Do Mosquito Foggers Work?

When it seems like there is no possible solution to swarms of disease-carrying mosquitoes, it becomes easy to get lost in defeat. There are numerous products that guarantee to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard, but there is no denying that many of them cannot keep up with the rapid breeding habits of these insects. Mosquito foggers represent the best tool available to combat these relentless vectors of irritation and potential illness.

Do mosquito foggers actually work?

Mosquito foggers provide up to seventy-two hours of mosquito elimination through residual chemicals that stick to surfaces in residential properties. Mosquito foggers are proven to work and are the best line of defense against mosquitoes in residential settings.

Mosquito foggers work by coating the atmosphere and the surrounding foliage and structures of your yard in tiny particles of a mosquito insecticide. By heating up the chemical in a fogger, the chemical becomes atomized and broken into thousands of particles that are then able to cling to structures where they are administered due to the heating process. This also can keep the chemical particles floating in the air for hours at a time.

This makes the area where the fog was administered a mosquito death zone as well as a strong repellent against mosquitoes who venture into your yard in search of human blood. According to the California Department of Health Services:

Unlike agricultural or structural pesticide applications where the chemical is applied directly to a crop or structure, a ULV formulation is sprayed into the air column where it can contact and kill active mosquitoes.

Foggers are great tools to have because they allow a potent chemical to be dispersed into a manageable fog that can cover wide areas of your yard and stick to surrounding structures and the atmosphere for hours at a time.

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Is Fogging Effective Against Mosquitoes?

Mosquito foggers are perhaps the best method available to homeowners to not only kill present mosquitoes in and around your yard but also repel them from your yard for hours at a time. Simply spraying mosquitoes or burning repelling candles is not enough to adequately address a mosquito problem around your yard.

Mosquitoes are flying insects, meaning there is no way to control where they can go and when they go, although it is important to eliminate potential breeding spots for mosquitoes and educating yourself on exactly how mosquitoes operate is important to reduce their numbers in your yard as well.

What makes other efforts apart from fogging so unsuccessful is that mosquitoes are an exterior pest that is difficult to contain for easy elimination. Apart from coating yourself is unpleasant chemicals, fogging is the only successful way to eliminate mosquitoes.

Even with fogging that can last up to three days at a time, you can always count on mosquitoes to return, therefore investing in a quality fogger is well worth your time and resources.

How Long Does Fogging Last?

Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture and areas where humans and animals frequently congregate, so this usually means your yard. The benefit of using a mosquito insecticide as fog is that the particles become dispersed into numerous amounts which act as a residual once they stick to surrounding areas. Mosquitoes will be killed once the chemical is breathed in or if they land and areas covered in the chemical.

Once administered, the chemicals will keep the mosquitoes away for up to three days depending on the brand of fogger you use with each application. It is important to remember that mosquitoes continuously breed, and measures should be taken to eliminate all mosquito breeding grounds of collected water around your home. Taking precautions will help to reduce the need of continuously having to use your fogger.

What is the Best Time for Fogging?

Mosquitoes are active all times of the day and this is especially true if you live in a damp or moist area. Typically, you will find that mosquitoes can be most prominent at dawn and dusk, which is typically the times of day when the sun isn’t as intense. You would want to fog during the early morning or early evening hours to maximize the rate of mosquitoes that can be quickly killed by the chemicals in the fog.

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Is Mosquito Fogging Harmful to Humans?

Not only do mosquito foggers most certainly work, but they are also completely safe to humans if overexposure to the pyrethroid chemicals is not substantial. Most mosquito repellents that are made to be used in foggers are generally safe, using various types of pyrethroids that are generally well-tolerated around humans and pets.

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What is the Best Mosquito Fogger?

You will find that the benefits of using any grade of mosquito fogger are substantial, but for the very best fogging experience, a ULV (ultra-low volume) mosquito fogger is the best model to invest in. These types of foggers aggregate the chemicals at a more potent and far-reaching chemical mixture and radius of coverage.

ULV mosquito foggers are the models used by professional exterminators to target mosquitoes and this type of fogger will kill more mosquitoes for a longer duration of time.

In Summary

Mosquito foggers certainly work to kill and repel mosquitoes and are the best weapon in your arsenal to utilize. Mosquito foggers work by atomizing pyrethroid chemicals into tiny particles that take the form of a fine fog that covers surrounding structures and the atmosphere in mosquito repellent.

Mosquito foggers are safe to humans and pets and will provide you with the most relief from mosquitoes than any other product on the market.


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