How to kill rats instantly using traps

Best traps for controlling and killing rats instantly

Are you looking for the best ways to get rid of rats and how to kill them instantly? We all know how insidious rats can be – they are invading our homes and our businesses – making nests and starting families in places we own and want to protect from invasive pests like them.

If you're on the east coast, you may even be living in one of the most rat-infested cities which may seem like you're set up for a never-ending rat infestation.

Even if you have rats inside and outside of your properties, in your city, or all over your yard, we're going to walk you through how to eliminate them quickly and painlessly.

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Eliminate and kill rats quickly

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There's lots of information out there on the huge variety of ways to control and kill rats, ranging from the simplest to the best-tested and most researched methods, and everything in between. If you're looking for what kills rats instantly, how to kill rats humanely, or the best products out there to rid your home spaces and business offices, warehouses, or otherwise of vermin, we've done the dirty work of researching them all so you don't have to.

Poison is one option, but electric traps and snap traps (see on Amazon) are more reliable methods, and they are often the quickest and most painless ways to eliminate your rat problem.

Quick ways to control rats

If poisoning is more harmful than helpful in getting rid of vermin, what's out there on the market that kills rats instantly and humanely? A classic snap trap or a Victor rat trap is still the old-school standard, usually effective but still not always.

kill rats using the Goodnature rat and mouse trap
Goodnature Rat & Mouse Trap

If you're looking for something more up-to-date like an electric rat trap, the A24 rat trap kills rats instantly, humanely, and unnoticeably. It's easy to install and leaves the rat available for scavengers to take care of. A Victor rat trap sometimes requires contact with the rat we don't always want to make, whereas an A24 rat trap is almost hands-off in nature, and entirely toxin-free.
Glue traps are not known for being either humane or quick, as they often leave a rat to die from hunger or asphyxiation over long periods of time.

There are also plenty of home remedies that can also tackle your rat problem, though none are 100% effective, and remember that any rat left will produce more rats. For mild control of rats, you can place offensive-smelling items like peppermint, onions, and bay leaf where they gather or enter buildings.

Another key to pest control is to remember to keep floors and spaces clean of crumbs and waste that could be a rat's perfect meal. Replace areas near their gathering spaces with pepper or ammonia to kill them instantly, or use the food to deter them from re-entering.

Electric rat traps

kill rats instantly with an electronic rat trap
Victor No Touch No See Electronic Rat Traps

As technology progresses, it's no wonder we're coming into the age of electronic tools for the less glamorous issues we face. An electric trap has numerous benefits, the first I think is that they are the most effective, and the second being that they are the longest lasting and undeniably most durable.

A snap rat trap is light and cheap, and so are many others you could find at your local hardware store like glue traps, so you can buy a bunch to fill your basements and warehouses. You still would have to pay for and set up the bait in each trap, adding more funds and time to this already frustrating process. Not to mention that with disposable traps, it will eventually be you who will have to go back, remember where each trap is placed, and then pick up and dispose of each one.

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With an electric trap, a single small machine can do the trick for years, giving you a more cost-effective way to use what kills rats instantly.

Cheaper rat traps made of wood or plastic can deteriorate over time and in different trying weather conditions. They are almost always mobile, or small enough that any disturbance could render them ineffective (knocked over, destroyed, moved out of the area you wanted it in) within seconds. Electric traps can withstand various conditions and ultimately can remain a consistent way to control a rat problem.

Electric traps are also the perfect tool for when you only want to kill rats safely and quickly – other traps can harm other wildlife, and can even tragically be found by small children. A trap like the A24 rat trap (see on Amazon) makes it nearly impossible for the trap to be used incorrectly – it has one job and it gets it done! The least amount of exposed chemicals and sharp or forceful materials, the better for everyone involved, not just the rats.

What's the best way to kill rats instantly?

kill rats instantly with the classic victor rat trap
The classic Victor snap trap still kills rats instantly.

Rats can be a frustrating problem to have, but you're not alone in looking for answers. The experts out there have done their testing, product development, and natural remedies that hopefully rats seem less daunting to you. If you're looking to go small and simple, maybe if you're in an apartment or have a smaller storefront, a classic Victor trap or a snap trap (check price on Amazon), or even some of those natural items mentioned earlier you can pick up in the produce aisle may work best for you. If you're looking to pull in the big guns and put the rats to rest for the long haul, electric traps are the obvious choice.

Although rats are a pest and we've put a lot of effort into ways to get rid of them, they're still living creatures and deserve a humane elimination. Humane can usually be attributed to the quickest, least painful, and most respectful method. Rat poison arguably doesn't make the list, and some less effective traps can end up elongating pain or suffering when they don't operate as well. Some natural remedies can be used to quickly eliminate a rat, too, but ultimately, killing rats is only a part of the problem of control! You don't just want your rats dead, you want them gone, out of your house or business, and gone for good.

For the most reliable way to kill rats in a humane way, electric traps will consistently provide results. You'll need to have your ground covered on controlling your pest problem by closing entryways, keeping areas full of food clean, and maybe even adopting a cat for a natural predator! Other tips include keeping bushes away from the wall of your house and disposing of any litter or garbage in the area.

After you've taken precautionary steps, when you choose an electric rat trap, all you'll have to do is install it once and let it do its job for years. If you're willing to invest in a high-quality trap, you may forget you have it, or may even forget you had a rat problem. When you invest in good equipment, you'll see your returns in the absence of critters skirting your walls and stealing your food.

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The basics on rat poison

Before you even begin ridding your spaces of rats, it's important to make sure any entryways they may have into your buildings are sealed and closed off. They are very good at scourging around through small holes and cracks, and will find any way they can into your warm, fully food-stocked homes and business!

If you try to get rid of rats without stopping them at their source, they'll simply keep coming and keep procreating. You'll have to make sure you make this stance to ward off your rats, but on the other hand, you don't ever want to be cruel in poisoning them painfully or giving them a slow death that doesn't benefit either of you.

rat trap-pixabay
Credit: stevepb, Pixabay

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Poisoning rats is probably one of the cheapest and most convenient options because of how available the products are, but they're often cheap for good reason. They contain the harshest of chemicals, and may not even fully kill a rat who ingests them. The success rate and implications of rat poison balance out their accessibility and cheap materials. There are lots of other authorities on pest control who advise against poison if even just for the sake of the rat's pain, showing us that avoiding rat poison really is a no-brainer.

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Rat poisons can be dangerous to keep around a household with children, or in buildings where the risk of exposure to other chemicals could be detrimental. Worst of all, it ultimately isn't even the most effective! It won't kill all the rats because they may not all ingest it, and the ones that are eliminated and left behind may leave behind a smell more noticeable than their presence ever was. If you'll want to make sure you get rid of any and all rats over an extended period of time then we recommend using an electronic trap of snap trap.

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