How to Keep Birds From Building Nests Under Carports

If you have a carport, you will need to know how to keep birds from building nests under the carport and in other popular areas near your home. We have great suggestions and products to help you solve the problem of unwanted birds and other pests.

How do you keep birds from building a nest under your carport? By making your carport as unappealing to birds as possible by using scare tactics and diversions you can stop them nesting or even entering the carport in the first place.

Will Birds Build Nests Under Carports?

Yes, birds love quiet and secluded corners like those found under carports and roof awnings. These hideaway areas give them a much-needed respite from potential predators and allow them to concentrate on their young. The corners under carports are also temperature-controlled and weatherproof compared to nests built in treetops. These are just some of the reasons birds like to build nests under carports.

White breasted Woodswallow mud nest built on carport
White breasted Woodswallow mud nest built under carport.

How Do You Keep Birds From Building Nests Under Your Carport?

There is no easy solution for protecting your carport from birds who are looking for a place to build their nests. The first thing you want to do is make the area as unfriendly to birds as possible. Fake owls and snakes have been effective in keeping certain areas of homes and carports free from birds.

In most cases, they are not sure if the potential threat is real, but they are not willing to take the chance. The unwanted birds will simply fly on by and look for the next best spot to build a nest. Noisemakers are an equally effective deterrent for birds who are considering subletting your carport or garage.

What’s the Best Way to Get Birds Out of Carports?

If you already have an infestation of birds in your carport, the scare tactics probably will not be effective. Birds have a keen sense of smell and will immediately notice that something is unusual about your fake owls or snakes. They may realize something new is in the area but they will not be frightened enough to fly the proverbial coop.

It is almost always safe to remove a bird nest when it is empty. However, if you notice that there are unhatched eggs or baby birds present you should just leave the nest alone. When all inhabitants have moved on, you will be able to safely remove the nest and all the debris left behind. Birds are prone to nesting in the same place, so if you take the trouble to remove a nest be sure to insert a scare tactic in its place. Otherwise, you will be right back where you started.

bird nest under garage roof

When Should You Remove a Birds Nest?

The time of day does not really matter when it comes to removing a bird's nest from a carport, garage, or other areas near your home. This will depend on personal preference and the type of bird that has chosen to nest in your garage.

Keep in mind that birds are typically busiest in the early morning hours. This means they are out foraging for food and are less likely to be hanging around waiting to defend their nest.

Very few birds are nocturnal, so if you plan to remove a nest in the evening hours you may encounter the occupants. Be prepared to protect yourself, especially your face, head, and neck.

How Do You Keep Birds Out of an Open Garage?

The obvious answer is that if you have a garage that closes, it should be kept closed when it is unoccupied. It takes birds at least several days to build an inhabitable nest. If you do not have garage doors or you primarily use a carport, there are ways to keep birds out of open garage areas. First, be proactive. Do not give birds a chance to hone in on your territory and pick a place to build their nests.

Next, install an effective bird scare deterrent. This could be a motion sensor lighting system or a fake predator decoy. Finally, sweep the area regularly and be on the lookout for any signs that you've had unwanted visitors in the area.

How Do You Remove Birds That Are Trapped in a Garage?

If a bird has gotten inside your garage or home, you must deal with the situation very carefully. They are likely to be erratic and move very quickly trying to find an exit. Their panic has the potential to cause much destruction to your home and property.

A bird stuck in the garage at night is especially dangerous depending on the species. Some birds see very well at night while others are nearly blind. Either way, move cautiously and try not to seem threatening. Provide as many exits as possible, opening every window and door that is available. Outside lights may lure the bird outside, but try to keep the area quiet because the excess noise will spook them even further.

Best Products for Keeping Birds Out of Garages

The Gardener by Dalen is an effective deterrent guaranteed to keep birds out of garage and carport areas. This realistic owl features a rotating head and lifelike movements. This much-feared predator has been proved to work and will keep any unwanted pests at bay. The Homescape Creations Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods are another great alternative for homeowners trying to eliminate bird nests and other avian-related problems. These scare rods work in two different and equally effective ways.

First, the shiny aluminum works as a harsh reflector of the sun's powerful rays. This both produces uncomfortable glare for birds and radiates a tremendous amount of heat, making any roof or carport an unsuitable resting place. Second, the reflective scare rods feature a smooth surface that is unsuitable for landing. They can be used either horizontally or vertically and will produce the same results.

Visual scare rods fro keeping birds out of garages and carports
Scare rods like these can help repel birds.

These reflective scare rods are highly effective and received overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from existing customers. They are also quite beautiful and can double as an inexpensive home decor item that would easily grace any outdoor homestyle magazine cover. You can also try reflective scare tape for birds.

Reflective scare rods help protect birds and windows from inadvertent accidents. Also, they do not feature harsh points or anything that remotely resembles razor wire. This is a safe and environmentally friendly way to force birds to avoid your home and garage.

What Tools Are Needed to Remove Bird Nests?

You can remove a bird's nest with virtually anything you have on hand. A rake, a broom handle, and just about any other long-handled object will be effective in knocking a bird's nest out of its resting spot. It is essential to remove all the debris surrounding the fallen nest so it cannot be reused for a new nest.

Birds that build mud nests are very studious home builders. They create clay-like mud structures that are very difficult to remove. They are initially built with mud that later dries and sticks to whatever it is near. In order to remove these strongholds, you may have to claw them apart with a hammer or sharp stick.

There are many different ways to keep birds from building nests in your home. You have learned how to remove existing birds' nests. If you have a bird stuck in the garage at night you can safely help it find its way out and protect yourself in the process. You have also been introduced to two of the best products to prevent birds from nesting in your garage or carport in the first place!

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