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Your guide and resource to ‘do it yourself’ pest control across the United States

Expert Pest Control

Very few people like talking about critters and rodents let alone dealing with them, but we have always had a passion for pests. No matter how fierce, furry or big, throughout our pest control careers, we have seen and dealt with them all.

From rats running riot through the house to bedbugs snuggled up in mattresses, there isn’t a trick we don’t know to banish these pests from your property. Over the years in our role as pest control exterminators, we have tried and tested every product and gadget available, all with varying success.

So, rather than waste your hard-earned cash on methods that won’t deliver, our blogs, guides and product reviews will provide you with priceless information. Although we do like to talk(!), we won’t baffle you with jargon, endorse a brand we don’t believe in or offer out tips we haven’t tried; instead we promise to give you honest, independent advice and reviews.

So come and check out our latest pest control reviews, how to guides and blog for all things pest related. We hope you enjoy using the site.

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Recommended Pest Control Products

There are so many off the shelf products available to assist you in your quest for becoming pest free. But knowing which ones are best suited for the job can often be bewildering. In order to make an informed buying decision you need to know what the product does and how it compares to the competition.

Scrolling through hundreds of review sites can be frustrating – not to mention time consuming – so we have put together some invaluable product reviews and recommendations.  From rat traps to bed bug powder, these easy to read guides will help you find the best pest control solutions on the market.

How to Guides

Whether you want to rid your home of rats or fend off fleas, we have a number of guides providing you with top tips. These useful resources answer the most sought-after questions that are often asked by clients and provide practical content in which to tackle your pest problem.


Here we share our views, debate hot topics and give our honest opinions on the latest pest issues and solutions.  From the cat versus rat debate to why our cities are being overrun with rodents, these fun yet educational blogs are a must read for anyone looking to eradicate pests.
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