Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Aims & Scope

CityPests.com is a research website and blog owned by Mike Henderson (aka ‘Pest Control Mike’). CityPests publishes high-quality theoretical and empirical research in the field of pest control and mostly falls in the area of common pests including rodents, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and birds.

Articles are often published daily, aimed at helping private individuals and business owners combat common pests.

Fact Checking

All articles on the site are carefully fact checked by an experienced pest control professional to ensure that we are not unintentionally misleading or providing false information to our readers.

Product Reviews

We only recommend trusted products on this website. Products are carefully selected based on the credibility and reliability of manufacturer. Highly rated products and customer reviews are also taken into consideration. We won’t recommend or endorse any product that we do not believe will work or bring results for our readers.

Please note that this site earns a small commission from products purchased at Amazon (see disclaimer) which helps pay for the maintenance of the website. You will notice text links to Amazon or ‘Check Price' buttons.


Where applicable we cite relevant and credible sources in our articles. You can also find these listed at the end of each article.


We try to use original images were possible. If original images are not available then we rely on online stock libraries to help improve the visual aspect of the website. We always pay for the stock images we use. Any image that does not belong to us we make every effort to credit the original owner.

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