How to keep birds away from your car


Finding an effective method to keep birds away from your car will save you time and frustration that occurs with cleaning up bird poop on your vehicle. Rural areas and urban areas alike have their share of avian pests that create challenges for drivers. After yet another episode of a recent car wash being ruined by bird droppings, exasperated drivers are asking how to keep birds away from your car?

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What works to keep birds away from your car?

If you want to keep birds away from your car, use a reliable decoy method. A rendering of a snake or predatory bird will stop birds from pooping on car. Ultrasonic vibrations that radiate from specialty devices are also effective deterrents.

One of the most popular and effective ways to keep birds from coming near a parked car is to post a fake owl or snake in the vicinity. This item can actually be placed on the car itself, or at least close enough for birds to have a glimpse of it from virtually any approaching direction. Carports, decks, porches, and tall lawn ornaments provide natural display areas that fulfill the purpose without interfering with the natural landscape or design theme.

The Natural Enemy Scarecrow rotating head owl decoy has been a successful tactic for many users. This owl decoy features lifelike movement that keeps birds and other pests at bay. Owls are the obvious choice because they are the among the most stealthy and feared birds of prey. These proven devices are also effective at keeping squirrels, raccoons, and other pests away from cars, trash receptacles, and gardens.

Rubber or plastic snakes and other birds of prey are also effective deterrents when placed on or near cars. Bright colors attract the attention of flying birds but most likely will not fool raccoons and small rodents.

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how to stop birds from pooping on car

Best cleaning method for bird poop on cars

If the damage is already done, the first order of business is to clean bird poop off car. Not only is this nuisance messy and unsightly, but bird poop can actually cause real damage to property and cars. The acidity in their organic waste material makes birds a major enemy of automotive paint. Birds also carry disease and airborne particles that can be harmful if ingested. It can virtually destroy the lustrous enamel and create dull streaks and uneven spots. One of the most effective and least messy ways to clean bird poop off car is described below.

bird poop remover for your car
Drop wipes for removing bird poop on your car.

Drop Wipes are individual cloths that are pre-treated with a special formula designed to remove bird poop from cars. Also effective for eliminating water spots and other imperfections due to liquid or debris, the patent pending Drop Wipes are guaranteed to remove bird droppings. This miracle product is also effective on motorcycles, helmets, boating equipment, lawn ornaments, and outdoor patio furniture.

Popular oil based spray lubricants are another favorite method for cleaning soiled vehicles. Simply spray on the affected area and wait a few moments for the lubricant to set in and become absorbed by the fecal matter. Rub gently to thoroughly remove dried on poop or stubborn areas. Take care not to use fingernails or any abrasive cloth materials. A microfiber chamois works best for this unpleasant task. Now that this task to clean bird poop off your car has been dispensed with, drivers want to avoid a replay and figure out how to just keep birds away from a car in the first place.

What works to keep birds away from car mirrors?

Birds seem to have a vanity streak because they love perch on the side mirrors of cars. Inevitably, this results in bird poop on the car. To stop birds from pooping on your car, drivers must find a reasonable way to keep birds away from car mirrors.

Many car manufactures have actually helped this worldwide cause by one simple engineering technique. Mirrors that fold in toward the car will prevent birds from landing on the side mirrors. In most cases, they simply will not have enough room to rest comfortably. When flying by looking for unsuspecting vehicles, birds are likely to bypass those with mirrors that are practically flush with the car.

The popular theory of why birds are automatically drawn to mirrors is that they are attracted to their own reflection. Whether they believe another is really into them or simply want to investigate, they will fly directly toward car mirrors and even darkened or tinted car windows. Most birds realize before making contact that the mirror image was a ruse, but they will still perch on the side mirrors.

To combat this effect, an old sock can save the day. Simply stretch an old sock over the side mirrors to cover the glass, and therefore the reflection. When birds cannot see themselves or a potential mate in the glass, they will simply fly by without dropping any unwanted presents on the car.

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how to keep birds away from trees near your car
Hang reflective tape in trees near your car to stop birds roosting above.

How to keep birds away from trees near your car

While it may seem unfriendly to push birds out of their natural habitats, drivers often look for ways to commandeer trees in specific parking areas. Trees provide much needed shade on hot summer days and help keep vehicles from reaching sweltering temperatures while parked for several hours.

Modern technology and smart home devices have led to new innovations in pest control. Ultrasonic pest control devices can be an effective method to keep birds away from cars. When these devices are rigged to rooftops, telephone poles, and other peak locations, they can potentially keep birds away from trees near your car.

The technology in these ultrasonic devices used in pest control efforts are similar to those used in pet training techniques. A shrill noise vibration emits from the device at predetermined frequencies. This sound is inaudible to human ears, but definitely perceptible to the avian species.

Household pets may be disturbed by this noise, so it is best to test the device in their presence before permanently placing them on the property.

Is there a foolproof method to keep birds away from your car?

For drivers who are simply at their wit's end, there is actually a totally foolproof way to keep birds away from a car. Providing ample coverage for your vehicle allows you to park anywhere without concern of finding bird poop on car when you return.

Car covers work well for luxury vehicles, classics in storage, and even your daily use ride. Mobile car covers are much more user friendly than thick tarps that are difficult to manipulate.

The Budge brand car covers are a proven winner for regular users. They are lightweight enough to quickly put on and remove as needed. These durable car covers are effective protections against birds, bird poop, cats, squirrels, and any other creature that has designs on soiling your precious paint job. Putting on car covers before rainfall will also prevent unsightly water spots from forming.

Car covers are even an effective tool against light winds and other moderate weather events that can potentially damage the paint finish. These reliable car protectors are also effective at keeping out potentially harmful UV rays. The minimal exposure to the sun will keep the paint looking fresh and new, not to mention keeping vehicles nice and cool even when parked in the midday sun. The latest versions are so easy to put on and remove that it only takes one person to quickly maneuver the car cover.


In summary, we have covered a few different tactics to win the war against the birds who seem to live for the singular purpose of pooping on your car and making your life miserable. Obviously, there will be some times when your car is unprotected and exposed to the elements. In those cases, we have also discussed efficient ways to clean bird poop off the car while protecting the paint job.