How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

how to get rid of woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are an interesting case within the pest control industry since the birds can be classified as an environmental necessity as well as being a pest at the same time. Woodpeckers help to regulate the insect population near your home, but most of the time, the harm the birds cause to wood structures and the … Read more

Why do woodpeckers peck?

why do woodpeckers wood

Woodpeckers are relatively picky and don’t just make their home in any old yard. It has to have a plentiful food supply, hollow trees and be located in a nice warm area. Why do woodpeckers peck wood? Woodpeckers peck wood for food, to create nesting spaces, attract mates and communicate with other birds. For these … Read more

Do woodpeckers use bird houses to nest in? Which ones are best?

woodpecker bird house

A woodpecker birdhouse is a great way to deter woodpeckers from drilling holes in your house and ruining desirable trees, whilst providing an excellent place for them to nest. Woodpecker bird houses Do woodpeckers use bird houses? Yes, a woodpecker bird house provides a valuable home for many different types of woodpecker. They offer birdwatchers … Read more