanks to changing federal and state … Read more

How to Catch a Smart Rat

how to catch a smart rat

Mice are easy to catch but rats can be a challenge. Rats are very intelligent and are notorious for learning to avoid traps and being suspicious of new objects in their surroundings. If you’re being tormented by an especially smart rat that seems to evade your every attempt at capture, the good news is there … Read more