Terminix Pest Control Prices and Payment Plans

Guide To Terminix Pest Control & Prices

Within the pest control industry, Terminix occupies a top tier position in the industry due to the company’s firm commitment to residential and business pest control needs, as well as the company’s consistently innovative approaches to pest control. Terminix pest control cost in conjunction with the Terminix guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction in pest control removal are two features that aid in making Terminix such a popular company.

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Although costs are undoubtedly important to any sufferer of pest infestations, the quality of services offered and the flexibility in packages and payment plans are also significant factors for consumers when deciding what pest control company to hire. Terminix offers a wide range of service packages in generalized pest control and prevention in addition to excellently detailed, individualized treatment options for some of the most common pests.

Terminix Review

This review will explore the company as a whole and offer a breakdown of all services offered, associated costs, and preventative service plans that exist to make this company one of the most popular pest control choices.

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Why Terminix Pest Control?

For the majority of the existence of Terminix, this company has become synonymous with a reputation establishing it as the premier pest control option for battling termites. The popularity of the company goes far beyond simply having a termite connotation within its title, the proof of this is evidenced in their innovative usage of treatment plans that target termite behavior patterns as opposed to simple termiticide solutions.

Many consumers frequently wonder is Terminix worth it, and the proven results of the company over the years certainly validates the consensus that yes, Terminix is worth it. Consumers do not just get state-of-the-art termite treatment by choosing this company, you also get that same level of quality in a multitude of other individualized pest options for a multitude of common pests.

With over two million customers utilizing the Terminix advantage for pest maintenance, this company frequently earns high praise due to the inclusion of board-certified entomologists and skilled-pest control technicians who frequently update their training pattern to match the evolving nature of pest behavior. In fact, Terminix is frequently utilized by organizations at the governmental level due to the commitment to excellence Terminix experts consistently offer.

The Cost of Terminix

Cost is perhaps the most frequently asked question for any consumer considering hiring a pest control company. In fact, Terminix employees are probably asked more often than not how much does Terminix cost? It is certainly an important question and Terminix has spent years fine-tuning its service packages and providing the best-guessed rates before an inspection.

Although Terminix offers many different service plans for both treatment and prevention, the particular cost of a service cannot be judged until an inspection is carried out to assess the severity of the problem and also the pest in question. Terminix prices feature both individualized pricing based on the problem, as well as additional options to select preventative services throughout the year.

Singular Pest Infestations:

When you call a pest control company to report an infestation, this is usually the first point of contact that home or business owners have with pest control professionals. These types of services are frequently the most popular calls received for inquiries into Terminix pricing. A Terminix professional will come to your home and perform an initial inspection of the problem.

From there, a specialized service plan will be drawn up that will include a full-scale operation to fully eradicate the pests from the dwelling. Before the end of the visit, the technician will fully inform you of Terminix rates and procedures according to the task.

Terminix costs for existing infestations can range anywhere from $300 for small studio apartments or slightly larger units, to upwards of between $4-6,000 for large homes and businesses. This is all quantified based upon the chemicals and tools needed to eradicate the problem, as well as the skill and level of labor that it will take to fix the problem.

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Terminix Prevention Plans:

In addition to individualized pest control, Terminix also offers preventative care to keep infestations from reforming within the property or, to simply keep an existing infestation from returning. Once this type of service is requested, for an annual fee, Terminix technicians will visit your home throughout the year to apply intricate techniques to keep pests away with current formulations.

Terminix takes great pride in its preventative care options, and the guarantee to have a pest-free property and home is well worth any apprehensions that come with wondering if Terminix is expensive. Preventative care can give you the best peace of mind that exists in the uncertainty that comes with pest infestations.

Terminix costs form preventative care can range from $300 to $700 depending upon the level of maintenance and prevention of your request. Technicians will work closely with you to determine what pests could be problematic based upon your region. This is also a great option if Terminix eradicated a previous pest in your home.

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Terminix Treatment By Pest Type

When wondering what does Terminix cost for specific types of pest, the true answer lies with the specific pest in question, the severity of the problem, as well as the size of the infestation throughout your home or property. Terminix uses a multi-faceted method for specific pest control that is based on biological behavior patterns as well as the nature of the pest in question.

By using a more scientific approach in their initial assessment, Terminix technicians approach an infestation with the knowledge of what the pest thrives on as well as what skills will be necessary to eradicate the pests on a large scale. Terminix residential treatments can range anywhere from $300 to upwards of $4 to 5,000 depending on the initial assessment matched to Terminix costs.

Since each common pest can be different, an overview of how Terminix approaches pest control for each pest is necessary to gauge a more accurate look at Terminix prices.


The pest of which this company shares its name with is also one of the most common pests that Terminix battles against. The cost of termite treatment is always the most crucial deciding factor for homeowners suffering under a termite infestation. The cost can be so high because the work involved is monumental and incredibly complex.

Terminix technicians will do an initial inspection to judge the severity of the problem. Most pest control inspections are free; however, there are incredibly complex procedures that come with adequately analyzing and confirming the existence of active termites with a home. Terminix may charge a small consultation fee for a termite inspection in the range of $50 to $100.

The cost to exterminate termites can range anywhere between a few hundred dollars to upwards of a few thousand dollars, usually calculated based upon square footage. This will all depend on the size of the infestation and the required work and preventative measures to ensure the insect’s stay away. When all is said and done, the great thing about hiring Terminix is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the problem is under control.

Bed Bugs:

Terminix and bed bugs may not sound particularly well-matched, but this company is one of the most utilized in the war against bed bugs. Terminix bed bug cost varies depending on the size of the unit, the size of the infestation, and the method of the chosen treatment. Prices can range from as low as $300 to $5,000 depending on the methodology of eradication. Inspections are usually free and do not factor into Terminix bed bug removal costs.

Heat and insecticides are the two most effective treatments for ridding your home of bed bugs. Bed bugs cannot survive temperatures of 120 degrees and higher. The heat of these temperatures will kill all bugs and eggs without any possibility of the bugs developing resistance against heat.

With that being said, heat treatments can become problematic if the temperatures are not high enough and the unit is not exposed to the heat for 2 to 4 hours, which is where powerful, and state-of-the art heating equipment from Terminix truly comes into play. Terminix uses a range of heaters based upon the type of unit, with the peace of mind knowing that all valuables and contents of the home are assessed by the technicians to ensure the items can withstand the heat.

It is highly advisable to utilize a Terminix prevention plan after eradication to ensure that bed bugs do not return or go dormant within the home.

Ants and Cockroaches:

Terminix prices for ant and cockroach control are usually the most frequent on both residences and businesses, and Terminix pricing reflects this commonality by offering reasonable prices for these pests. Although not as potentially expensive as termite or bed bug infestations, ants and cockroaches can become overwhelming once they multiply.

Terminix costs for fighting against these common pests can typically range from $100 to upwards of $600. It must be understood that certain types of ants species such as carpenter ants and fire ants can involve outdoor pest control treatments. Which in addition to the complex behaviors of these types of ants, control procedures are also much different.

Rats and Mice:

Rodents are also a bit more difficult to treat than common pests such as ants and cockroaches. This is because rats and mice have very complex infestation behaviors, even though they are in fact mammals. When eliminating insects from your home, you may notice that the process is a bit easier and this is because insects are completely insect driven with only tiny, instinctive brains.

Therefore, chemicals that are actually quite common to human beings are the main types of poisons used to kill rodents. Diphacinone, bromadiolone, and brodifacoum are anticoagulants that are hidden inside of an attractive bait substance that should be placed in areas where rodents frequent. Terminix seeks to move away from these oversaturated methods for a more innovative approach.

Terminix addresses rodent infestations with scientific and technological precision being the premier method for eliminating them, not common, dangerous chemicals. Terminix rodent control methods can typically range from a few hundred to upwards of $1,500. Terminix addresses the problem beyond common procedures used to offer both innovation and complete elimination.

Terminix Plans

Have you ever wondered about the annual pest control cost of a company? It comes as no surprise that Terminix were some of the earliest pioneers in establishing beneficial annual, bi-annual, quarterly, and even monthly pest control prevention options.

A monthly Terminix inspection will generally cost between $40 to $50, based upon the size of the property, whereas a quarterly plan will typically run about $300. Terminix also offers a bi-annual plan for about $700 and one of the most popular plans, the annual plan, running about $1,000.

All of these plans feature superior pest control protection and are ensured with Terminix warranty protocols to safeguard any lapses in the coverage provided. Additionally, Terminix payment plan options exist to offer continuous prevention and maintenance for problem pests. With many different plans to choose from, it is almost certain that the plan of your choice will come with the 100% guarantee of quality that Terminix has been consistently known for.

In Summary

Terminix is one of the most popular pest control companies on both brand name alone, as well as proven results. Terminix prices consistently align with the quality of the work performed. Although the prices may be expensive in some viewpoints, the company is consistently given high marks in any collection of Terminix reviews.

DIY pest control efforts are fickle at best, and downright difficult at worst. Terminix strives to make its costs match the work required to eliminate some of the most complex pests on the planet. If pricing at any single time proves to be challenging for you, Terminix payments plans exist to keep these occurrences from happening by ensuring that premium pest control prevention is given based upon an interval of your choosing.

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