How Long Does Tomcat Rat Poison Take To Work?

If you see even a single rodent in your home, you can expect there are many more. It's important to treat the problem as soon as possible because two rats can produce up to 84 offspring in one year. Tomcat rat poison is a popular solution to kill both rats and mice in and around the home within just a few days. Tomcat bait and bait stations use first-generation rat poison that can kill rodents faster and more effectively than other rodenticides on the market.

How long does Tomcat rat poison take to kill? Tomcat rat poison is very lethal and can kill rats after one days' feeding (between 24 – 48 hours). Other rat poisons may take several days' worth of feeding before a rodent is killed.

The lethal dosage of Tomcat may be low but it will still take rodents up to a few days to die from the poisoning because the effect is not immediate. The active ingredient in Tomcat stops the body from reusing vitamin K. When vitamin K supplies run out within a few days, the rodent's blood can no longer clot and the animal bleeds to death. After ingesting a lethal dose, rodents will die from Tomcat rat poison anywhere from 2 to 6 days although it can take a bit longer for some rats.

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What Is Tomcat Rat Poison?

Tomcat is a popular brand of pest control products with specialized products for moles, deer, rodents, and more. Tomcat rat poison comes in a few forms: bait stations which contain a poisoned bait block, bait blocks and bait pellets. All forms use an active ingredient called bromadiolone in a concentration of 0.005%.

The Effects of Bromadiolone

Bromadiolone is a powerful rodenticide that works as an anticoagulant that prevents blood from clotting. More specifically, bromadiolone stops the body from recycling vitamin K that's necessary for blood clotting. When the rodent runs out of vitamin K, they cannot clot and bleed to death.

tomcat rat and mouse killer

Most bromadiolone is broken down after initial consumption and leaves the body. In rats, about 89% of the dose has left the body within 4 days but it leaves the body at a slower rate if more is consumed. Bromadiolone is considered a single-dose anticoagulant because it delivers a lethal dose after one feeding, not several doses like warfarin and diphacinone, by binding more tightly with enzymes that produce blood-clotting agents.

How to Use Tomcat Rat Poison Effectively

Bait stations are best used in areas where rodents are likely to find them. Mice usually don't travel more than 10-20 feet from their nest to scavenge for food but rats can travel up to 150 feet away. Rodents don't see very well and run along walls to search for food. The rest of the time, they tend to hide in dark, warm areas like under a sink, refrigerator, or oven.

To determine where to place bait stations for the best results, try to isolate where rodents are hiding or feeding. Look for evidence of rodents such as droppings, urine, or dark smudges on baseboards. You may also hear rodents in the walls late at night. To quickly kill a rat, place bait stations between their suspected nest and their food source.

Tomcat bait stations can be used indoors and outdoors to treat a rodent problem inside your home and at entry points.

The following are effective areas to use rodenticide bait:

  • Around the perimeter of your home such as around garage and entry doors, under windows, and areas where utilities enter the home.
  • In sheds, garages, and near woodpiles where rodents hide.In the attic and in drop ceilings.
  • Under refrigerators and warm, dark areas in the kitchen but away from food sources.

For rats, bait stations should be placed 15 to 30 feet apart. Mice bait stations can be placed 8 to 12 feet apart. With good placement, mice will typically sample bait and receive a lethal dose within just one day. Rats are more intelligent and cautious and may take more time to enter the bait station. If you do not get results within two or three days, change the location of the bait stations.

How Much Tomcat Rat Poison Do You Need to Use?

Tomcat rodenticide is extremely effective: a single four-ounce bait block of Tomcat Rat Killer is enough to kill up to 10 rats and a one-ounce bait block of Mouse Killer can kill up to 12 mice. A rodent only requires a small amount of bait from a bait station or bait block to receive a lethal dose so you shouldn't be worried if you don't see a large amount of missing bait.

What Happens if You Touch Rat Bait?

Bromadiolone rat poison is generally safe to touch, just like blood-thinning medication, and won't cause you to absorb any of the poison. In fact, warfarin, another common type of anticoagulant rat poison, is a common medication used to treat stroke and heart attack patients. The real risk comes from ingestion.

Always use gloves and wash your hands with soap after handling Tomcat poison and especially before using tobacco, eating, drinking, or using the restroom.

Do not handle the rodenticide near food, drinking water, or pet food.

Which Rodents Are Affected by Tomcat Poison?

Tomcat rat poison isn't just for rats; it's toxic to all rodents as well as mammals and birds. Bromadiolone is a potent rodenticide that can be used effectively against roof rats, Norway rats, house mice, field mice, and white-footed mice.

Can Tomcat Be Harmful to Children and Pets?

Yes, bromadiolone can be very harmful to children, dogs, and cats because mammals are also sensitive to anticoagulants just like rodents. Tomcat rat poison pellets and blocks should always be placed and stored out of reach of children and non-target animals. While dogs are more sensitive to bromadiolone than cats, consuming the bait can be toxic for both.

Dogs and cats can both be exposed to rat poison by eating the bait but they may also be exposed by eating a rodent that is already poisoned. Dogs may show symptoms within 3 to 7 days including vomiting, lethargy, bleeding of the nose and gums, a swollen abdomen, and difficulty breathing.

If left untreated, rodenticide poisoning can be fatal but fast treatment with vitamin K1 and sometimes blood transfusion can help a pet recover.

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  1. I baited packets for mice and chipmunks have eaten the bait. I have found two chippies in two days that are lethargy and I have put them in places where I hope my neighbors cats can’t find them. She has hunted mice but has never eaten any. How many chipmunks will I find within the next few days with symptoms of poisoning. I am not going to put packets outdoors any more, they are going under a closed off crawl space under the house. I hope to God that I will find no more chippies.

    • I would advise you to use traps instead, especially if they are going into your crawl spaces to die – the smell could be bad! There’s also a small chance the cat could get secondary poisoning if consuming poisoned rodents.


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