Green Bean Buddy Reviews – Does It Work?

Pest control efforts have begun to increasingly shift to natural product formulations in recent years. This is in no way a negative trajectory, especially since many potent insecticides can be incredibly detrimental to the environment.

Green Bean Buddy is a company that prides itself on using natural spray formulations to address pests ranging from the problematic and resilient (bed bugs, cockroaches) to the more common (gnats, ants, ticks). This is all achieved with formulations based on ancient methods that were frequently used to destroy specific pests before the invention of modern insecticides.

The primary use of Green Bean Buddy products is targeted toward the natural removal of bed bugs, which is widely considered the most difficult pest to get rid of around a home. You may be thinking that natural products are useless in fighting this complex pest, yet proven scientific studies show that natural products have less potential for bed bug resistance when compared to frequently misused insecticides.

Green Bean Buddy Bug Killer is a bed bug spray that uses a complex concentration of minerals and salts to attack the bed bug system through rapid dehydration. Sodium has long been a natural remedy for bed bugs due to its desiccating properties to organisms as small as insects.

This product is especially beneficial to get rid of bed bugs who harbor around the bed due to the natural ingredients which will not pose any potential harm to humans while they sleep. Since bed bug spray applications are generally dangerous, this is a welcome relief.

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Does Green Bean Buddy Really Work?

Is it only natural to question the efficiency of a product that doesn't use harsh chemicals for bed bugs. The resistance factor in this type of insect is incredibly high, which means that products are frequently having to evolve to keep up with bed bug resistance.

However, the great thing about Green Bean Buddy Bug Killer is that this product goes back to history to formulate a concentrated spray using products that come from around the Earth. Salt destroys bed bugs and the bugs are unable to develop a resistance to the substance.

By concentrating a complex mixture of salts with silicate substances that work to shred the outer shell of the bugs, this product certainly lives up to its frequent reviews that all confirm its success rate.

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How Do You Use a Green Bean Buddy?

You can use Green Bean Buddy as a general bug spray or as a bed bug spray exclusively. This product is also listed to target fleas, mites, spiders, and aphids as well.

Green Bean Buddy is meant for use based upon the typical hiding places of bugs. When treating a bed bug infestation, spray all areas of the bed, including the headboard and also the baseboards, including all cracks and crevices.

Green Bean Buddy bug spray is not much difficult in the application process from other types of spray insecticides, yet the benefits of using a natural product make precautions for safety low. This product also features a 30-day residual effect, which allows the killing process to continue without the concern for prolonged exposure to chemicals.

How Green Bean Buddy Works

Additional Questions

What is the Best Bed Bug Killer?

Green Bean Buddy is a great bed bug spray, but the best bed bug spray available for purchase is undoubtedly Crossfire by MGK (see on This product features a heavily-potent mixture of toxic chemicals, which is not particularly attractive, yet is proven to work amazingly in the complete destruction of bugs.

With three highly volatile chemicals that seek to cut through bed bug resistance, this product is not your average bed bug spray. Safer alternatives are certainly better, yet the powerful ability of this spray to wipe out an entire infestation in as little as a few weeks cannot be matched.

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How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently?

First, you have to understand how this species of pest operates. Bed bugs will typically gravitate towards a bed once they are unknowingly deposited into a home.

The bugs want to infest a piece of furniture that sees you spending many hours on the furniture. Since humans typically sleep between 7-9 hours per night, and because bed bugs are primarily nocturnal, the bed is the most desirable space for a harborage area.

Couches and computer chairs are also secondary backup locations. Regularly check underneath your bedding for bugs.

Check along the seams of the mattress and underneath the mattress. Get a flashlight and check underneath a box spring (you may need to pull the mesh cloth back for this if the box spring has one).

If you discover active bugs or even molted shells, immediately contact an exterminator for an inspection. After this, you may want to strip the bed and launder the bedding on the highest heat setting possible to kill bugs and eggs.

If your pest control professional will be delayed, ask them if buying a temporary mattress and box spring encasement is okay to ensure that you can at least try and sleep. Never sleep in another room or on the couch, this will simply spread the bugs to other regions of the house they may not be in.

If you have a bed bug infestation, try and remain as calm as possible. Many people have suffered from this and almost all of them achieved elimination at some point.

If you wish to tackle a bed bug problem on your own, go with products that are proven to destroy the insects without the possibility of failure due to bed bug resistance. Green Bean Buddy Bug Killer in a 32-ounce concentration is a great bug spray to start with as this spray can be used to treat your bed first and foremost.

It requires hard work and a dedicated and proven bed bug spray to get rid of bed bugs. Once eliminated, inspect clothing and all items before coming back into your home and ensure that you are using good judgment when frequenting places where bed bugs frequently harbor.

In Summary

Reviews for Green Bean Buddy have consistently shown that this bug spray, although wholly natural, is a truly potent pest killer. This is impressive due to the fact that not a single chemical is used in the mixing process.

This spray works just as well as a general spray as it does as a bed bug spray exclusively. You can also try using the spray for flying insects which truly makes this product a star attraction in the natural-based sphere of pest control.


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