How to get rid of pigeons with poison

how to poison pigeons

Killing pigeons by poisoning them – good or bad? Pigeons are considered a pest. They are not pretty to look at nor do they wake us up with a beautiful dawn chorus, like other native and non-native birds do. In fact, many people believe that pigeons are flying rats and therefore should be eradicated just … Read more

Best Dove and Pigeon Decoys

best dove and pigeon decoys

There are various techniques used for hunting and shooting pigeons and doves, however, the most popular has to be decoys. How to use pigeon and dove decoys To successfully hunt pigeons and doves using decoys you’ll need to monitor their flight line, detect wind direction and place the decoys in a specific pattern facing the … Read more

Do Pigeons Carry Diseases?

what diseases do pigeons carry

Most of us don’t consider birds to be pests. In fact, many of us hang feeders and fill up birdbaths in our backyard in order to actively encourage them to visit. But some birds, such as pigeons, can cause just as much damage to your property as an infestation of rats, bed bugs, or fleas. … Read more

How to keep pigeons away from bird feeders

how to keep pigeons away from bird feeders

Guide to keeping pigeons away from bird feeders Pigeons, also known as rock doves, are one of the most successful species on the planet. Although humans are responsible for the extinction of hundreds of bird species (most notably the pigeon’s cousin, the passenger pigeon) this one species has thrived. People have never forgiven them for … Read more