How to Use Bed Bug Powder

Bed bugs are arguably one of the most loathed pests that apartment and home dwellers may potentially encounter. Fortunately, there are some products, tools, and methods that exist to help prevent and treat this problematic issue. Bed bug powder is one such product that I will discuss to help you stay on top of tackling this bothersome insect.

So what is the deal on how to use bed bug powder? Bed bug powders can be used to treat or prevent an infestation by applying a light coat of the substance with an applicator to the following areas:

  • Cracks and crevices
  • Wall gaps
  • Furniture legs
  • Carpet edges and more

I will dive into further detail regarding using bed bug powder as a pest control method in the home. Additionally, I will also touch on other pressing questions you may have regarding bed bug powders as well as provide a handy recommendation for the best product to try.

More Details on Using Powder to Treat Bed Bugs

It is good to know that a variety of options exist when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs and powder is one such alternative that can be taken advantage of. When using bedbug powders to control or prevent the spread of the parasite in the home there are a few important considerations to take into account.

Preparation and safety: Prepping in advance is key to a safe experience when using insect control items. Labels, labels… I can't stress enough the importance of thoroughly reading all safety and usage instructions on the particular product label or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if applicable. In addition, coming prepared with the proper gear to wear is equally important. This can include having items at your disposal such as gloves, eye goggles, dust masks, and/or respirator masks for example.

Attack plan: Decide where treatment efforts will be focused. These would ideally be locations where activity has been detected or suspected as well as tight spaces where the bugs could be hiding out. Recommended areas include cracks and crevices in affected rooms, around baseboards, carpet and flooring edges, below appliances and door frames, within wall gaps, and behind wall outlets, ensuring to avoid getting powder in the actual electrical outlet. It is also beneficial to apply powder around furniture legs to increase the chance of exposure to the insect in the event of crawling up any furniture like beds or couches.

using diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugsCareful and precise application: Great care should be taken when applying bed bug powders. I would strongly encourage the use of a duster applicator to aid in disbursing the powder in a controlled manner. Also, using an applicator helps to get deep into those spaces for more effective layering.

Follow-ups: Stay diligent in checking up on treated areas. While regularly inspecting these locations in the home take note and assess if still seeing signs of activity or experiencing bites. If conditions are not improving as expected it may be necessary to reapply the treatment or apply on a more frequent basis.

What’s in Bed Bug Powder and What Does It Do Exactly?

That is understandably an excellent question. As with anything brought into the home, it is important to know where a product came from and what it is comprised of. The main ingredient in the majority of bed bug powders is diatomaceous earth or D.E. as it is sometimes referred to. Well, what on earth is diatomaceous earth?


Diatomaceous Earth

D.E. is a natural product that is made up of diatoms, which are very small fossilized water plants. In terms of the actual mechanics of D.E., these plant particles have the ability to penetrate through the pest's waxy outer protective layering thus eventually terminating the bed bug via dehydration. For many, an organic product like D.E. to assist in the eradication of a bed bug infestation is a preferred method.

Diatomaceous Earth to kill bed bugs

Furthermore, as I briefly mentioned above, it is imperative to read all instructions and warning labels before applying any treatment and D.E. is no different. Although the potential benefits by far seem to outweigh any potential risks, it is wise to follow all directions to ensure the most positive outcome possible.

Is Bed Bug Powder Toxic?

Bed bug powders are generally safe for humans when used properly. I would ensure the proper type or grade of the product is being used. For instance, food-grade is typically safe for indoor use, while pest control grade is not. Regardless of grade, caution should still be exercised as these powders can be eye and lung irritants if accidentally inhaled. Working in a well-ventilated area as well as not inadvertently kicking up the product excessively after the application is also helpful.

If concerned about being overexposed to the material some potential symptoms of overexposure may include shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. If any of these signs are experienced, medical care should be sought as soon as possible to be properly evaluated.

How Long Does It Last?

Most bed bug powders are designed to last at least several weeks, while some can even last years if undisturbed in the right conditions. To maximize longevity and effectiveness the powder needs to remain dry. This could pose a possible challenge if in a location with high humidity. However, to combat this issue, the use of a dehumidifier may help.

How Effective Is Bed Bug Powder?

Effectiveness and timeframe for results are not 100% predictable all of the time and may vary from household to household. However, when combined with or used in conjunction with other bed bug pest control products, the success rate chances are greatly strengthened. For example, utilizing tools like liquid bed bug spray along with mattress and box spring encasements can contribute to working towards an overall comprehensive bed bug treatment plan for your home.

Moreover, bed bug powders also work on other pests as well. So if any ants, cockroaches, or other insects have been a bother, this product would definitely be a wise investment in handling those additional pest issues. After all, why not knock out two birds with one stone?

Which Bed Bug Powder Is the Most Effective?

Although there are many choices when it comes to which bedbug powders to use, one item should definitely be at the top of the list.

A great product to employ in the fight against bed bugs that I recommend is Harris Bed Bug Killer Diatomaceous Earth Powder (see on Amazon). While results can vary from one unique situation to another, most users have reported an overall satisfactory experience with the product.

Some key feature highlights to note are that bed bugs are killed within 48 hours of contact, the powder continues to kill the bugs for up to four weeks, an applicator is included in the package, and the product and company are EPA registered.

Backed by the reliability of a long-standing company founded in the 1920s, you can't go wrong with trying Harris Bed Bug Killer Powder to support your efforts in getting rid of the parasitic critters.

In Summary

I hope this information has provided helpful insight into how to use bed bug powder along with a great product to try. Believe me, I know that no one likes to fathom having to deal with the issue of insect invasions. However, if you find yourself in that unfortunate position, you can rest assured that bed bug powders are a viable choice to use in defending your home against these unpleasant pests.

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