Best Coronavirus Face Masks – Do N95 Respirator Masks Protect You?

Throughout human history, many types of viruses have struck humankind which remind us all how precarious the most basic situations in life can be. The Wuhan Coronavirus has taken both the worldwide health community and the world as a whole by storm within the first two months of 2020. Although the sickness can be transmitted very easily, there are some precautions that can be taken to limit transmission of the virus.

Because this dangerous virus is primarily spread through human contact, hand washing is still the best precaution that can be taken to limit transmission. Face masks are reported to be ineffective if hand washing is not primarily observed; however, masks can indeed help to limit exposure through coughing.

In determining the best coronavirus face mask, not all face masks are going to be properly effective in preventing the pathogen from entering the respiratory tract. For example, regular surgical masks are not going to be thick enough to prevent inhaling the pathogens, but an N95 mask, commonly used for construction work, may very well be strong enough to prevent transmission through inhalation.

What is the best coronavirus face mask?

An N95 respirator mask is likely to be the best face mask to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. Regular, thin masks are not thick enough to prevent the pathogens from entering the lungs.

N95 respirator mask is best for coronavirous
A N95 respirator mask is best for protecting against the coronavirous.

Do N95 Respirator Masks Protect from the Coronavirus?

Face masks are very beneficial to your lungs for a large array of tasks including construction work, general cleaning, as well as the administration of certain harsh chemicals. An N95 respirator mask takes the basic benefits of wearing face masks and adds additional levels of security to the respiratory system.

What makes these masks so effective is the thickness of the material combined with a filter which prevents the tiniest of particles from being able to enter the airways. General masks are usually very lightweight and thin and are only effective for larger particles from entering the lungs.

Regarding an N95 face mask and the coronavirus, there is much debate about the effectiveness of any mask being able to filter out this pathogen. Since this virus is primarily spread through human contact, it should be understood that the hands are typically the first place the virus will be transmitted.

Always wash hands in warm water with antibacterial soap frequently throughout the day and avoid touching the face or mouth at all costs.

For practical purposes, an N95 respirator mask is the best coronavirus face mask available on the planet in a retail capacity. The filtering mechanism that is meant to cover the nose will keep virtually all types of airborne particles from entering the lungs.

This isn’t to say that other face masks will not provide protection, but the more security measures attached to the mask, the better the results will be in terms of preventing sickness. These masks are usually meant to keep out larger particles, yet the masks are also very good at preventing fumes and even microscopic particles up to 0.3mm from entering the lungs.

Therefore, the N95 face mask is the best mask for battling against contracting the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Will A Typical Surgical Mask Work Against This Virus?

No, a regular surgical mask is not thick enough to keep the coronavirus pathogens from entering the airway. Wearing an N95 respirator mask is not always the most comfortable experience, but these thick masks with filtration systems are some of the only types of masks with the required thickness of keeping out tiny virus particles.

Surgical masks are certainly more popular due to the uninhibited aspects with these types of masks, yet the thinness of this mask is not suitable against a virus, even though these masks are a bit more comfortable than the N95. People will also typically breathe out of the edges of an N95 mask, which is making the breathing process much more difficult.

A surgical mask is really only meant to help keep large and obstructive particles out of the lungs. Chemicals and pathogens, which have the lightness of fumes, can still enter into the lungs through a thin mask, which makes them virtually useless against the coronavirus.

How Does an N95 Face Mask Keep Me from Getting the Coronavirus?

Since there is still a lot of work to be done in trying to prove what is effective against this virus and what isn’t, we can only go by scientific results with some precautions and compare those facts with preventative measures against pathogens. An N95 mask is more thick and durable than a regular, thin mask in terms of the coronavirus.

An N95 respirator mask has an aforementioned filtration system attached to it. While the prevention attributes of a regular surgical mask are only modest, an N95 mask is much more effective at keeping a range of particles out of the lungs.

The human lungs are actually quite efficient at inhaling a large variety of particles in the air and processing those particles out of the lungs. This is ineffective when it comes to fumes from harsh chemicals or pathogens which are nearly microscopic in appearance.

The Wuhan Coronavirus affects the human respiratory system, which means this virus is seeking as quick an entry point to the lungs as possible. An N95 mask is made of a more durable and thicker material to cover the face. This alone works well to keep larger particles from entering the lungs, but the true wonder of this mask comes with the filter that is meant to cover the nose and the mouth.

Particles and pathogens both large and small are almost always caught in this system before finding an entryway into the lungs. The drawback of this type of mask is in both comfort and breathing difficulty.

Because an N95 mask is so thick, people frequently feel the need to remove the mask after about 30 to 45 minutes since they feel as if their breathing is being constricted. It is important to refrain from doing this is you are using the mask to keep from becoming infected by coronavirus.

Also, the masks can be uncomfortable on the face after a certain amount of time. An N95 mask is bulky and warm, which also makes people feel compelled to periodically remove the mask.

An N95 mask is currently the best face mask available for retail distribution. Although the verdict is still out on the true effectiveness of any mask regarding this highly contagious virus, this type of mask is currently the best you can purchase to avoid contracting the virus from a cough.

Where Can I Purchase the Best N95 Respirator Mask?

N95 masks are currently a very popular item due to this virus. You can currently purchase single or bulk N95 masks on Amazon. Production of these masks is expected to rise, therefore, if you find the masks out of stock, frequently check back.

In Summary

The Wuhan Coronavirus is currently affecting nearly every country on earth where human civilization exists. Although this is indeed a very concerning and potentially frightening occurrence, diligence on your part should always be at the forefront of your mind for both yourself and your loved ones.

Frequent handwashing and avoiding placing the hands anywhere near the face is the best way you can ensure that you do not contract this virus. Additionally, an N95 mask is likely the best kind of face mask available for purchase to prevent contracting the virus through infected, airborne-coughs.

Although supplies of these masks are currently quite precarious, obtaining these masks and wearing them in heavily-affected areas is certainly a good preventative practice. This virus is potentially lethal to people with compromised immune systems, therefore, these particular individuals should always have first priority in obtaining these masks.

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