How Much Does a Mouse Exterminator Cost?

A mouse infestation often leaves sufferers wondering how to get rid of mice without having to spend a large amount of money on pest control. With this important factor in mind, it is also crucial to understand that a mouse infestation is sometimes best addressed by the thorough inspection provided by an exterminator.

There are many different types of DIY procedures and products you can try to address rodent control, yet the unknown factor of just how many mice have infested your home may be inadequate with over-the-counter products. A pest control professional will seek to know the full extent of the problem before a treatment procedure is decided upon.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Mouse Exterminator?

Hiring a pest control professional for mice extermination can vary greatly in cost. There are rough estimates that can be provided for ranges, however, the final cost is difficult to calculate since the severity, size, and extent of the infestation are all variables that go into the final cost.

It is difficult to know exactly how much the pest control technician will charge until he/she can assess the situation. This is where initial inspections factor in and these services are sometimes free or reasonably priced in the vicinity of $50 to $100.

Once an initial inspection is conducted, the pest control can scale the cost to the extent of the infestation throughout your home. A rodent infestation can be small or massive depending on how long the problem has been festering.

You will also want to find service provider preferably within your zip code as this can often ensure the best and most reasonable rates since it cuts down on the distance that must be traveled by the service provider. To find the most reasonable pest control service provider, it doesn't hurt to call around and get estimates over the phone, which is how you can often find free initial inspections.

A true final cost can only be provided by a service provider once an inspection has been conducted, however, there are some rough estimates generally associated with the cost of hiring a rodent control specialist. After the inspection, which has likely included a full assessment of all rodent entry points, a pest control provider will often give a quote.

Smaller infestations generally range between $100 to $150 provided that the infestation is mice and not larger, more aggressive rodent types. This estimate can fluctuate depending on if the mice have caused extensive damage via entry points and/or large amounts of waste.

Larger mice infestations can range between $175 to upwards of $300 to $500 depending on just how massive the infestation is. The larger the rodent problem is, the harder it will be to get your house free of the problem.

Mice control services are based upon many different factors, therefore, it is always best to keep preventative measures, repair costs, and the size of the unit, and any possible follow-up treatments in mind.

mice cause damage to your home

How Does An Exterminator Get Rid of Mice?

Pest control professionals usually provide a wide array of services to control mice infestations. The first step in removing mice from a home is to immediately seal all entry points into the home. Rodents come from the outside, either slipping through tiny holes that lead into the home or gnawing and burrowing fresh holes to move freely between the inside and outside.

These entry points are usually located near pipes and vents, which give the rodents tiny slips in which to enter the home. Pest control professionals will usually use caulking to completely seal up these tiny cracks and any holes will also be filled in.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that rodents like unsanitary conditions and clutter. Keep the inside and outside of your home as clean as possible to prevent attracting mice and other rodents.

The actual removal process of mice should only be undertaken by pest control professionals who specialize in rodent removal. A specialist will usually set a series of traps that both draw rodents out and trap them for removal.

Once all of the rodents have been removed from the home, preventative measures will be undertaken to keep the rodents out. All vegetation and overgrown bushes and trees should be scaled back and kept trim to avoid providing rodents entryways to enter into the home.

All food inside of the home should be kept sealed in containers to prevent attracting rodents and floors should be regularly vacuumed and mopped. Outdoor food for pets should be strictly controlled and never left out overnight since this will also draw rodents from far away.

The process is highly varied and no single pest professional will necessarily provide the exact same kind of service each and every time. The process to get rid of mice from your house is mostly based on just how many mouse generations have settled in.

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When Should You Call an Exterminator for Mice?

When deciding on how to get rid of mice, hiring a pest service professional is always the most assured and efficient method you can take. When making the initial call for services, be sure and mention how many mice you commonly see in your house.

The more details you can provide, the better the pest service professional will be equipped to assess the possible situation in front of them. In assessing when you should call to get services, you will likely already know that the situation has gotten to the point where you are alarmed by what you are witnessing.

A quick google search with the words ‘pest control near me,' will always return a multitude of results based on your zip code. To make your search much easier and to help you get started, simply fill out our convenient pest control professional contact form for a local service provider based on your needs.

Additional Questions

How Do You Know When All the Mice Are Gone?

A rodent infestation is difficult to expel from a house, therefore the services provided by a pest professional are usually the best course of action to ensure that the problem is completely eliminated. Unless you want to poke around in unsanitary and potentially dangerous mouse habitats within your home, the job is best left to an exterminator.

You can take up the offer after rodent elimination to choose a service plan that will bring you assurances and pest prevention throughout the rest of the year. This is a good investment in the long run, as it eliminates the possibility of frequent visits that will charge similar costs for services all over again when savings could have been much more substantial by having a revolving service and prevention plan from the company.

Financial savings and general peace of mind are assured with regular mice inspections. This is also one of the only real ways to know for sure if the mouse problem is completely eradicated from your home.

How to Prepare for a Mice Extermination Treatment

Before you get started in having treatment for mice by a pest professional, a free or reasonably-priced inspection is usually performed. After this inspection, a service professional will likely give you some tips on how to prepare for the day of treatment.

Have detailed notes on all mice activity you have seen and go over this with the service provider. This will help the exterminator pinpoint exact areas to begin treating for the rodents.

Other important preparations to make include cleaning and vacuuming the floors and ensuring that all furniture is moved away from the walls. Make sure all trash is removed from the home and food is put away to avoid contamination.

In Summary

The cost to remove mice from your home by a pest professional can range widely. Initial inspections are sometimes free, or at the very least, reasonably priced.

The range is generally between $100 to $500 depending on various factors concerning your home and the size of the infestation.


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