Hot Shot Fogger for Bed Bugs & Fleas

Hot Shot Fogger to Eliminate Bed Bugs and Fleas

There are few household pests that create more fear than bed bugs. Just hearing the word makes people cringe. A bed bug infestation can literally take years to eliminate.

The hibernation period of this hated little pest allows them to sink into a sleep mode and they can go months without feeding. This means that adult bed bugs and their unborn offspring can lie dormant for several months. They hide in furniture, on mattresses, and even inside the walls.

Homeowners may believe the problem was resolved, but it could be just a matter of time before they resurface.

Fleas are another household nuisance that is difficult to get rid of and creates damage to the occupants. Whether they come from a pet or simply catch a ride from a family member coming inside from a day of hiking, fleas quickly make themselves at home. They nest in the carpet, on bedding, and on pets. Both bed bugs and fleas bite, creating moderate to severe discomfort for pets and humans. Both of these pests are also known for their rapid reproduction processes.

There are many treatment options available to homeowners, and some products actually offer a dual purpose of being effective at killing both bed bugs and fleas. These products include foggers:

hot shot bed bug and flea killer fogger

Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger

Hot Shot is a trusted brand in pest control. Foggers are useful tools for treating indoor areas such as bedrooms, utility rooms, closets, recreational vehicles, and much more. The Bed Bug and Flea Fogger come in a convenient three-pack combination. Now multiple rooms with a suspected infestation can all be treated at once.

The Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger have several key features:

  • Instantly kills bed bugs and fleas
  • Controls flea population up to 7 months
  • Prevents bed bugs, fleas, and lice from hatching
  • Stops recurrent infestations by ending life cycle
  • Treats up to 2,000 sq ft of enclosed space

The Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger are also highly effective against a number of other insects. Spiders, silverfish, lice, and gnats are all wiped out in one use. The benefit of treating specific pests is that general insect that you do not even usually see are also wiped out in the process. In most cases, recurrent infestations of these insects are also prevented for up to several months.

hot shot no mess fogger for killing bed bugs and fleas

Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger

Another popular Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger is the no-mess fogger. This model features a powerful odor neutralizer and does not leave the treated area smelling of chemicals. The same effectiveness users expect from Hot Shot has been packaged into a lighter version.

The Hot Shot No Mess Fogger has several key features:

  • Kills various bugs on contact
  • Treats up to 2,000 sq ft area
  • Keeps killing for up to six weeks
  • Not specifically designed for bed bugs
  • Fresh smelling odor neutralizer

This version is great to use when an infestation is suspected, but not confirmed. It kills most household bugs on contact and does not leave a messy chemical film on household products. There is no need to turn off natural gas pilot lights when using this product in the kitchen and dining areas. Food products should still be kept covered when the fogger is in use.

How to Use Hot Shot Fogger

The Hot Shot flea fogger is designed to be very easy to use. Fully read the Hot Shot Fogger instructions before setting off the fogger. Some preparation of the treatment area is required before activating the fogger. Following these instructions will ensure the best results for each use. Place the canister in the center of the room to be treated. When treating multiple rooms at once, the canister can be placed in common areas and wide hallways between rooms. Leave all doors, including closet and pantry doors, open when the fogger is in use. Only items being protected from the fogger should be kept behind closed doors.

The Hot Shot flea fogger canister should be placed on several unfolded pieces of newspaper on a barstool, tall chair, ladder, or some other tall piece of furniture. Placing the unit in the middle of the room ensures full coverage of the area to be treated. The newspaper is used to protect the furniture from any potential leakage from the fogger upon detonation. Prepare the room for treatment and do not set off the fogger until all other people and pets have been removed from the treatment area. When you know how to use a Hot Shot fogger, then you also know how to get rid of bed bugs.

What Items Should Be Covered Before Using Hot Shot Insect Fogger?

It is important to protect your household items before using any Hot Shot flea fogger product. Depending on what area of the home will be treated, you may need to close off other sections of the home. If you are using multiple foggers at one time, ensure that you treat each room that could potentially be impacted by the active ingredients.

Remove all food products from exposed surface areas before activating a fogger. The Hot Shot no mess fogger does not require that you turn off pilot lights before use, but chemicals are still being released.

Bedrooms should be prepared by removing all bedding and turning the mattress on end, perhaps leaning it against a wall or the bed frame. In all rooms, prepare for the fogging application by pulling furniture away from the walls.

Whenever possible, all items should be moved toward the center of the room. This best practice allows the fogger to penetrate all areas of the room, including corners and baseboards where little pests like to run and hide.

Outdoor areas such as recreational vehicles, sheds, and other buildings or structures outside the home should be prepped in a similar manner. Any large or bulky items can be placed outside the treatment area to ensure all nooks and crannies are penetrated.

A final task before using a flea and bed bug fogger is to turn off all electrical appliances and pilot lights. The Hot Shot no mess fogger does not require that pilot lights be extinguished, but most other formulas require this additional safety precaution. The chemicals in any fogger are potentially flammable and the contents of the can are under pressure. Unplugging devices and powering off appliances simply helps you avoid any unwanted risks of danger when operating a flea or bed bug fogger.

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What Does the Hot Shot Fogger Kill?

The Hot Shot fogger series kills a variety of insects that are common to most homes. The Hot Shot flea fogger is formulated specifically for fleas of all types and is still effective against water bugs, stink bugs, spiders, ticks, some species of ants, and other insects. It will continue killing fleas, including their larvae, to prevent future infestations for up to seven months.

If you have a known problem with a specific insect population, choose a Hot Shot fogger that is specially designed for infestations from that particular creature.

The Hot Shot flea and bed bug fogger have a special formula that will eliminate fleas and bed bugs on contact. When used properly, one fogger canister per room can wipe out a whole infestation of fleas and bed bugs. This formula is also effective on lice, ticks, and other common household insects. The fogger is not intended for use around humans and should be sprayed directly on insects.

No one should be in the area after the fogger has been activated unless they are wearing personal protective equipment. This may include safety eyewear, latex gloves, and a disposable respirator mask.

Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger

What Does Hot Shot Fogger With Odor Neutralizer Kill?

The Hot Shot no-mess fogger with odor neutralizer is effective at killing fleas, lice, and other household pests. This series can wipe out an infestation of fleas immediately with just one use. It will continue killing for several weeks. The no-mess fogger was designed to be used in circumstances where a quick fix is required. You can also use the Hot Shot no mess fogger when you are not sure if your home or pet has been exposed to fleas, but you have reason to suspect it.

The no-mess fogger was not designed to kill bed bugs. This canister will be useful in eradicating several common pests such as spiders, gnats, and even bees. It is useful in basements, cellars, attics, and crawl spaces to eliminate any hiding insects. But if you have a problem with bed bugs, opt for a different product that is specially formulated to kill those little nuisances.

Do Foggers Work on Fleas?

Yes, foggers work on fleas. You should choose a formula that was specifically created for flea populations. You will get some instant relief from any type of fogger because they will at least kill visible populations immediately. The Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger review indicated that the product continued to work for up to seven months after the initial use. This is an important feature when you want to get rid of fleas because they reproduce so quickly.

If you cannot kill the eggs and larvae, you will not be able to prevent the next generation from infesting your home. This pest definitely have a vicious life cycle. Look for a Hot Shot fogger formula that contains Nylar. This active ingredient is known to kill fleas and their eggs and continues to work for seven months after the first use.

How Long Does Hot Shot Fogger Spray For?

When a Hot Shot fogger spray canister has been activated, it will typically continue spraying for about 15-20 minutes. Although the fogger stops producing fumes and releasing chemicals, users should not return to the treatment area. Manufacturer instructions and recommendations advise keeping the area clear of people and pets for at least two hours after each fogger detonation. Likewise, a fogger should not be activated until the area has been treated and all people and pets have vacated the area.

How Many Foggers Will I Need?

Hot Shot Foggers are designed for indoor spaces and each canister can treat an area totaling up to 2,000 square feet. Of course, these parameters assume that the area is unobstructed and the active ingredients can reach into all corners of the treatment zone. Rooms that are less than five square feet will not need their own canister of the fogger. They can be treated by the carryover from larger rooms or hallways.

Larger homes, high ceilings, and spaces that have an unusual layout may require additional fogger canisters. The initial treatment can include an extra canister, or you can plan another treatment soon after the first.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments you will need to eliminate insects will depend on several factors. First, it depends on what type of insect you are trying to eradicate and how severe the infestation has become. A general insect fogger will treat most common household insects in one use, provided there is no visible infestation and this has not been an ongoing problem. Recurring infestations of any insect population are more difficult to treat than their first appearance.

Bed bugs can be a tough breed to eliminate and it's a good idea to retreat within a few months even if you do not see any recurrence. Hot Shot also has an effective bed bug detection system you can use between treatments.

The second consideration regarding the number of treatments required is your total square footage. As discussed, each canister of Hot Shot flea fogger can treat up to 2,000 square feet of indoor space. For recurrent infestations or very serious infestations, additional treatments may be required.

The most effective way to handle these situations is not by using more than the recommended number of foggers on the initial treatment. Instead, use one canister per room as directed. Repeat the treatment within 2-4 weeks after the initial treatment.

This method ensures that you are capturing all biting fleas and bed bugs before they reach the adult stage. The initial treatment will kill the adults, but it is impossible to tell how many generations of eggs are still nestled in the home. Repeated treatments will eliminate the problem and protect against recurrent infestations.

Totally eliminating an insect population after it has infiltrated your home can be a daunting process. A methodical approach is the best option to resolve the issue and prevent another infestation from the same generation. Be patient and diligent about regular treatments and be sure to follow all directions as printed on the can by the manufacturer.

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What Should I Do to Clean Up After Using Hot Shot Fogger?

It is important to always follow the instructions before using a Hot Shot flea fogger for the treatment of insect populations. This includes following the recommended preparation and clean-up of the treatment area. Any type of fogger, including a bed bug fogger, could create a thin film of residue after it has been completely dispensed. This may be clear, oily, or contain very fine particles similar to baby powder.

Surface areas should be wiped down with a clean cloth. If any food items have been left out during the treatment, they should immediately be discarded. This applies to pet food and water bowls as well. Any dishes or utensils that may have been exposed should be thoroughly washed before use. Any bedding, including mattress pads and covers, that was not removed prior to the fogger ignition should be immediately removed and washed.

The rooms included in the treatment area can be returned to normal after the area has been wiped down and no residue is noticeable. It is a good idea to vacuum carpeted areas when performing the clean-up. This will capture any insects that have already been killed but will not prevent the product from continually working to protect against recurrent infestations.

Return furniture to its original placement after it has been wiped down and is free of any residue. All appliances and electrical devices that were unplugged and powered off can be reconnected. Relight the pilot light if applicable.

Normal activity can be resumed when the area is clear, provided at least two hours have passed since the initial detonation of the insect fogger. When possible, open windows and doors upon return to the treatment area to provide additional ventilation. Keeping them open for several hours after reentry will help diffuse any odors and residual chemical particles in the air.

Monitor any pets or small children that may sleep or play on the floor. If children develop a rash or redness, wash the area with warm, soapy water. Vacuum the area again if carpet, sweep and mop with soap and water if vinyl tiles or linoleum flooring. Clean hardwood floor according to manufacturer instructions.

If pets have become agitated and are biting or scratching, it's possible that the insects you are fumigating against are seeking a new host. Bath your pet, using flea shampoo if possible, and spot treat the bedding and local area. This may include a flea spray or powder or a bed bug spray.


Bed bugs and fleas create havoc in a home. When you notice that you have a problem, you want to solve it quickly and effectively. The Hot Shot bed bug and flea fogger will help you find relief from your pest problem. Not only will the infestation be addressed immediately, but a recurrent infestation will also be prevented for up to seven months after the initial treatment.

The Hot Shot fogger for bed bugs and fleas features key benefits that are important for any user. One fogger canister is capable of treating up to 2,000 square feet of indoor space, making a bed bug fogger one of the most economical methods of treatment. Further, these Hot Shot blends are effective against lice, fleas, bed bugs, and a host of other general insect populations. Special formulas for roaches, wasps, and flying insects are also available.