Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Review

Good Life Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Review


Pest control is a rapidly evolving field with new and innovative ways to target problem pests arising constantly. The need for toxic chemicals that cause more harm than good in many circumstances is consistently being reevaluated in favor of natural and manual techniques to control pest populations.

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT works by targeting insects and rodents with noise, vibrations, and the release of negative ions in highly pressurized techniques. These techniques effectively repel a variety of insects and rodents back outdoors due to the inhabitable environment created by the repeller.

The following review will take an in-depth look at Pest Repeller Ultimate AT by Good Life to provide context for just how well the unit is at repelling pests. Not all repelling equipment works well for some of the most popular interior pests, therefore, this guide will present our findings with the unit in these circumstances and more.

How Does Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Work?

This product works as an ultrasonic pest repellent with sound frequencies, vibrations, and odor repellent properties that work simultaneously to repel a wide range of pests. As an electrical device, this product can actively keep pests away without the need for harsh chemicals or manual labor to actively fight against pests.

Electronic pest control has received stellar reviews recently as a shift to more natural and less intrusive methods to battle pests have become more attractive in reducing the potential dangers that come with chemical pest control practices. With this in mind, it must be understood that pest control electronic models will only help to keep pests away from your home and not a practical method for killing them.

The ultrasonic frequencies emitted from the repeller cover spaces up to 5,000 sq ft and are completely undetectable to human ears. These sounds are piercing to insects and rodents to the point of extreme discomfort, which will send the pests fleeing from the noise.

Electromagnetic vibrowave technology

The electromagnetic vibrowave technology works in conjunction with the ultrasonic frequencies to add uncomfortable vibrations to the surrounding environment. It may seem odd to think that ultrasonic waves could disrupt the activities of pests, but the technology irritates the central nervous system of insects and rodents that are nesting inside of the walls near the wiring.

Finally, the release of negative ions are beneficial in dual ways: the ions cleanse the surrounding air of pollutants in addition to alerting the pests of impending danger.

Through ultrasonic frequencies, ultrasonic waves, and the release of beneficial ions, the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT attacks pests with three technologies at once, which is certainly enough to label the product as an effective repeller.

How Long Does it Take for Ultrasonic Pest Repellers to Work?

Electronic pest control, in general, begins working immediately by emitting frequencies to cause pests discomfort. There is no process by which the frequencies need to build-up effective levels to repel pests.

Even though this ultrasonic pest repeller begins to work immediately, some pests may not respond to the frequencies at all, while others may start escaping the frequencies immediately. Make sure you plug the repeller into areas where known pest activity has been seen.

Good Life suggests giving the ultrasonic pest repeller upwards of 2-4 weeks to completely eradicate pests from your home. The science behind this length of time is based on repeated bombardments of the frequencies to drive the pests away completely.

Product reviews have frequently mentioned results within as little as a few days to upwards of a few weeks; it is simply a wait and see type of product.

How does the Good Life pest repeller work

Does Pest Repeller Ultimate Really Work?

Ultrasonic sound and ultrasonic pest repellers that use other technologies to disrupt pest activity have frequently been met with mixed reviews by both the scientific community and the pest control community. The reasoning behind this is varied, but when it comes to some of the most volatile types of invasive pests, such as bed bugs and cockroaches, eradication methods to get rid of the pests are essential to have a pest-free home.

Pests are not as mindless as we sometimes mistake them to be; repelling noises and vibrations will not necessarily keep bed bugs away since human blood is essential for the insect's survival. Most pests will simply become accustomed to the noises, vibrations, and smells over time and will begin to ignore the frequencies.

With this said, pests that do not really on human beings for their survival could effectively be repelled by the frequencies emitted from electronic pest control products. Good Life regularly receives good reviews for their products, but it must be understood that keeping pests away will only work for so long dependant on the type of pest that is causing you problems.

The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT will help you to get rid of pests, however, there is no guarantee that the pests will not return to the home or that the pests will simply become accustomed to the frequencies over a long period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bell Howell Pest Repeller Work?

The Bell Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (see on Amazon) also uses both sound and vibrations to repel pests away from a home. Unlike the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT by Good Life, the Bell Howell model does not add the ion technology which kills dust mites and provides a sense of danger to the pests.

Reviews for the Bell Howell model are generally good for simple repelling features, yet complaints are often made regarding the inability of the product to keep certain types of indoor pests away. This is one of the most common problems that are seen with electronic pest control, including the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT model.

If you want to effectively get pests out of your home, it is simply going to take much more than products that only work to repel the pests.

Which Electronic Pest Repeller Works Best?

Electronic pest control does have some highly effective types of products, with mosquito traps, and zappers being some of the most useful products in this field. Pest repellers that rely on techniques to repel pests without necessarily killing them will provide temporary control, with some products being better than others.

The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT by Good Life can be said to be one of the best electronic pest repellers on the market based on the triple technology used within the product. Most repellers only rely on sound and vibration to repel pests, but the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT also adds ion technology to its arsenal, which can also benefit the atmosphere within your home.

The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT also provides up to 5,000 square feet of coverage to ensure that pests can be subjected to the frequencies throughout the home. Since three technologies working at one time is certainly more effective than two technologies, the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is a certainly a good product to consider.

The Verdict

Good Life is a company that frequently strives to provide effective pest control to get results without the need for harsh chemicals. The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is an effective new product in the Good Life brand that uses sound, vibration, and ion frequencies to effectively repel a wide range of pests from the home.

Although it will take many more measures to eradicate pests from a home completely, this product is worth a try if you wish to keep pests away without the mess and expense that can frequently come with standard pest control. This product is also beneficial in how it releases negative ions into the atmosphere, which will kill dust mites and help to keep the air quality within your home cleaned and free of allergens.

If you are not dealing with an infestation from some of the more extreme types of pests, this product is certainly worth your investment and will likely produce good results.



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