Top 7 Best Rat Poison Bait to Buy

best rat poison available to buy

  Best rat poisons, blocks and pellets From Chicago to New York, America’s biggest cities are being overrun by rats. Having spent decades ridding residential and commercial properties of pests, we have tried and tested first hand a number of different ways to eliminate rodents – all with varying success. Selecting the best rodenticide for … Read more

Will Rat Poison Kill a Dog?

can rat poison kill dogs

At this time of year as the weather gets colder, vermin such as rats and mice will find their way into our homes increasing the chances of our pets coming into contact with any poison we may have laid down. As a dog owner myself, I know the risks involved and advise against rat poison … Read more

Tomcat Rat Poison Review

tomcat rat poison review

Tomcat Rat Poison and Killer Review If you have a rat problem in your home or place of business, you want to respond to the threat before it gets out of hand. Rats can cause issues and spread if you don’t stop them during the first signs of trouble. You could be wondering what steps … Read more

Is rat poison bad for dogs?

is rat poison bad for dogs

If you’re going to use rat poison in or around your home, it’s important to use extreme care — especially if you have pets or young children. Wondering is rat poison bad for dogs? The answer is definitely! Some pest control products are only harmful to specific species like insects but dogs and humans are … Read more

D-Con Mouse & Rat Poison Review

dcon mouse and rat poison review

D-Con is the best-selling mouse poison in the United States with a line of bait stations, poisoned bait pellets, and traps designed to control house mice, field mice, rats, and other rodents. D-Con’s products (see the range on Amazon) have gone through many changes over the last several years thanks to changing federal and state … Read more